Fight results for year 1995

November 25, 1995

(W) Yvonne Trevino (usa)

KO 2 rd

xAnn "Killer" Quinlan (uk) 

 November 11, 1995 

Los Angeles California, usa

(w)Kim Messer (usa)

KO rd 1

x Sugar Miyuki (japan)


r body kick 00:30 into the first round.

11/8/95 Melbourne, Australia

(W) Laura Skinner (Au)

2rd Win KO

x Arnette Schoenfelder (Au)

1995/10/29 Tokyo, Japan

(W) Aya Mitsui (Japan)

5rd dec Muay Thai

x Amanda Buchanan (Australia)

10-29-1995 Tokyo, Japan

(w) Natsumi Nakazawa (jp)

(5R decision)

xMaria Tabusso (Italy)

10/29/1995 Tokyo, Japan

(w) Naoko Kumagai (JP)

2rd KO

xMarleen Lambert (Belgium)

10/3/95 Melbourne, Australia

Laura Skinner (au)

4rd decision

x Rebecca "The Wrecker" Russell (au)

9/9/95 Melbourne, Australia

(W) Laura Skinner

1rd Win TKO

x Jodie Ellis

August 26, 1995

Reno, Nevada, 

(W)Toni Taylor (UK)

Unanimous decision

xKim Messer (usa)

8/2/95 Melbourne, Australia

(w) Laura Skinner (au)

1rd Win TKO

xBrenda Buhrmann


Chiba, Japan

(W) Naoko Kumagai (JP)

1 rd KO Muay Thai

x Melanie Blundell (Australia)

Toronto, Canada

Chantal Nadon (Ca)

3rds unanimous decision

x Mary Kalkavich (New York)

San Jose, California: May 13, 1995

(W) Kim Messer (usa)

10-Round Unanimous Decision 

x Angelica Bogdonova (russia)

April 30, 1995,  Tokyo, Japan

Aya Mitsui (Japan)

Muay Thai

5rd decision

Stefania Bianchini (Italy)

April 30, 1995 Tokyo, Japan

(w) Natsumi Nakazawa (JP)

5rd decision Muay Thai

x Noriko Tsunoda (jp)

April 30, 1995, Tokyo, Japan

(w) Naoko Kumagai (JP)

KO 1 rd

(Won WKA bantam weight title)

Lisa Howarth (UK)

March 22 1995
Toronto, Canada

full contact rules

(W) Chantal Nadon (canada)

Ko 3rd

x Elvina Boyce (Detroit,USA)

Santa Cruz, California: March 13, 1995

(w) Kim Messer

TKO 9th round

x Yvonne Trevino

Osaka, Japan


Naoko Kumagai (W)

5R decision

x Terumi Fujiyama (Japan)

1/12/95 Melbourne, Australia

(W) Laura Skinner (au)

5rds dec

xRebecca "The Wrecker" Russell (Au)


Vicky Norman (won) v Gaynor Morris Pele’s Gym. tko round 2. 1995 (?). Scotland.

Naoko Kumagai (won) v Terumi Fujiyama Japan. points 5x3min. 31st January 1995. Osaka Japan. All female card.

Trix March (won) v Jo Hardie, Pra Chu Sua. Tko round 4 of 5x1 ½ mins. British Amateur Lightweight title.2nd April 1995.

Malika Hadach Holland (won) v Dawn Davies. points 5 rounds. Thai. 22nd April 1995. Malika came into this as Dutch champion.

Naoko Kumagai (won) v Lisa Howarth . Ko round 1. 30th April 1995. Tokyo Japan. WKA super bantamweight world Thai boxing title. All female card. Rematch.

Bridget Riley (won) v Gina Hayes USA . Tko . Kickboxing. Los angeles. Riley’s record following this 18-2 (9 ko’s). 1995.

Julie Cross Warrington (won) v Gaynor Morris Pele’s Gym. Tko round 1.WKA British Lightweight Thai boxing title. 4th March 1995. Manchester England. All female show.

Carolyn Mansfield Black Knights (won) v Matesa Mckeefery Shin-Gi-Tai. points. WKA British super featherweight full contact title. 4th March 1995. Manchester England. All female show.

Irma Verhoef Netherlands (won) v Vicky Norman England. Points 5 rounds . WKA Thai Boxing European 62kg title 4th March 1995. Manchester England. All female show. Undercard featured future world champs Mary Hart , Lisa Houghton, Michelle Sutcliffe.

Michele Aboro (won) v Severine Grandsire. Tko round 3. 2nd April 1995. Amsterdam.

Songul Oruc Australia (won) v Karen Mead New Zealand. 2nd round tko. WKA world super feather weight title. 30th April. Melbourne , Australia. Oruc reported as Australia’s first world champion following this.

Julie Hesselgrave (won) v Charlotte Tompkins Sale West. points 5x2min. Pre-June 1995. Light Waves Sports Centre , Wakefield.

Chantal Menard, Carlo di Blasi Italy (won) v Marleen Lambert Belgium. Points. 52kgs. 10th June 1995. Genoa, Italy.

Kyoko Kamikaze Japan (won) v Tammy Lenzler, Missouri USA. Tko round 4 of 5. Thai. Reported as WKBA North American jnr lightweight title. 3rd June 1995. Los Angeles USA.

Michele Aboro (won) 8 woman tournament.. ISKA ‘women’s world championships’ full contact rules. 3x2min rounds.11th June 1995. The Olympic boxing stadium Moscow.
Aboro beat Stephanie Curtis in the final, Natasha Larionova, points and Mary Shariyk (?sp.), stoppage.

Other fighters were: Roxanne Quinn, Bridgette Pasteur, Finni Klee and Zulfia Koutdussova- Russia

Naoko Kumagai (won) v Melody Brutnall Australia. Tko round 1

Fredia Gibbs (won) v Arlene Sanchez. 5th round tko. 11th August 1995. Reno, Nevada. ISKA World full contact super lightweight title.
Gibbs kickboxing record has been reported as 16-0 (15kos). She moved into western boxing.

Toni Taylor England (won) v Kim Messer . Points 10 rounds. 11th August 1995. Reno, Nevada. World light atom weight title.

Corinne Geeris (won) womens K1 tournament. 10,000 Gilders prize.10th September 1995 Amsterdam. Produced as a video under the title ‘Chickboxing’ see nikko sports video

Quarter finals: Michele Aboro v ‘Sugar’ Mayuki Nojima Japan. Aboro scored tko round 1,but was dq’d for hitting opponent whilst down. Mayuki could not continue, Aboro advanced.

Finnie Klee (won ) v Marleen Lambert. Points

Corinne Geeris (won) v Angela Glisman Germany . Tko round 1. Songul Oruc (won) v Irma Verhoeff points
Semi finals: Aboro beat Klee points round 3 but was injured , Finnie advanced to final.
Geeris beat Oruc points round 3
Final: Geeris beat Klee. Tko round 3 (of 5)
Geeris’ record given as 25-1-1. Aboro’s as 19-3-1. Oruc as 7-0-0

Julie Hesselgrave (won) v Maxine Green Philips Sitnarong Bolton. points. Rematch. Pre- October 1995. Bolton Sports Centre, England.

Lisa Rogers, MKBC (won) v Lisa Houghton, Leeds Thai Boxing. points 5rounds. WKA British 48kg Thai Boxing title. 13th October 1995. Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham, England.

Karen Ousey, Sitnarong Torquay (won ) v Trix March, Wicker Sheffield. Tko round 4 of 5. WPKL 60kg title. First WPKL title to be contested in England. 13th October 1995. Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham, England.

Vicky Lannigan Black Dragon, Ireland (won) v Jackie Hughes Naresuan England. points . Kickboxing. Kilkenny, Ireland. October 1995.

Yvonne Trevino USA (won) v Anne Quinlan. round 2 Tko . 25th November 1995. Nevada, USA. Quinlan came out of retirement for this, her last fight.

Toni Taylor Still KBC Lincoln (won) v Matesa Mckeefery . points. WKA full contact British title. 25th November 1995. Taylor went into this as ISKA World and WKA -kickboxing with leg kicks- British champion.

Jussy Lowe Bolton England (won) v Lisa Rogers, MKBC . British title fight. Late in 1995



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