Kickboxing and Muay Thai  Results  for  1999 

 from around the world:


Winners names have a "o"  or (w) in front of them and 
are listed on top. The losing fighter has an x by their name.

o winner



On December 27, 1999 in Bangkok, Thailand:

intercontinental featherweight Title fight

o Niamh Griffen ( Ireland ) 

  KO rd 4

x Satanfa Mormuangchum ( Thailand)


Note: This is the first time a foreign female has won a Muay Thai title in Thailand

December 24, 1999
55 kg
(W) Asako Yonezawa (Japan)

KO 3rd rd

xKaori Koizumi (Japan)

December 24, 1999
Muay Thai 50 kg

(w)Sachiyo Shibata (Japan)

TKO 1st rd (cuts)

xRie Matsumoto  (Japan)

December 22, 1999  Fresno, California:

Carina Moreno (109 lbs, 4-1) (usa_ 


 Monica Mendoza (119 lbs, 0-1) (usa), 


 On December 11, 1999 in savate competition in Paris, France:  

(w)Adoui Dalila 


x Lauren Woo   (by forfeit.)


(w)Nancy Joseph (france)

3rd-round TKO.

 xVirginia Lescure

(w)Anne-Sophie Mathis


x Sandra Geiger

 On November 24, 1999  Sacramento, California
three-round amateur bout under International/Leg Kick rules.

(w)Jessica Nobles-Ellis (6-0) (usa) 


x Lynda Loyce (1-2) (usa) 

 30-27, 29-27  28-27

November 20, 1999  Milan, Italy: ISKA world 111-lb Freestyle Rules championship 

 Stefania Bianchini  (Milan, Italy)  


xLisa Houghton ( Leeds, U.K) 


 South Port, QLD AUSTralia 

November 18, 1998

(W) Amy Birch 


    x Liz Lyn 

November 7th, 1999,  Osaka, Japan

  (w) Naoko Kumagai. Japan,

    KO 1st rd

        x Chiyoko Okamoto, Japan


November 11th, 1999  Osaka, Japan  

                o  Naoko Kumagai, Japan


     x Jet Izumi, Japan

 November 11th 1999, Osaka, Japan,


                  o  Naoko Kumagai, Japan,

             KO 1st Rd

             x Natsumi Nakazawa, Japan

October 8th, 1999, Japan,

o Naoko Kumagai, Japan, (115 lbs)


x Yoko Takahashii, Japan. (147 lbs)

Note: Kumagai was permitted to wear six oz gloves as handicap for Takahashii's 32 lbs weight  advantage

England October 1999

(W) Shelley Nisbett (UK)


xFiona Hayes  (UK)

September 25, 1999,  Allanwitt Sportscenter in Fairfield, California, USA:
International Rules match.

o Mary Tourtlotte (usa)

TKO  0:25 seconds of the second round 

 x Keisha Crystal (usa) 

  oJessica Nobles-Ellis (usa)  

three-round unanimous decision 

x Elena Reid  (usa) (30-27


  On September 24, 1999
 Croatian Club in Sydney, Australia:
(IKF world bantamweight International Rules title )

oHolly Ferneley ( Sydney, Australia) 

KO 3rd rd (00:16)

x Lynette Els ( South Africa )

kick to the jaw.

( Ferneley is 12-5-2, Els slipped to 12-2-1.)

SKA Australian Oriental Rules Title Sydney 18 Sept 99
    67kg 5x2min Kick-boxing

(W) Louise O'Donnell 

KO rd 2

x Belinda Nolan

 September 11, 1999  San Francisco, California, usa
Full Contact Rules.

  o Blanca Gutierrez (usa) 

unanimous decision 

x Angie Fields (usa)

note:  Gutierrez is now 4-0-0. 

Fields fell to 3-2.

On September 5, 1999 Harvey's Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa:   
IKF amateur Muay Thai Rules Flyweight 

o Angela Rivera (usa)  


x Deb Davey  (usa)

 at 1:09 of round 1

Muay Thai Rules Super Lightweight

0Lisa Morrison o(usa)


x Sarah Baker( St. Paul, Minnesota, usa

split decision, 30-27, 28-29, 30-27 

  Jennifer Thyssen of Depree, Wisconsin defeated Amy Johndrow of Horn Lake, Mississippi by TKO when the doctor stopped the bout after round 1 to win the Full Contact Rules Welterweight Division.


  Aug.13, 1999

IKKC US Bantomweight Muay Thai 112 lbs

oAngela Rivera (usa)


xKatie Yang, (usa)

  August 13, 1999 England,

Muay Thai

(W) Shelley Nisbett


xAndrea Ellis (UK)


  On July 23, 1999 at the San Jose Arena in San Jose, California:  Blanca Gutierrez of Pacifica, California won a 30-27, 29-28, 28-29 split decision over August Whittacker of Bakersfield, California in international rules kick boxing (110 lbs). Gutierrez is now 3-0-0 as a kickboxer.

Okinawa Japan

(w) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)

dec 3rd 

xJenna "Bambi Bertoncello (usa)

 On June 19, 1999 at the Glendale Civic in Glendale, CA:  Angela Rivera won the IKKC Amateur Women's US Super Flyweight Muay Thai Championship, defeating Brandy Nerney by TKO in Round 5.

 On June 12, 1999 at Times Bayfront Arena in St. Petersburg, FL: In "The Battle of Tampa Bay 2 - Canadian Challenge", Tanya Pritchard of Team USA defeated Trish Kingsford of Canada by decision over three rounds of super lightweight Full Contact Rules action. The taller and more muscular Pritchard pressured Kingsford and won the inside battle in the first two rounds, but Kingsford made a comeback in the third when the American tired. Pritchard improved to 4-2-0, Kingsford took her first loss at 3-1-0.

Canadian lightweight Jody Hensel accepted a bout with American middleweight Sweet Anderson who had an over 20-lb weight advantage and paid the price as Anderson walked through Hensel's blows and pressed the bout with looping left and right hooks. Hensel tried unsuccessfully to elude Anderson in the second and third rounds, and Anderson won a clear decision.

 May 14 1999

Korakuen Hall Japan

(w) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)

ko rd 2

xJet Izumi  (japan)

Melbourne , Australia, 14 May 99
Kick-boxing Commonwealth Title 
    67kg 5x2min

  (W) Rahni Economedes


x Louise O'Donnell (AU)

On May 14, 1999 at Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts: Kellie Morse of Brookfield, Massachusetts won a six-round split decision over Christina Rondeau of Woonsocket, Rhode Island for the IKF U.S. Pro Full Contact Rules Super Lightweight Title. Two judges saw it for Morse, 60-54, 58-56 but one for Rondeau 58-56! The scheduled ten-round bout was shortened to six rounds to accommodate a PPV schedule, and will be rematched at a later date. Morse is now 7-0 with 2 KO's, Rondeau 8-3-1 with 2 KO's.

  On May 6, 1999 in Trinidad: ISKA U.S. featherweight kickboxing champion Genna "Bambi" Bertoncello won a five round unanimous decision over Trinidad national champion Melisa Mahummad. Bertoncello controlled the bout from the first round with low kicks which had Mahummad backing up and leaving herself open.


On May 1, 1999  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Rundle College

:WKA women's world super bantamweight Muay Thai title. 

 o Vanessa Bellegarde 


 xSachiyo Shibata  

report: Bellegarde took control early, scoring heavily with kicks and punches and dropped the Japanese fighter with a heavy right in the opening round. The referee called this a knockdown but this was contested after the bout. Shibata took several knees to the stomach in the second round but came back with strong kicks and punches. In the third round, a spinning back kick winded Bellegarde and Shibata pressed her hard. In the fourth round, Bellegarde used front kicks to keep Shibata off balance. In the final round both women were tired but Shibata tried for a late knockout.

 Calgary's Trish Kingsford won by TKO over Wendy Telfer in a super featherweight kickboxing (leg kicks) bout. The first round was a war with both landing punches and kicks successfully. A hard right to Telfer's face at the bell left her unable to come out for the second round, indicating problems with her nose.


 On April 17 in ISKA sanctioned amateur action at Madison High School in Madison, Ohio: Jamie Chesney (130 lbs) from Stewart Center, Pennsylvania won her kickboxing debut with a majority (28-27, 29-25, 28-28) three-round decision over Tracy Kuchal (124 lbs) of Omaha, Nebraska, who fell to 0-2. (The scoring looks odd because Chesney had some points deducted for holding).

  In Muay Thai middleweight action, Kim Grice of Cleveland. Ohio used her leg kicks to defeat Tiffany Lorenz of Madison by TKO at 0:31 in the second round. Grice is now 2-0; Lorenz was making her debut


.  On March 23, 1999 at the Fair Grounds in Vallejo, California: Carina Moreno (112 lbs) of Seaside, California defeated Marilyn Gil (108 lbs) of San Jose, California, by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 and 30-26) in an IKF International Rules amateur kickboxing bout

 March 20, 1999 

(W) Shelley Nisbett (UK)


x Leanne Jones (UK)

 March 20, 1999 ,  California usa
112lbs Muay Thai

oAngela Rivera usa


 xLyndsay Thompson, usa 

 Full Contact Martial Arts Sydney 13 March 99
    65.9kg 3x1.5min
(w)Louise O' Donnell (Au)

Win KO rd 2

x Honida Abu Ali

  IFull Contact Kung Fu Sydney 14 March 98
    67kg 4x2min

(W) ? (unsure of winners' name)

KO rd 4

    xLouise O'Donnell (Au)

February 21, 1998
Brisbane, QLD AUST.

(W) Amy Birch (au)


  x  Sharyn ?  

Korakuen Hall
Tokyo Japan

(w) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)


xNoriko Tsunoda (Japan)

December 4, 1998
Sydney, Australia
66kg 3x1.5min

(W) Louise O'Donnell (AU)


    x Rebecca Hopkins

More results for 1999:


Dina Pedro Portugal (won) v Julie Cross Warrington England. Points UD 10 rnds . Kickboxing. WAKO Pro super lightweight world title. Lisbon, Portugal. February 1999.

Sonia Pereira Portugal (won) v Dianne Berry England. points. Kickboxing. WAKO Pro world title. 8th may 1999. Mirendela, Portugal.

Shelly Nisbett Master A’s Manchester (won) v Leanne Jones Bolton. Points. 62kg. 14th March 1999. England.

Iman Barlow Leicester (won ) v Kirsty Bird Newcastle. Tko rnd 1.WKA British Junior title 20 kgs. 28th March 1999. Leicester, England.

Michaela Jones Salford (draw) v Nadia Panchou . 3 rounds. Full contact . 24th April 1999. LeHavre, France.

First female WMC championships, Thailand. 1999. A watershed event , women’s fights were marginalised in Thailand up to this point. Pressure from a burgeoning international women’s scene overcame the Thai superstition that women brought bad luck to the ring.

Jackie Short England (won) v ? . ko rnd 2
Mary Hart England (won) v Thai opponent . Ko rnd 1. Chaweng Stadium, Koh Samui March 1999
Thai opponent (won) v Mary Hart. points 5 rnds.
Thai opponent (won) v Jackie Short . points 5 rnds. March 1999. Rangsit Stadium, Thailand. These fights were broadcast live on Thai television. A film crew followed Jackie for a documentary.
Maritta Williamson (Australia ) and Vanessa Belgarde (Canada) were also in Thailand to compete at this time.

Niamh Griffith Cork Ireland (won) v Charlene London England. Points. Thai . 19th June 1999. Dundalk , Ireland.

Rung Aroon Sor Fongnom Thailand (won) v Niamh Griffith Jittigym. points. 29th July 1999. Rangsit Stadium, Thailand.

Tricia Mckeary Liverpool (won) v Carla McBride Liverpool. points. Kickboxing . WAKO amateur British championships. Lightweight . 10th/11th July 1999.

Julie Hesselgrave Nongkee Pahuyuth Wakefield (won) v Kosiana Hanin France. Tko rnd 2. Thai. July 11th 1999. Wakefield, England.

Julie Cross England (won) v Sonia Grande Italy. Tko rnd 4. Kickboxing. 11th July 1999. Milan Italy.

Vicky Roberts ukmta (won) v Michaela Jones . points. Thai. WAKO Pro English title.15th August 1999. Liverpool, England.

Shelly Nisbett (won) v Andrea Ellis, Birkenhead. Points. Kickboxing. 15th August 1999. Liverpool, England.

Rebecca Maxwell Liverpool (won) v Candy Berry Manchester . Junior contest. 15th August 1999. Liverpool, England.

Lisa Houghton Bad Company England (won) v Lauren Woo France . Points. Thai. WAKO Pro flyweight European title. 26th September 1999. Leeds, England.

Mary Hart (won) v Sarah Hall Chesterfield England. Points. Kickboxing with low kicks. 16th October 1999. Derbyshire , England. Sarah held European full contact title.

Jamie Ricketts Wales (won) v Rachel Emsley Southport . points. Kickboxing. 24th October 1999. Wales, UK.

Karen Ousey Devon England (won) v Florence De La Roche France. Points UD. WAKO Pro featherweight world Thai boxing title. November 1999. Bolton, England.



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