Fight Results for year 1996

1996 fight results:

12/31/96 Townsville, QLD AUST

(w) Kathy Hawkins,


xAmy Birch


Tokyo, Japan

(w) Natsumi Nakazawa (JP)

3rd KO Muay Thai

xSatoko Uemura  (Japan)

1996/12/8 Tokyo, Japan

(W) Aya Mitsui (JP)

Muay Thai

(5R decision)

x Kumiko Maekawa (AJW) Japan)

12/7/96 Redcliffe, QLD AUST.

(W) Jacky Burns,


xAmy Birch (au)

Toronto, Canada
Oct. 1996

(W) Chantal Nadon (Ca)

5rds UD Full Contact rules

x Susan Riccio-Major (Massachusetts, USA )

1996/9/29 Tokyo, Japan

Aya Mitsui (JP)


Muay Thai 5R

Laura Skinner (Australia)

(W) Naoko Kumagai (Japan)

KO rd4 

x Amanda Buchanan (Australia)

(Kumagai regains WKA Bantamweight title)

San Juan, Puerto Rico: September 21, 1996

(W) Kim Messer (usa)

10 rd decision

Cheryl Robertson (UK)

8/17/96 Townsville, QLD AUST

Amy Birch (au)


Kathy Hawkins (au)

(Detroit, USA Aug. 1996

(W) Chantal Nadon

5 rds UD

x Sue Chase (Ohio, USA)

7/28/96, Tokyo,Japan

(W) Natsumi Nakazawa (JP)

KO 5 rd Muay Thai

xSatoko Uemura (Issinnkann;Japan)

Naoko Kumagai (Japan)

DRAW 5 rds Muay Thai

Holly Ferneley (Australia)

7/26/96 Bribie Is, QLD AUST

(W) Amy Birch (au)


xTracey Holland-Riley,

7/19//96, Gatton, QLD AUST.

(W) Amy Birch (au)


xJodie Taumafai,

6/15//96 Redcliffe, QLD AUST.

(W) Amy Birch


x Liz Madalski, (NSW) 

Belfast, Northern  Ireland, June 6, 1996

(W) Kim  Messer (USA)

10 rd UD

xLisa Houghton (England)

1996/5/31 Tokyo, Japan

(W) Aya Mitsui (JP)

KO 1 rd

xSonya Ritter (USA)

 (for wmta bantamweight world title

5/18/96 Mackay, QLD AUST

(W) Amy Birch (au)

win-method of win unknown

xJo Cardwell, (au) .

5/14/96 Sydney, Australia

(W) Holly Ferneley (au)

5rd decison

x Laura Skinner (au)

April 13, 1996,  Hollywood, USA

(W) Aya Mitsui (Japan)

5rd decision-kickboxing

x Kim Messer (usa)

1996/3/24 Yokohama, Japan 

(W) Amanda Buchanan (Australia) 

(5R decision)

X Naoko Kumagai (Japan)

(for  WKA bantam weight title)

Toronto, Canada, March 1996

(W) Chantal Nadon (Ca)

4 rds UD

x Sue Chase (Ohio, USA)


02/03/96 Redcliffe, QLD Australia

Amy Birch (au)


Demelza Taumafai, .

1/25/96 Thailand

(W) Laura Skinner (AU)

KO 2rd

xN Sitibar (Thailand)

?/?/1996 Brisbane, QLD AUST )

(w) Amy Birch (au)



NOTE: we are trying to determine EXACT date of this fight
and the name of Amy Birch's opponent.

More fight results for 1996:

Julie Hesselgrave (won) v Anne Mie Maes, Belgium. Tko round 2. 53/54kg. 23rd February 1996. Belgium.

Maxine Adams (won) v Charlotte Thompkins Sale West. points unan. 23rd February 1996.

Aya Mitsui Japan (won) v Sabrina Ritter Swtzerland. Round 1 tko . Japan.

Kim Messer (won) v Lisa Houghton England. Points 10 rounds. Kickboxing. ISKA light atom weight title. 5th June 1996. Dundonald Ice Rink. Belfast Northern Ireland. Houghton’s 6th fight.

Michelle Sutcliffe Bad Company (won) v Jussy Lowe Sitnarong Bolton. Points. British Thai Boxing title. 16th June 1996. Springfield Hotel, Holywell. England.

Aicha Lahsen (won) v Jackie Hughes England. 18th May 1996.

Songul Oruc Fitzroy Stars, Australia (won) v Julie Cross England. Points 5 rounds. Thai. 8th September 1996. Queen Elizabeth Stadium , Hong Kong. Oruc came into this as WKA World Thai boxing champion.

Kim Messer (won) v Cheryl Robertson England. Points. WKA world title. 21st September 1996. Puerto Rico.

Karen Ousey ( won) v Mary Hart. Tko round 2. Thai . 27th October 1996. Mayflower Leisure centre, Plymouth.

Lisa Houghton (won) v Sherry Barnes. points 5 rounds. Full contact. Midland area title. Pre- December 1996. Lincoln, England.

Matesa Mckeefery (won) v Michelle Sutcliffe . points 5 rounds. Midland Area full contact title. Pre- December 1996. Lincoln, England. Sutcliffe holder of a Thai boxing title coming into this fight.


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