Kickboxing and Muay Thai  Results  for  1998  

 from around the world:


   December 26th, 1998, Tokyo Japan,           

    (w) Naoko Kumagai, Japan,

      KO 4th rd

             x Kyoko "Kamikaze" Miyazake,

         December 18th, 1998, Yokohama, Japan,

    (w) Aya Mitsui, Japan

     KO rd 3

             x Natsumi Nakazawa, Japan

12/9/98 Sacramento,  USA

(w) Jessica Nobles Ellis (usa)


XMarlowe McCray (usa)

 Full Contact Martial Arts Decermber 4, 1998

California USA
    66kg 3x1.5min

(W) Louise  O'Donnell (AU)


x Rebecca Hopkins (USA)

November 27th 1998

              (w) Lynette Gonzales (usa)                 


  xAngela Rivera (usa)

November 21, 1998

Kickboxing 3 rds

(w) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)


x Rie Matsumoto (japan

 November 7, 1998 , Medford Oregon USA
  International Kickboxing rules 

(w) Sarah Welborn (122 lbs) (usa) 

TKO 1 rd

 x Esin Akpolat (118 lbs) ( Santa Rosa, usa) 


November 7, 1998 Calgary, Alberta, Canada: 3  rounds  Muay Thai

(w)Vanessa Bellegarde ( Canada )

  unanimous decision

Helen Wilson (England)

note: Bellegarde dominated the first round to the point where Wilson's coach was about to throw in the towel, but Wilson began to fight her way back into it. Bellegarde began to tire in the second and third rounds and Wilson hung tough but could not land the kayo blow that she needed to take the fight.

October 10, 1998  San Jose, California:    

  (w)Chantal Nadon  (canada) (10-2) 

2 rd KO 

xGenna "Bambi" Bertoncello
(6-5)  (usa) 

 ISKA North American Female Super Bantamweight Pro Championship)

October 10, 1998  San Jose, California:
(full contact rules for the ISKA Superflyweight California Amateur Championship).    

(w)Gail Webb
(120 lbs, 7-0) (usa)

  unanimous decision 

x Mercedes Medina (7-2) (usa) 

9/98  Toronto, Canada

(W) Chantal Nadon (canada)

10 rd Unanimous decision

xBambi Bertoncello (usa)

(freestyle rules title)

8/8/98 Los Angeles, Ca USA

(W) Marlowe McCray (USA)


x Patty Knox (usa)

Melbourne, Australia

(W) Laura Skinner (au)

5 rd decision

x Marita Williams (au)

July, 8th, 1998, Tokyo Japan.

        (w) Naoko Kumagai, Japan

              Decision 5rds.

     x Kanae Yanagi, Japan  

             UKF Jr. feather weight title fight 

July, 1998 Toronto, Canada

(w)Chantal Nadon (ca)

7 rds  (split decision)

x Michele Johnson (USA) 

         Tokyo, Japan, June 4, 1998

(W) Natsumi Nakazawa

decision 2-0

x Rumi Nakamura

 May 22nd, 1998,  Tokyo, Japan

        (w) Naoko Kumagai, (JP)

   KO 4th rd

          x Kyoko "Kamikaze" Miyazake, (Japan)

April 17th, 1998, Tokyo, Japan

    (w) Aya Mitsui, (JP)

           5 rd Decision

           x Kaori Ineda  (JP)

April 1998, California USA

(w)Jessica Treat (usa)


xAngela Rivera (usa)

March 21, 1998 

(w)Angela Rivera-Parr 


x Pam Barker

3/21/98 Las Vegas USA

(W) Marlowe McCray (usa)

unanimous decision

x Vanessa Hale (Master Toddy) 

    March 1998 

(w) Angela Rivera (usa)


 x Patty Knox  (usa) 

Feb 14 1998 

Springfield Missouri usa

Sachiyo Shibata  (japan)


Erin Blythe  (usa)

(February 14, 1998

Springfield, Missouri USA

(W) Kyoko "Tomboy Kamiokaze" Miyazake

KO 1st round

xBarbara Pretz (USA)

3/22/98 Melbourne, Australia

(W) Laura Skinner (au)

2rd KO

X Nicola Taylor 
14 March 98
Sydney Australia

 Full Contact style vs Kung Fu  
    67kg 4x2min

(W) Unknown

KO rd 4

x Louise O'Donnell (Australia)
Note: If anyone knows the identity of Louise O'Donnell's
Opponent in this bout, please write to us at 


Toronto Canada
FFKA Canadian title defence Fight Record

(W) Chantal Nadon (ca)

7 rds split decision

xShirley Prescott (ca)
More results for 1998:

Veronica Legras France (won) v Lisa Houghton . points 3rounds. Kickboxing. January 30th 1998. Elbeuf, France.

Michelle Sutcliffe England (won) v Mary Hart. knee ko round 4. British WCF title. March 14th 1998. Sutcliffe already held WKA super flyweight British title.

Matesa Mckeefery England (won) v ?. ko rnd 2. 5th April 1998, Leicester, England.

Ruth Cousins Naresuan England (won) v Marja Vonk vos gym Holland . points UD. April/May 1998. Ashton-under-lyne, England.

Laura Stevenson Scotland (won) v Nicola Donnelly Bromley England. Points . 23rd April 1998. Horwich leisure centre , Bolton, England. Laura later competed under married name, Laura Craig .

Tricia Mckeary Gladiators , Liverpool (won) v Jenna Dewhurst BJJC Burnley . TKO rnd 1. Kickboxing. WAKO Pro bantamweight commonwealth title. September 1998. Burnley, England. 

Hayley moss , Warrington (won) v Tracey Kilburn ukmta Bolton. Points 3 rounds. Thai. About 47kg. September 1998. Warrington, England.

Vicky Roberts ukmta (won) v Carla Mertagh Warrington. Points 3 rounds. Thai. September 1998. Warrington, England.

Sophie Pitterway KO London (won) v Sonia Smart. Kettering. Points 3 rounds . Kickboxing.1998. Coventry, England

Laura Stevenson Scotland (won) v Shelley Byrne Warrington . Kick Ko rnd 1. Thai.November 1998 .Horwich leisure centre , Bolton, England.

Michaela Jones Salford (won) v Sophie Pittaway London . Points. November 1998 .Horwich leisure centre , Bolton, England.

Jamie Ricketts Wales v Lynette Hames Bradford. Draw. Kickboxing. November 1998 .Horwich leisure centre , Bolton, England.

Trix March Sheffield (won ) v Fiona Stirton Scotland . Tko fighter retired end of 4th. Thai. WAKO Pro super welterweight commonwealth title. November 1998 .Horwich leisure centre , Bolton, England.


Note: Obviously there were many more women's fights in 1998 that are not recorded here. If you have any results for that year,  please mail them to us at

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