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January 7, 2006
Denver Colorado, USA
Double Tree Hotel


Angie Hayes

defeated Kate Meehan by split decision

MT Rules, 3x3 minute rounds.

 In the other women's bout,
Heather Fairchild defeated
Chantel Wilson by Unanimous decision.
rrors you may see.

Monday 26th, December in Bologna, Italy
  "Santo Stefano del Ring"  (held every year on 26th december).
In the only female kickboxing bout of this event, italian Silvia Valicelli
defeated on points Petra Buchberger from hungary after 5x2 minutes
and 52kg weight class.
Thanks To Denis at Donne and Guantoni
for this report!


 Holland, 17-12-2005

   (w) Krista Fleming 
 ( Holland)


x Marianka Bestebreur
 ( Holland)


December 17th, California, USA

Dennis Warner Muay Thai Championships:


Miriam Nakamoto defeated  Amy Hsiao
by 3rd rd tko
(contract wt 148 lbs)

 Kerri Taylor
tko'd  Melissa Mason in rd 2
(contract wt 122 lbs)

Jennypher Lantheir defeated  Mercedes Medina 
by UD

December 17, 2005 
The Netherlands.

Linda Ooms defeated Claudia Fontebasso on decision 

Germaine de Randamie  defeated Chajmaa Bellakhal
by decision 
Report follows soon.

Ring of Fire

Colorado, USA

December 11, 2005

 (W) Chrisanne Roseliep

TKO 1:03 rd 3

xRosalinda Olivas

Note: this was Olivas prodebut. she was 8-4 as an amateur

Thailand on December 9th 2005.

Racheal Jones of England (Master A's Muay Thai)
has won her bareknuckle match today in Thailand.

Rachael  competed in the International Traditional Muay Thai Competition in

This very talented fighter is the first European woman who has ever been invited
 to take part. The competition took place in Bangkok, Thailand on the 9th December 2005.

The event was  organised by NS Sport (Thailand) Ltd. A spectacular stage is to be
build in front of the City Hall in Bangkok especially for the event. The show is to be filmed
by Thai TV Globle Network and will be shown live in 170 countries World Wide.


November 26, 2005

 Milan, Italy
Kickboxing Superstar


Kickboxing:  5x2:

  Valeria Imbrogno  



 Perla Braganolo  in the second round


(50kg )

 Anastasia Sorinova


 Milijanka Cenic

in  the second round.

(63 kg)

for more information see:

Rome, Italy, November 26, 2005

Kickboxing 5x2
58 kg

Sonja Mirabelli defeated Kate Mintiens  of Belgium
by decision

December 4, 2005
at  Rimini The Fight Night

organized by   Fabio Corelli and  David  Carli  presented a womens kickboxing card

in the   52kg wt class.   Maria Tzortzi, of Greece,
ko'd  Italy's Sabrina Lai with a kick to the solar plexus
in the third round


for more information see:

Special thanks to Denis at 
pugilatofemminile for this fight report

November 26, 2005

The Netherlands

Jorina Baars wins over Hatici Ozyurt
by decision

November 27, 2005

Bournemouth, England

Denise Mellor defeated  Emma Armour for WKA -48kg British Title.

Saturday , November 19th,
  in Victorville, California, USA,

(W) Germaine de Randamie (Netherlands)

KO 1rd 2:35

xAngela Parr (usa)

 Holland's Germaine De Randamie,
picked up her third world title when she
Knocked out Angela Parr
of the USA to capture the WIKBA and IMTF
World Muay Thai titles. The winning technique was reportedly
 a kick to the head after a previous knockdown by a knee to the head.
De Randamie  is now a triple world title holder as she
also holds the WPKL World Title.

Saturday ,19th November, in Selvazzano Dentro (PD) Italy,
WMC World Muya Thai Champion, Kalliopi Yeitsidou retained her
World Muay Thai Council 52 kg World Muay Thai Title 
defeating Silvia Valicelli of Italy  on points after   5rounds x 3minut
November 19, 2005

CAKMA Presents:

"Never Surrender"



International Prestige Muay Thai Bouts
 4 rounds of 2 minutes

|Sandra Bastian  (canada) defeated  Trisha Sammons (canada)
 @ 1:37 4th round TKO

 Sylvie Charbonneau (canada) defeated. Kim Tae Kyung (Korea)
by unanimous decision

Misty Sutherland (canada) defeated. Ko Min Jung (Korea)
by  unanimous decision

Soumia  defeated  Janny Schmit of the Netherlands
in the weight class 53, 7 – 55, 3, 5 kg
, by KO in the first minute of the first round.
She landed a good right to the head before she gave a knee to the body. The second knee, a little later on, knocked her out. It was a very convincing victory for our young fighter, Soumia, who can call herself now Dutch champion.

Perth Australia, November 19, 2005

 WKA Australian Super Featherweight Title

(W) Tennille May


x Alicia Pestani 

Results: November 12, 2005
Gieben, Germany
SI European Championships

(W)Reyhan Aydin
(Netherlands  14-2-3)


xHelene Pittkowski
by Decision


(contract wt: 63 kg)

Reyhan Aydin

(W)Aimee van Veldhuizen
Netherlands  (4-2-1)


xSema YerliceGermany (5-1)
by decision

for more information:

South Australia:

(w) Tenille "Mayhem" May (Au)


xJude McMinn (Au)

for the WMC Australian 57 kg title

(w) Mae Lin (Au)

TKO rd 2

xTamara Bartholomew (Au)

Oct 29th: Porirua (Wellington)

Ngapera Parata (Alpha - 58kg) won split pts vs Anthea Morrison (VUW - 54kg)

October 23,  2005

 Tarragona, Spain:

Loli "Sugar" Munoz KO'd
Letizia Madjene of France in
in a 4x2 full contact fight

October 22, 2005 at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas.

Amy Davis defeated Patti Teran-decision

Lisa King - vs- Yiola Cleovoulou
Ardra Hernandez -defeated- Ruth Wilson-decision

Gina Carano -TKO'D- Christina Martin in round 4.



Mohegan Sun CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS USKBA Amateur Championships Bouts:

USKBA Full Contact Kickboxing Female Middleweight World Championship



  FATIMA HDIR (Morocco)

USKBA San Da Female Lightweight World Championship



NORMA AVALOS (Durango, Mexico)

Continuous Contact





October 21,2005



Rima Sidhu (usa)


Candace Gongora (usa)
(WKA  Regional Title Bout)

Liz Linstrom  (usa)


WIllow Chantavong  (usa)

Naomi Wolff  (usa)

Kim Duran  (usa) 

Oct 15: Paraparaumu (Wellington)
Vicki Mellsop (VUW - 56.6kg) won unam pts vs Natasha Bevan (Zero Tolerance - 55.2kg)

Thailand, October 12th, 2005

Queen's Birthday celebration

(W) Lisa Houghton-Smith


xLukying Petiyanan


 The show was at Sanaam Luang in Bangkok and was packed out. It was shown live on tv.

October 2, 2005
Ontario, Canada
"Chicks that Kick"

1. Melissa Mason (Siam #1, Toronto) WINNER Vs. Melanie Duquette (Bob Carvers Thai boxing Academy, Ottawa)

2. Yiola Cleovoulou (Siam #1, Toronto) Vs. Jamie English WINNER (TKO Fighting Arts, Kitchener)

3. Sofia Ramirez (White Tiger, Toronto) Vs. Momoko Kawai WINNER(Kitchener)

4. Lisa Bean WINNER (Ronin MMA, Ottawa) Vs. Erin Stanley

5. Amy Hsiao (Siam #1, Toronto) Vs. Ant Sansalone WINNER (Iron Tiger, Stoney Creek)

6. Natasha Cibischino (Bob Carvers Thai boxing Academy,Ottawa) Vs. Theodora Pistolis WINNER (Tiger Gym, Toronto)


Amy Gross 


Stephynee Bouquet

NOTE: This bout was officially downgraded to a "demo"
and therefore was ruled a "draw"   However, sources  also tell us the
fighters nevertheless agreed to fight as though it were a regular fight.
Meaning: they were really fighting! Gross was  considerably
aller and weighed more, while Bouquet had a considerable
edge in experience.

( Contract weight: 65kg)

Tiana Caverley  defeated Justine Keen


Contract Weight: 55kg

Alicia Pestana defeated Tenille May

 contract weight: 58kg

Suzette Knight, defeated Theresa Carter

Contract wt: 60kg


Bec Pogson defeated  Lucia Corrigan (England)
(Corrigan is from Lanna Gym, Thailand)
Contract wt: 52kg

Pata Ranieri defeated  Ricky-Lee Byrne


Contract Wt: 58kg

Sept 24: Papakura (Auckland)
Michelle Preston (ETK - 54.7kg) won unam pts vs Vicki Mellsop (VUW - 55.6kg)

September 23, 2005

Combat at the Capitale

New York City

Before a sold out crowd:
In a scheduled 3 Round bout for the USKBA Amateur
Female Full Contact Kickboxing Featherweight Tri-State
Championship Title, ANDREA DEANGELO defeated
MICHELLE BUZAN by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
(123 lbs)

Krsitine  Revie def Rebecca de la Motte by unanimous
 decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). (132 lbs)

Melissa Bopp  def Brittany Farah by TKO
at 1:21 of Round 1.  (139 lbs)

Kelley Mondesire def Naomi Wolf by unanimous
decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27). (117lbs)

September 17, 2005

Shin Do Kumaté VIII


Kate Meehan defeated Jennypher Lantheir by 3rd tko

Vivian Leung defeated Emily Bearden by decision

Casey Bohrman defeated Natalie Keene by decision


 24th August 2005 at the Tepprasit
Stadium in Pattaya, Thailand

(w)Roslaie Berghuis (Be)

49-48, 49-48, 48-48

xTenille May (Au)

 There was some controvesy with
the weight and the match itself. The agreed weight was 60kgs but Tenille
weighed in at 62kgs and Rosalie at 59.5 kgs.

Aug 20th, 2005 @ the Hollywood park Casino.

Tina Zakarian won the IAMTF CA title

with a decision over Roxy Richardson who was making her debut.


August 12, 2005

Queens Birthday


Karla Hood (UK) defeated Mayura Kiatsompop (Th)  by decision


Nicky Carter (UK) KO'd  Genpor Sor (Th)   2nd rd


Nongnee Sitkruu defeated Aman (Th) of jitti  gym by decision


Lisa Houghton-Smith (UK) defeated Lukying Petiyanan (TH)  by decison


Chaisamon Sitsinthan (Th) defeated Rosalie Berghuis (Holland)  by decision


Maria (no last name) (Denmark)  Tko’d  Tukata Chor Insuwan (Th) 2nd rd


Daoprasuk Sakchaichote (Th) defeated  Jantgrajang Palasarakham  (Th) by decision

Las Vegas, Nv,  USA

August 13, 2005

Mayhem at the Mirage

Gina Carano defeated Elaina Maxwell by decision,
and Tasha Marzolla also won by decision over Jane Estioko

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Beenleigh Arena

3 Queensland's W.M.C Titles were on the line

Narelle Leahy beat Jude McMinn on points
56kg 5x2

Aleta Bates beat Carly Geimulli on points
5 x 2 min 71kg 

Jessica Tolhurst beat Justine Keen on points

53KG 5x2


Muay Thai Warriors Supa Fight 4    3/9/2005
Melissa Whatnall Demons Muay Thai defeated  Hearther O'Donnell

Emma McGuire SCTBC v Leonie Macs Gladestone MA (Draw)

Justine Keen SCTBC defeated  Amy Dutton Strikeforce

 1st time in Australia that a  Mother and Son fought on the same card.
Justine has a 7 year old son who fought 1st fight of the night.
Jacob Keen SCBTC v Marty Maudsley CBMT (Draw)



Results from New Zealand
August 5, 2005
results of 'Rumble V' in Porirua,

Erini Dinou (Alpha) won UPD against Abbie Meyrick (Harleys)
Ngapera Parata (Alpha) won UPD against Vicki Mellsop (VUW)
Kelly Smith (Alpha) won SPD against Janna Vaughn (Bulldogs)
NZ TBA Light Featherweight Title: Anthea Morrison (VUW - defender) won
TKO (3rd Round) against Natasha Bevan (Zero Tolerance - challenger)
NZ TBA Super Lightweight Title (vacant): Leighann Banham (Bulldogs) won
UPD against Tabitha May (Alpha)


Saturday August 6th 2005

Beenleigh Arena  Beenleigh QLD
Aleta Bates Won  over Carly Geimuli on points
(5x2 71 kg
Narelle Leahy Won over Jude McMinn on points
5x2 56kg
Jess Tolhurst Won over Justine Keen on points...
53 kg

August 26, 2005

Perth Australia

Stephynee Bouquet
defeated Haley Lingard by split decision

The main event was between Perth's very own World Champion and Gold Medalist
Stephynee Bouquet from Phon's and Queensland's Hayley Lingard
 from Pine Rivers PCYC. The fight was highly anticipated as the two women went
 toe to toe for the first three rounds.Being an on the edge-of-your-seat
battle the crowd got on their feet to cheer on their home Champion.
The fourth and fifth saw Stephynee evade a few of Lingard's weaponry and
gave her back her own in classic explosive style.The nail biter saw
|Stephynee Bouquet once again victorious but in such a narrowly close meeting.
Hayley Lingard is a rising star and such a great fighter full of strong weaponry.
Our very own Champion Stephynee Bouquet remains on top and
takes it further against the world as she leads the Australian Team to the
AMAT Prince's Cup, Bangkok, Thailand in September 2005. Before the
first bell it was very easy to see why it was dubbed the fight between
 ''The World's Very Best Women"
Thanks To Laura Skinner for forwarding us this fight report.

Wendy Miranda


Tiana Caverly

Tiana Caverly VS Wendy Miranda (Aust Title). Winner Wendy on Pts.
Wendy came out firing, it was a good fight, however more knees from Wendy would hav e been better
, considering it was a muaythai bout.
Top fight, action all the way. Tiana finished strong she grappled well.


Tracey Polglase


Jody Soloway

by 3rd TKO

Jody was unfortunate and got two knees to the head which caused a cut under
 the eye and nose which required stitches.

Results from New Zealand:

July 24, 2005

Sue Glassey defeated Mary Herlihy
to win the WMC New Zealand middleweight title.

In the  other New Zealand bout
, Anthea Morrison won
the WMC NZ Bantamweight title over Anna Sisson by 4th rd tko

July 23, 2005

Mirabooka, Australia


Tiana Caverly defeated Michelle Preston by decision

Tenille May defeated Suzette Knight by decision


Muay Thai Warriors 3

23rd July, 2005

Sunshine Coast



Amy Gross defeated Stephanie Schweitzer, UPD


July 23, 2005

From  the Stardust, Las Vegas, USA


Lisa King (usa)  defeated Yiola Cleovoulou (ca)-decision

Ardra Hernandez (usa) defeated Ruth Wilson (ca) decision

Amy Davis (usa) defeated Patti Teran (usa) decision

Gina Carano (usa)vs Christina Martin (usa)  maj draw

Alisanne Casey (usa) defeated Ayumi Saito (jp)  TKO rd 4

Lynda Loyce (usa)  defeated Seri Saito (jp)  TKO rd?

June 26, 2005

Leeds, England

(W) Laura Craig


x Chanel Borgen


June 25, 2005

Results from Red Deer Canada:

(w) Misty Sutherland (canada)


1st rd TKO


xJenypher Lanthier  (canada)


                                                                                                     Tampa, Fla USA
                                                                                           University  of South Florida

Shin Do Kumaté VII

Muay Thai 4x3

(W) Kate Meehan usa

 unanimous decision

x Suzy Montero, usa



                                                                                                 Tampa, Fla USA
                                                                                           University  of South Florida

Shin Do Kumaté VII

Muay Thai 3x3

(W) Marilyn Vallejo


x Natalie "Bone Crusher" Keene

June 18, 2005,

Motherwell Civic Centre

(w) Michelle Ness


x Louise "Loopy Lou" McLoughlin

 June 18, 2005,
Motherwell Civic Centre

Stacy Butler (Scotland) vs Trish Carson (Scotland)

(no results yet)



Results: June 25th, 2005

 Qlds Australia

60 kilos Muay Thai

(W)Angela Parr

Majority decision

xMelissa Godfrey


(W) Tennile May (Au)


Tasha Marzolla (usa)

                                                                                               (W) Haley Lingard



                                                                                              (round of stoppage unknown)


                                                                                                    x Shahan Beaver


                                                                                                 June 10, 2005

                                                                                                   Colorado, USA

                                                                                                    Muay Thai 3x3

(w)Chrisanne Roseliep

TKO 1st rd

 xGreta Hicks 



Friday, June 10, 2005
At The Capitale in NYC

 (w)Evelyn Guzman usa

split decision

XNaomi Wolff  usa


(w) Andrea  DeAngelo   usa
TKO 1:58 rd 1.

X Brittany Kriett.  usa

(w)Kristine Revie  usa

maj Dec

xMunah Holland usa

                                                                                                  (w) Kat Diaz usa

                                                                                                  TKO  1:23 3rd rd

                                                                                                xHillary Mack Scotland

SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2005, Julia Budd defeated Keri Crothers to win the King of Gladiators Muay Thai event  at the MAX BELL CENTRE

On June 4, 2005 the HP Pavillion San Jose, California
Lynda Loyce  (usa) defeated
Rebecca Donnelly (uk) on points decision in a Muay Thai fight

May 28th, 2005

Sarcee Seven Chiefs Sportsplex, Calgary


Rima Sidhu (usa) defeated

Misty Sutherland (Canada)

by Split Decision in a 3x2 Muay Thai bout. 

Natalie Fuz defeated Rayelene Kellock
 by split decision
in a 5x2 Muay Thai bout.

May 6, 2005
Results from NYC:

Emily Bearden defeated Alisanne Casey unanimous decision

Rima Sidhu defeated Rebecca De La Mott unanimous decision

Ardra Hernandez defeated Hope Tzilianos  unanimous decision

Natalie Fuz defeated Kyla Richardson unanimous decision


On May 7th in Cattolica (RN)

8  woman  tournament in Italy

Eleonora Marotta

 won the first Italian 8 woman tournament.
(K-1 rules) which was open to the best of Italy's 50-52 KG fighters

Here are the complete results:

Lorenza Demuro defeated on points Sabrina Lai

Eleonora Marotta defeated on points Silvia Valicelli

Amal Elabdaoui defeated on points Perla Bragagnolo

Rita De Angelis defeated  Marilena Andronico by 3rd round KO

Eleonora Marotta defeated  Lorenza Demuro by 2nd round TKO

Rita De Angelis defeated on points su Amal Elabdaoui

Eleonora Marotta defeated on points Rita De Angelis

May 7, 2005 Perth, Australia

Muay Thai


(W) Stephynee Bouquet (Au)

unanimous decision

x Karen Lynch (NZ)

May 6, 2005

Results from NYC:

Emily Bearden defeated Alisanne Casey unanimous decision

Rima Sidhu defeated Rebecca de La Mott Unanimous decision

Ardra Hernandez defeated Hope Tzilianos  Unanimous decision

Natalie Fuz defeated Kyla Richardson unanimous decision

Event: Capital Punishment 6, Wellington, New Zealand - Saturday 16th April 2005


New Zealand Womens Bantamweight Title


Michelle Preston (ETK)


Anthea Morrison (VUW)


Winner: Michelle Preston on pts

April 17, 2005,


(W) Jaimie Ricketts

KO rd 3

xAnita Mahadeo (Trinidad-Tobago)

For British Commonwealth Title
Muay Thai 5x2

April 16, 2005
Milan Italy
WMC World Muay Thai Title

(W) Kalliope Yeitsidou (Greece)

KO 4rd

Maria "Curriki" Alduhar (Spain)

unofficial fight result:

April 14, 2005

Ratburi Province, Thailand

Scotland's Hillary Mack reportedly won a Muay Thai bout
at a Temple Fair over a  Thai Opponent who also fought England's Nicky Carter in
a Thai prison.

Anyone with additional details or the name of Mack's opponent  please contact us.

Stardust Hotel 

Las Vegas, Nv USA

 Muay Thai

(W) Ardra Hernandez (usa)


xYushimi Ohama (Jp)

Lisa King (usa)


Ariana Ramirez (usa)

(w) Maiko Katsuyama (Jp)


xChristine Toledo (usa)

(W) Julia Budd (Ca)


xGina Carano (usa)

April 8, 2005

B.C.  Canada

Muay Thai 5x2

(W) Frances Pettitt

TKO 3rd rd

xMelanie Kohler (usa)

Smack Girl 2005
April 30, 2005
Kira Messe Numazu - Numazu, Shizuoka (Japan)

- Marloes Coenen defeated Yuki Kondo by KO at :50 in R2;
- Megumi Yabushita defeated Kim Hyeon Seon by KO at :29 in R1;
- Yumi Matsumoto defeated Jet Izumi by split decision;
- Ayumi Saito defeated Mizuho Ishikawa by TKO at 3:02 in R2;
- - Tevi Say defeated Natusuko Kikikawa by unanimous decision.

Sat 19 March at Middleton Civic Center ,
Manchester, England


(W) Racheal Jones 

KO  1st rd

 xChanel Borgan

 for the 

   53kg [ I.T.B.F British Title)



(W)Michelle Grizzle  

by decision 

 XJanine Carlson


(for the  52kg [ I.T.B.F English Title)

March 12, 2005
California, USA

Muay Thai 5x2

(W) Nicole Hess

Split Decision

xLynda Loyce 

judge 1: 49-48 Hess
Judge 2: 47-48 Loyce
Judge 3: 48-47 Hess

Friday 18th March 2005 - ABA Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand 


(W)Michelle Preston NZ 


xVanessa Breylebach NZ 

(W) Bronwyn Wylie NZ 

x Bronwyn Wylie NZ

Strikeforce Results  (3/18/05)  f

Ann Drummond defeated Marlowe McCray by TKO 1st round; 

Rebecca De La Motte defeated Tracy Leon by unanimous decision 

 Elaina Maxwell defeated Christina Martin by unanimous decision

Combat at Barcelona (Spain)

March 12th, , 2005

kickboxing 5 x 2

61 kg

(W) Loli Muñoz (Spain)

unanimous decision

xChajmaa Bellakal (holland)


  11th March 2005

Melbourne, Australia.

Brute Force 2  

(W)Nicole Brolan (Victoria)

Unanimous decision

x Carmen Thompson (Sydney)  


(W) Amy Gross (Melbourne) 

Unanimous decision

x Michaela Ng (Melbourne)  


February 19, 2005
Colorado, USA

(W) Melanie Kohler


xJudy Hazel

February 19, 2005
Colorado, USA

(W)Kate Meehan

2nd rd tko

xSher Noah

 February, 11th  2005, Perpignan, France

(W) Loli  "sugar" Munoz  (Spain)

KO 4th rd

 x Stephanie Tignora (France)

KB  5x2

Contract wt:  63kg,


Thailand, February 10, 2005

Muay Thai

(w)Rosalie Berghuis  (Belgium)


X Nonploi (Thailand)

Saturday, February 5th, 2005

Las Vegas, Nv USA

(W) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)

decision 2-1

x Ilonka Elmont (Holland)

Shibata takes the WIKBA World Muay Thai 112 lb title

Saturday, February 5th, 2005

Las Vegas, Nv USA

(W) Tina Zakarian  (usa)


x Marlowe McCray (usa)


Zakarian wins the California lightweight title

Friday, February 4th, Manhattan, NYC

at  Cooper Union College

Jenny Foster defeated Shelley Evans by unanimous decision

Nicole Hess defeated Misty Sutherland by  unanimous decision

Rayelene Kellock defeated Stacy Galloway by 4th rd TKO

Rima Sidhu defeated Amy Davis by  majority decision

Natalie Fuz defeated Heather Thomas Unanimous decision

Janice Johnson vs Christine Reevey -CANCELLED


Friday, February 4th, Manhattan, NYC

at  Cooper Union College

Jenny Foster defeated Shelley Evans by decision

Nicole Hess defeated Misty Sutherland by decision

Rayelene Kellock defeated Stacy Galloway by 4th rd TKO

Rima Sidhu defeated Amy Davis by decision

Janice Johnson vs Christine Reevey -CANCELLED

Holland, Sunday,  30 January

(w) Reyhan Adyn  (Holland)

KO 1st rd

x Jenny Smit  (Holland)

Adyn wins WFCA Dutch Title

58.97 kg


January 29, 2005

(W) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)

KO 2rd

xMaiko Katsuyama (japan)

January 28, 2005

Marseille, France

K-1 of Marseille

Kickboxing 5rds

(w)Ghislaine Armanelly (France)


x Loli "sugar" Munoz (spain)

Combat at the Capitale NYC
January 25th, , 2005

Muay Thai

(W) Sophia Gegovic (usa)

unanimous decision

xAndrea Deangelo  (usa)



Friday, February 4th, Manhattan, NYC

at  Cooper Union College

Jenny Foster defeated Shelley Evans by decision

Nicole Hess defeated Misty Sutherland by decision

Rayelene Kellock defeated Stacy Galloway by 4th rd TKO

Rima Sidhu defeated Amy Davis by decision

Janice Johnson vs Christine Reevey -CANCELLED

Holland, Sunday,  30 January

(w) Reyhan Adyn  (Holland)

KO 1st rd

x Jenny Smit  (Holland)

Adyn wins WFCA Dutch Title

58.97 kg

January 29, 2005

(W) Sachiyo Shibata (japan)

KO 2rd

xMaiko Katsuyama (japan)

January 28, 2005

Marseille, France

K-1 of Marseille

Kickboxing 5rds

(w)Ghislaine Armanelly (France)


x Loli "sugar" Munoz (spain)



Great  Ko's 


Ram  Muay   





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