Fighting Women of the World: Great Ko's

Sept 7th, 2003
 Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo
Fuky Goto vs Kazumi Sakaguchi

Contract wt: 43 kgs.

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               Fuky Goto           vs              Kazumi Sakaguchi


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Action from the first round. Kazumi (red gloves)  who is  a very heavy puncher with fast hands, landed some very  powerful combinations that shook Fuky several times.
Fuky scored well a couple of times with knees in the clinch, but looked exhausted after round one.


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In the second round, Kazumi lands a devastating  combination that sends Fuky to the canvass

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Fuky's corner shouts encouragement 

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  Kazumi, in a neutral corner, is all smiles as Fuky tries to clear the cobwebs...

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Fuky struggles courageously to beat the count and is up at the count of nine, but  wobbly. She wants to continue.
Kazumi seems amazed to see her gutsy opponent back on her feet  and telling her to "come on"

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Fuky decides to go ahead and mix it up with the heavier punching Kazumi and is backed into the corner.

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another barrage of unanswered punches and the ref has seen enough.

Winner by TKO at 1:57 of 2nd round: Kazumi Sakaguchi








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