Nov 22, 2008  at the Hollywood Park Casino,

Roxy Richardson defended her US IAMTF Women’s Lightweight title
against Kristin Shepard on
 a Dennis Warner WCK Muay Thai promotion.
Roxy won by decision over 5 hard rounds

With the win, Roxy's record improved to   5-4-1 (4 KOs )

Tampa, Florida, USA

November 15, 2008

Amy Davis stopped Denise  Mellor in the   2nd rd


22 november, 2008

Mintiens Kate  won by points over  Deruyter Sanne Holland.
Bklasse 5x2min K1

November 15, 2008, Beijing, China.

  Christine Toledo won a K-1 rules fight in China
With the win, Toledo improves her record to 16 wins against 1 loss.

UK Capital Punishment results:

Bernice Alldiss (Keddles, UK) defeated  Mickaela Melante (Sweden) 5x3mins 57kg max, knees to the head allowed


Jo Abrehart (Scorpions Gym)  lost to  Alexis Rufus (Cobra Gym) 60kg max 5x2mins B Class


Louise Richie (Fight Factory Gym) lost to  Cara Smith (AKA Gym) 62kg max 3x2mins C Class

November 15, 2008



Lea 'Lethal' Patrick vs Wanita Phillips (Dunedin) - this fight didnt happen
Michelle Goh (Wellington) 53kg Vs Rochelle Stroh (Auckland) 53kg - Split decision to Michelle Goh
Melanie Stevens 58kg Vs Joanne Hinks 58kg Kairakau - TKO win to Melanie Stevens
Meenal Prasad 52kg Vs Bonnie ETK 52kg (rematch) - Split decision to Meenal Prasad

5 of November 2008 in Rostock GERMANY

Result: DRAW


Tonite in Tampa Florida, usa, Amy Davis stopped Denise
Mellor in the 2nd rd by tko. Details to follow.

November 15, Chicago Illinois, usa

Felice Herrig won by decision   over Kate Meehan

November 8, 2008

Calgary Canada:

Natalie Yip VS Jessica Gladstone

November 8, 2008





Eva Berben of Belgium won the K-1 rules 8 woman tournament
in The  Netherlands on November 8th, 2008

the  results of the early rounds are as follows:
1:   Berben Eva Siam ni België  vs  Bouhout Rachida Vos Gym Nederland, Eva won on points in an extra round

2:  Annelies Rooms  (Belgium)  vs Anissa Haddaoui Team Schreiber Nederland

Anissa Haddaoui won  door opgave

3: Kate Mintiens (Belgium)  België vs ILona Wijmans Ilona Gym International Nederland,

Ilona won on points

4:  Maes Satya Chikara België vs Can Meral Puma Gym België,

Satya Maes won on points in  an extra round


semi finals:
1: Eva vs Anissa, Eva Eva won on points

2: Ilona vs Satya,   Ilona won on points


Eva Berben  vs Ilona Wijmans

Eva Berben won on  points

November 15, UK

Julie Kitchen defeated Hatice Ozyurt
by points decision


Nathalie Zoukatas
of Australia defeat
ed Leighann Banham
of New Zealand

October 25, 2008,

Auckland NZ

Heather O'Donnell defeated New Zealand's Michelle Preston
in a Muay Thai fight by split decision.

Preston weighed in at 52.3,  O'Donnell at 55.3 kg

the contract weight was 55.0 kg maximum.

Oct 5th, 2008

 Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands
K-1 style rules

Jorina Baars


 Najat Hasnouni-Alaoui

Hong Kong:

October 5, 2008


Mieke Papy 
Chan Pui Ho by decision.

the controversial decision was reversed by The Hong Kong Muay Thai association,
but the promoter, Kim Ip, and the WMC say the decision stands for Papy.

Fight Results: 2008

October 2, 2008

New York's Emily Bearden won a unanimous points decision over German's Daniella Graf
 thursday   night at the historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City 
with the win Bearden mproved her fight record to 15 wins aginst six losses.
 Bearden has fought such well know fighters
 as Vivian Leung, Christine Toledo, Sarah Ponce, Allisanne Casey Katie Meehan
Bertina Lee and Misty Sutherland. She is the WKA Amateur Champion


August 16, 2008

Muay Thai Legends: results:

Bernise Alldiss
defeated Maria Verheijen by decision

Ruth Ashdown defeated Leonor Agostinho by decision

Sherree Halliday alsp won by decvsion
(opponent unknown at this time)

May 31st 2008

Maria Verheijen defeats Krista Fleming



31st of May

(w)Carole Flury




Calgary, Canada:

Sutherland and Reaume win.

  Calgary's Misty Sutherland (Calgary/Miles) stepped up to the bat against Japan's Mai Ichii,
a UKF Intercontinental MMA Champion.
 From the start, this was a very unorthodox bout. Ichii relied on movement and a lead leg side kick
 almost like a San Shou or Shootboxing athlete. Sutherland had a lot of trouble catching up to the
Japanese athlete who would spin, twist, and turn whenever she was cornered. During the fight,
possibly in the third round, Sutherland threw a solid left and fractured her hand. Sutherland pressed
and scored but then she would stand back and wait. In the fifth and final round, Sutherland threw a
series of knees which connected with Ichii's head but was just not enough to finish the job.
Sutherland took the win by unanimous decision.

Melissa Reaume (Calgary/Smandych) battled American Katherine Holmes. A very close scrappy
 bout was to see Reaume take the decision.

June 20, 2008

Montego Bay Jamaica:


Germaine de Randamie
Defeats Kitchen to take vacant WIKBA 63 kg title

for the WKBA World MT Title  at 63 kg and under
full rules 5x3




June 18, Montego Bay Jamaica:
Joanna McEachern defeated Claudia Vidaurri by 2nd rd KO in an IKKC Muay Thai featherweight bout. (elbow strike)


XFA Results

Las Vegas
at the Cox Pavilion, on May 31.


Miriam Nakamoto defeated Sally Krumdiack by Decision

Catia Vitoria defeated  Lynn Alvarez by unanimous dec.

Davis vs Esquibel, Davis won a unanimous dec

Miriam Nakamoto won a decision over Sally Krumdiack.

June 15, 2008

NYC: Roseland Ball Room

Christine Toledo defeated Emily Bearden by decision in a 5x2 115 lbs bout.

Natalie Fuz defeated  Casey Bohrman by majority decision in a 5x2 147 lb bout.

Carla Benitez of Spain, defeated Rima Sidu by decision in a 5x2 118
lb Muay Thai bout

June 6, 2008

Claudia Fontebasso


Milja Heino for the WFCA title


Amy Davis defeated Jody Esquibil by UD

Las Vegas at the Cox Pavilion, on May 31.

Catia Vitoria defeated  Lynn Alvarez by unanimous dec.
Davis vs Esquibel, Davis won a unanimous dec
Miriam Nakamoto won a decision over Sally Krumdiack.

May 31st, 2008

Auckland, New Zealand

Princesses of Pain

Michelle Preston defeated Kate Meehan
by  a points decision

there were also several female MMA Fights on Card

European title fight

53.52kg Muay-thai 5X3min

 Sporthal De Geusselt Olympiaweg 81-Maastricht
VVk: 30€/ Kassa: 35/ vip op aanvraag

Doors open 14h00/Begin 15h00

Queen of the Strikers Tournament

Tokyo Japan


Semi final
Gracyer Aki– Japan defeated Jessica Tolhurst - Australia

Silvia La Notte defeated Shoko Hayashida  Japan Dec (3-0)

Silvia La Notte – Italy Won Dec (Extra R 2-1) over  Gracyer Aki– Japan


May 13, 2008

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sylvie Charbonneau - win  by 4th round referee stopage over Nong Mint Sit Luangphorphet

Charbonneau's next fight is scheduled for May 25th at Assawindam Stadium in Bangkok (live tv fight). Hope this one goes through! All I know is I'm fighting at 46 kg's against a thai girl from the south. This is televised on Channel 9 in Thailand. They might have a live feed of it on the internet.

Valentina Shevchenko (Russia) defeated  Chajmaa Bellakhal (Holland).

in  Holland, Utreht,  on the 3 of may 2008.

In 5 x 3 win by point Valentina Shevchenko.

May 3rd,

The Netherlands:

Germaine Ko's  Budd in the first Round.

Tonite, in  Utrect, The Netherlands, WIKBA World Champion, Germaine de Randamie,
knocked out Canada's Julia Budd in the first round with a  powerful left hook, and in the process also broke Lucia Rijker's record of 36 consecutive kickboxing victories without a defeat or even a draw.  (Rijker had a draw on her record.)

 footnote: de Randamie also defeated a male opponent recently, thus also accomplishing something else that Rijker was unable to do, by defeating
 a male opponent, Tom Waes. *

*(Rijker was knocked out in the second round by a male opponent, Somchai Jaidee, some years ago.)


 May 2nd,

Kate Mintiens


Maritzardia Hersisia

On  Kate Mintiens of Belgium TKO'd

Maritzarda Hersisia of The Netherlands

in the 4th rd of a scheduled five rounder

All  female event in Portugal:

Munoz wins 2nd world title


Loly Munoz-Garcia  won by tko in the 5th round over  Kalotina Flaunas. to become
the new k1 champion of the  wako pro federation at 62kg.

In the women's tournament,
                           Laura Alarcon won over Leonor in the semifinal by unanimous decision.
Sandra Silva won  by unanimous decision over Anais  Pastor of  France ,  who replaced   Petra Van Dorn. 

                          Inthe final,  Final: local Sandra Silva  won over Laura Alarcon  by split  decision.

Noelani "Haole-Girl" Brown vs Jamie Scolastico 4 x 2

Geri "Singapore-sling" Ooi vs Patty Muelen 3 x 2
(see results below)

Thursday, May 1st, Noelani "Haole-Girl" Brown of The Budo Ryu in San Luis Obispo, Ca. defeated Jamie Scolastico of Victorville, Ca. to become the new IAMTF California Woman's Lightweight Champion.

Noelani was  victorious via unanimous decision 40-35 

Also on the same card, Geri "Singapore-Sling" Ooi, also of the Budo Ryu in San Luis Obispo, ca. defeated Patricia Muelen of Muay Thai Academy in North Hollywood  by a unanimous decision.

These fights were held at the San Manual Indian Casino in Highland, Ca. a Dennis Warner promotion.


Saturday, April 26th, 2008

at Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, CA.


Roxy Richardson
Priscilla Solano

for a  US title by 2nd rd TKO


"Spring Skirmish"

Friday, April 18, 2008 

Canada's Sandra Bastian defeated

Ploykeaw Sakrungruang by 1st rd TKO
in a bout scheduled for 5 X 2 Full Muay Thai / 132 lbs.

see fight reports

In a 3 X 2 Full Muay Thai at 110 lbs,

Canada's Alana Dunbrack lost a split decision to England's Carla Sullivan. 

fight reports)

In another  bout,  Canada's Jessica Gladstone launched a
successful comeback with a win over Lesley Tozer


April 12, 2008

Carole Fleury


Krista Fleming

WFC World Title 57 kg

 No Contest: Fleming injured in rd 1
(head Cut)


Calgary, Canada

WKA Women's North American Superfeatherweight Full Muay Thai AmateurTitle-

5 rounds of 2 minutes

(W)Misty Sutherland


x Itzel Cadena Mendoza

WKA Women's North American Superfeatherweight Full Muay Thai AmateurTitle-

5 rounds of 2 minutes

(W) Sandra Bastian


X Zuleyha Turan-

International Women's Prestige Full Muay Thai Rules Bout
 - 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Alana Dunbrack

Nadia Velázquez

(results unknown)

march 21 in Tunisia.


Maritzarda Hersisia


Ahlem Grisset
(Tunisan and African Champion)

results unknown

Nong Toom Vs. Pernilla Johansson
K1 Max Scandinavia
Super Fight


Winner: Nong Toom by split decision






Great  Ko's 


Ram  Muay   





fight Reports