Melanie Kohler vs Sharidy Isaacs

Muay Thai 5x2

Result: Isaacs by decision

Melanie Kohler entrance

Kohler (left) and Isaacs (right in black)

How many untrained men could absorb this kind of punishment?
 Sharidy Isaacs after the fight.
Is she not a great sport?

Note: Bill Whaley, a Utah Boxing Trainer
was in attendance at this fight and had this to say:

"Hi Dan! Man, news travels fast. Was this girl fighting a pro debut?
Kelly and I attended a show in Salt Lake on the 10th of Oct where two women fought what was supposed to be an MT match up. I don't recall their names but they were, without question the best fight on the card that night, btw, both were pro debuts. Anyway, one girl never threw one kick...only punches and although her legs, after the fight were hamburger and badly bruised, she was declared the winner. I was very impressed with both women."

(pretty impressive  when a die hard boxing coach  says the women's Muay Thai was the best fight of the night!)

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