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Women's Muay Thai and Kickboxing Results 2000  
from around the world.

Winners names have a "o" in front of them and
are listed on top. The losing fighter has an x by their name.

o winner




December 25, 20002  Japan

 Sachiyo Shibata  (japan)


Jet Izumi  (Japan

December 2, 2000 at the Price Fitness Center, Monterey, California:

    o Trisha Hill of Lawrenceville, Georgia 


                      Split Decision

     x Angela Rivera

 IKF U.S. Featherweight Muay Thai Title by split decision. The scorecards were 49-46 for Rivera, 49-47 and 50-45 for Hill.

December 2nd, 2000

o Blanca Gutierrez , of Pacifica, California, USA


 x Sonia Gerule, of New Mexico, USA

for the IKF Atomweight International Rules Kickboxing Title by 

December 2nd, 2000

o Keri Crothers of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

            by unanimous decision

 x Lynda Loyce of San Francisco, California , USA

four-round Muay Thai Bout.

December 2nd, 2000

 o Monica Michel of New Mexico, USA

              by split decision

x Francinivia Smith of Seaside, California, USA

  in a 3 round International Leg Kick Rules Bout.

2000/11/22  Tokyo, Japan        MuayThai 

                                     o Naoko Kumagai, Japan,

                                     5rd decision

Rangphoon Sykyo (Thailand) 

On November 4, 2000 in Milan, Italy:

  o Stefania Bianchini  Milan, Italy 

               unanimous decision

     x Mary Hart of the U.K. (England)

 ten-round fight   for the ISKA 50.5 kg kickboxing world title. 

On October 22, 2000 at the Town Hall in Leeds,England,

Lisa Houghton , Leeds, England,



 x Lolita Candel, France

For   ISKA Women's Super Atomweight Muay Thai title. 

 September 3, 2000 at Harvey's Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA,

  o Suzanne Anderson, (31, 5'1", 120 lbs)  USA 


 x Blanca Gutierrez (34, 5'0", 115 lbs)  USA

Trisha Hill (24, 5'3", 127 lbs)  USA

                  KO at 1:09 of the third round

Katie Ehrhardt (21, 5'9", 128 lbs)   USA


132-lb Full Contact Rules Division 

a spectacular spinning crescent kick over  in what was "The Women's Bout of the Tournament".

o Rebecca Preacher (36, 5'8", 148 lbs)  USA,

      decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

 x Jennifer Thysen (27, 5'5", 143 lbs) USA. 


147-lb Full Contact Rules Division title 

  •   oAmy Barabasz, (27, 5'6", 159 lbs) of Detroit USA

     Full Contact Rules 159-lb Division

     decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) o

    x Lannie Gault (29, 5'5", 159) of St. Louis, USA


  • oRhea Fontanilla (19, 4'11", 101 lbs)  USA 

     Muay Thai Rules Flyweight 

     decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) 

    xAshley Healey (16, 5'2", 104 lbs)USA


  • Sunshine Fettkether (24, 5'8", 145 lbs) Arizona USA 

     Muay Thai Rules Welterweight 

     TKO at 0:49 of the first round

    xJulie Jackle (19, 5'9", 141 lbs) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  • Lisa Stecki (8, 5'10", 156 lbs) USA

     Muay Thai Rules Light Middleweight 

     unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26) 

    x Tammy Roza (21, 5'3", 152 lbs)  Nebraska,USA

  •   September 3, 2000


    (w) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)

    unanimous decision


                                            xNoriko Tsunoda (japan)

                                          (noriko down x 2 in rd 1)

  •  On August 5, 2000 

    Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    o Angela Rivera   Las Vegas, USA


    x Linda Loyce   San Francisco, USA

    note: Rivera started strong and knocked Loyce down in the third round.


  •  On July 29, 2000 Rochester, Washington, USA,

    o Genna "Bambi" Bertoncello of Issaquah, Washington USA

     unanimous decision

     x Jessica LaPointe of Spanaway, Washington, USA

      Full Contact Rules


  •  On July 8, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Valerie Henin of Nancy, France

     TKO    1:30 in the first round

        x  Crystal Bolles of Springfield, Missouri , USA

    Muay Thai bout-Welterweights

    June 24th, California, USA

    Sachiyo Shibata, Japan,


                 TKO 4rd   (Towel thrown)

    Amy Yerkes, USA

    IKKC Jr flyweight Title.

    June 24th, California,

    Kaori Koizumi, Japan



    Dee Dufoe,  USA

    May 26th, Japan,

    Asako Yonezawa, Japan

    Decision   2-0

    Kaori Koizumi, Japan,


  •   On May 6, 2000  Franklin, Wisconsin, USA,


      Nikki Burton,  Dubuque , Iowa,USA,

    by unanimous  decision    (30-27,30-27,30-27)

    x Sarah Tillman (Milwaukee, USA

    3-round amateur Muay Thai bout. 



  •  oRachel Thomas  Milwaukee USA


    x Erin Mathews of Iowa City USA



  •   On May 6, 2000 

     Milan, Italy:

      oStéfania Bianchini  ( Italy) 

    WPKL world Kick-Boxing 51.5-kg title 


    Ilonka Elmont  ( Netherlands) 


  • I 57 kg Kickboxing

    oElga Comastri ( Italy)

    KO rd 2

    xChantal Ménard ( France )

  •   April 29th, Japan


  • Yoko Takahashii, Japan,



  •        Draw

    Tomomi "Windy" Kaze, Japan

    Japan April 29, 2000

    (w) Sachiyo Shibata 

                KO 3rd

    Ishi Moto  (japan)

  •  On April 8, 2000 

     Gila River Casino in Arizona, USA

     Marla Conrad USA


    Irma Verhoeff (Holland)

    Note: This was  a ten-round fight w for the ISKA World Lightweight title, but Verhoef could not make the 142 lb weight limit. Southpaw Conrad threw scoring combinations that landed cleanly while Verhoef replied with straight punches and powerful leg kicks. Conrad was not able to distance herself from Verhoef after scoring and was frequently tagged by Verhoef's counters. Verhoef was penalized in the sixth and tenth for using her forearm. After subtracting the penalty points one judge had it even, another for Verhoef by one point and the third judge for Conrad by three points.


  •   On April 8, 2000  Palladium Worcester, Massachusetts

    o Kellie Morse USA


    x Kelli Cofer of Ohio 

     for the USKBA Female Welterweight World Championship 10 rounds


  •   On April 1, 2000 at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin, Wisconsin: Catherine Miller of Winnipeg Sik-Tai defeated Angie Treece (Waterford Karate Shop) by three-round split decision (29-28,28-29,29-28) in an amateur 132-lb bout. Treece used hard punch combinations against Miller's low kick-punch combination in the early going. The fight heated up in the second as both boxers traded one-two punch combinations. Miller was the aggressor in the third but Treece fought back hard with kicks and punches in a crowd-pleasing slugfest.


    Women's Kickboxing 5 rounds

    o Soida・Jemusai(Thailand)



    ×Yuriki Yoshizawa(Japan)

  •  On March 22, 2000 at Remington's in Springfield, Missouri: Amy Yerkes (117 lbs) of Springfield defeated Gina Greenwald- Leathers (113 lbs) of Bellevue, Illinois by majority decison in a five-round non-title Muay Thai bout


  •  Melody Richardson (115 lbs) of Springfield and Mary Louya (110 lbs) of also fought to a five-round draw under Muay Thai rules.


  •   On March 18, 2000 at Altone Leisure Centre in Perth, Australia: Holly Ferneley added her third IKF world title belt with a hard fought points win over two time Australian Muay thai champion Marita Williamson. This was the first time that a women's bout was the main event in Western Australia's fight history.


  •  On March 11, 2000 at Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, California:

     0 Jessica Nobles-Ellis of Sacramento, USA,



    x Janelle Stednitz of Redding, California, USA



     Note: Jessica came out extremely agressive in the first round and landed repeated punches and kicks to the head and body of Stednitz resulting in a standing eight count near the end of the round. The round ended at the end of the eight count and both fighters returned to their corners. Due to the repeated punches received by Stednitz in which her head snapped back several times she could not continue and Nobles-Ellis was awarded the ISKA North American title by  Jessica's record improves to 7-0 with 1 KO.


  • On March 10, 2000  Dalton, Georgia, USA,

     IKF US amateur women's bantamweight International Rules title bout

    Trisha Hill of Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA, 

                                second round KO. 

    x  Tracy Kuschel of Omaha, Nebraska, USA,


    Note:Kuschel started out throwing hard combinations, powerful kicks, and spinning backfists but Hill replied with leg kicks, strong punches, and kicks to the inner thighs. Hill caught Kuschel with a series of kicks in the second round, attacking the inner thighs and dropping Kuschel once. Halfway through the second round, Hill threw a spinning side kick to the ribs that dropped Kuschel and the fight was stopped as it was clear that Tracy was unable to continue.


  •   On March 5, 2000 at the Town Hall in Leeds, England,


    : o Trix March , England,

              unanimous decision 


           x Marja Vonk of Holland

    for the ISKA European Welterweight Muay Thai title. 


  •  On March 4, 2000 at Bankstown Town Hall in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


  •   Holly Ferneley (6-3-2 3 KO's, 122¾ lbs) of Australia

                                TKO at 2:36 of the first round.


  • x
    Julie Woods (11-2, 5 KO's, 125½ lbs) of  New Zealand 

    for the IKF Pro World Featherweight Muay Thai Rules title, 



  • February 29, 2002

                   Hawaii,  USA

          oBambi Bertoncello


            xLinda Loyce (usa)

 On February 26, 2000 at Delmar Racetrack in California, USA Muay Thai bout.

: o Amy Yerkes of Springfield, Missouri, USA

                      TKO rd 2

        x  Sandi Meister-Meredith  (usa)



  •   On February 22, 2000 , Springfield, Missouri , USA


    o Gina Greenwald-Leathers of St. Louis, Missouri USA

      four-round unanimous decision 

    Sachiyo Shibata, Japan


    Note: Greenwald's win was extremely controversial, because  Shibata  Shibata sent Greenwald down several times with low leg kicks but these knockdowns were apparently ruled as slips. Greenwald pushed Shibata down several times but these may have been counted as knockdowns in a "home town" decision for Greenwald that did not reflect the action in the ring according to a ringside correspondent. A scuffle broke out later after Shibata's manager, Masahiro Hada, slapped her in the face, apparently for failing to knock Greenwald out to secure the decision! 

    This bout was for the UKF women’s world flyweight title.

      February 22nd, 2000 USA,

  • Kaori Koizumi,  Saitama, Japan 



    Sherri Thompson of Branson, Missouri, USA


    Thompson  is now 7-1-1.

    On February 3, 2001 
    WPKL world Kick-Boxing 51.5-kg title

    oStefania Bianchini, Italy,


    x Illonka Goedhoop (Elmont) Nether;ands

    Same Card: women's 57 kg

    o Elga Comastri, Italy,

                      KO 2nd rd

            x Chantel Menard. 

January 24th, 2000, Japan, 52 kg Shootboxing

Ryo Ue, Japan,

decision 2-0 

Noriko Tsunoda, Japan

On February 22, 2000 in Alès, France:  

Christine de Ruggiero, France


Sara Hall of Chesterfield,England,

 in a Full Contact Rules bout.


January 21st, 2000, Japan,  Bantamweights


o Windy Tomomi (Japan)


Takako Shimoseki, Japan


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