Gallery Three: Fighting Women from around the World

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Takako Shimoseki,
Japanese Muay
Thai fighter. Now residing in Thailand. On May 19, 2001, Takako raised eyebrows in Thailand by ko'ing a male boxer in the third round of a Muay Thai fight.

Natsumi Nakazawa shocked
Japan by defeating world 
shootboxing champion, Terumi Fujiyama at the tender age of 16.


Noriko T. of Japan
(Rangsit Stadium Champion)

Kate Meehan of USA
(Two times  IKF Amateur Champion)

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Photo credits:
most of the Japanese 
fighters are courtesy of
MunehiroYoshida,The Fudokhan, and miscellaneous video captures.

The UK fighters are courtesy of Aileen Callaghan.

Photos of Lisa Houghton-Smith are courtesy of Richard Smith.

US Photos: Dan Cucich,
and/or the fighters themselves.






Kalliope Yeitsidou of Greece
(WKA World Feather weight Champion)

Amina Negadi of The Netherlands


Aya Mitsui on Japanese TV Show, does demo. Looking on 
are Natsumi Nakazawa, (rear in blue) and Naoko Kumagai 
right rear in white.

Aya Mitsui does demo on Japanese TV
Aya retired undefeated after a tragic accident

Amy Gross of Australia

Jorina Baars of Holland (red hair)
Stares down opponent

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