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Kickboxing and Muay Thai  Results  for  1997 年結果

 from around the world:

In the process of compiling results for 1997
appreciate your patience.

a (W) before the name means winner
an x before a name means that fighter lost

11/31/97 in Redcliffe, QLD AUST.

(W) Amy Birch (au)


x Shahan Beaver (Perth, Au)

for the Australian  WMTC MUAYTHAI Title

11/30/97 Queensland,Australia

(W) Laura Skinner (au)

2rd ko

 xRachel Purdie (au)

November 7th, 1997
California, USA

(W) Angela Rivera-Parr

KO 2rd

xHeather Savoy (Sakesan Jankira)

Toronto, Sept. 1997 - FFKA Canadian Feather weight title

(W) Chantal Nadon (canada)

 6 rds  UD 

xShirley Prescott (Winnipeg, Canada)

7/26/97, Redcliffe, QLD AUST.

(W) Amy Birch, (au)


 xJacky Burns  (au)

6/19/97 Toronto, Canada

(W) Lisa Howarth (UK)

decision 6 rds

xChantal nadon (canada)

June 14 1997 in Alberta Canada, 

IKF Championship Kickboxing, Calgary's Colleen McDermott defeated Kim Olsen of Saskatchewan by TKO in round 2 (International Rules bout)


Artlantic City NJ, USA

(W) Lisa Howarth (UK)

5 rd ud

x Chantal Nadon (canada)

Intercontinental kick-boxing title 

June 5th, 1997

Luraina Undershute (Victoria, Canada) defeated Christina Valerio (Wales) by a 3-round unanimous decision on  in an ISKA pro kickboxing match at Varsity Arena in Toronto.

May 31, 1997 in San Jose, California.

Chantal Menard (Milan, Italy) defeated Vanessa Bellegarde (Calgary, Canada) by a 10-round split decision for the ISKA Women's Bantamweight Freestyle title on May 31, 1997 in San Jose, California.

4/29/97  Tokyo, Japan 

(W) Aya Mitsui  (Japan)

KO 3rd

x Severine Grandshire  ( France) 

March 30, 1996 at the Table Mountain Casino in Fresno, California

"Lethal" Luraina Undershute( Canada)  

 unanimous decision 

Kyoko"Tomboy Kamikaze" Miyazake (Japan)

 (3 minute rounds).

for Intercontinental Championship Muay Thai kickboxing title 

March 23, 1997, Tokyo, Japan

(w) Naoko Kumagai (JP)

ko 1 rd (Towel throw)

Micaella Polo (Holland)

3/14/97Melbourne  Australia

(w) Sharon Anyos (au)

3rd tko

xLaura Skinner (au)

Redcliffe, QLD AUST
Women's Tag team Muay Thai

(W) Amy Birch and Kathy Hawkins


Jacky & Shanta Webb

Womens Junior Featherweight Bout

Rachel Thomas (Milwaukee usa


xAshleigh Bond (Louisville, USA

(Month and day  unknown)


more results for 1997:

Rosy Hayward Comet Gym England (won) v Cora Maas, Siam Gym Holland. points unan. 3x2min. Thai. 55kg. 8th February 1997. York Hall, London England.

Karen Goad, Sitnarong (won) v Annette Rawley, Olivers Gym. points. Thai. Pre- February 1997. Maxine’s night club, Wigan.

Anita Bithell Janthaburi (won) v Katie Reid Udon Thani. Tko round 2. Thai. BTBC Northern Counties flyweight title. Pre- February 1997. Maxine’s night club, Wigan.

Sarah Hall (won ) v Jackie Hughes. points 5 rounds. Full contact. Brtish title fight. Early 1997.

Yvonne Valerio Wales (won ) v Nicola Donnelly Bromley. points 3x2min. 60kg. Thai.10th May 1997. Bromley, England.

Rebecca Donnelly (won) v Loise Fazackerly Sitnarong Bolton. Thai.10th May 1997. Bromley, England.

Jussy Lowe (won) v Rosy Hayward . Points split 5x2min. BMTA British Bantamweight Thai Boxing title.10th May 1997. Bromley, England. Lowe a double British title holder coming into this.

Cheryl Robertson (won) v Sarah Hall. Points 8 rounds. Kickboxing. WAKO PRO Commonwealth title. 11th May 1997. Cheryl held WIBF world boxing title at this time.

Karen Ousey (won) v Yvonne Valerio. tko round 4. British WAKO PRO light weight title. 3rd August 1997. Paignton, Devon England. Ousey 6-0 coming into this fight.

Annette Rawley (won) v Karen Marie, Burnley. Points. Full contact/ kickboxing. British super bantamweight title. mid-late 1997.

Silvia Bratina Italy (won) v Matesa Mckeefery England. Points 6rounds. Full contact. Sardinia, December 16th 1997.


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