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Milja Heino vs  Yingthip RFT.Ubon (ring name)

Ying Thip Record :  19 years old ,  39 fights , 31 w . 8 losses , 0 draw

November, 2006

Event 7:
Womens S1 World Champion 54kgs  vs. Milja Pertygym

Very entertaining matchup, with both fighters firing off fast. 5x2min rounds in womens muay thai, Yingtip firing kicks to the body, with Milja putting together hands combo and kicks. Bloodied up, Yingtip continued the kick to the body, and Milja keeps up hand combos and kicks. Truly a close match,the judges ruled the fight Milja PertyGym WIN points and the new 54kgs Womens S1 World Champion.

Michelle Preston vs Akane Oshima

Akane Oshima (V U W) Vs Michelle Preston (ETK) Won Unanimous
Michelle got her game plan spot on with her push kicks which were surgical and smack on the face of Akane. Oshima had a solid pair of hands and caught Preston by surprise and showed an aggressive intent. Her main weapon was the big-swinging over hand right. It was wild and had the power to KO most male fighters on the show. The key to the ETK fighters success was her illusiveness, but in the fourth she got suckered into a toe to toe trade off and gave Akane an opening into the fight. In a see-saw fifth it turned to a brawl and Michelle got the unanimous verdict. IPreston won the belt and put  a halt to Akane's win streak.
 Weights  were Preston 52.8kg, Oshima 54.4kg

Battle of Bournemouth
By Christine Toledo
Courtesy of  Sid Remmer

Sally McCarthy (Sukothai Bournemouth) vs. Christi Campbell (Saints)  52.5kg  5x1.5 rounds


Wow! This was absolutely one of the best fights on this fight card! These two young ladies showed a lot of skill in what I’d call a very sharp, clean, and technical fight. Amazingly, these two showed great technique, good use of the ring, good movement, great defense, impressive counter reaction, and a whole lot of heart.  I was very surprised because they seemed to look a very young age, and I assumed so because they were required to wear protective headgear and shin guards, as others on the card did not have to.

In the first round, Sally let her hands go, throwing quick sharp punches backing Christi to the ropes, but  Christi reacted by getting into the clinch and both started exchanging knees to each other’s midsection as they redirected each other to reset themselves in a position to throw more knees.  A lot of excellent knee strikes and wrestling in the clinch occurred in this fight. On occasion, they mixed it up with front push kicks, hand combinations, and beautiful roundhouse kicks.

In the last (fifth) round, Sally moved forward aggressively, and kept Christi under a little bit of pressure, but Christi managed to find the opportunity to get into the clinch once again and keep Sally in it.  Christi threw some powerful knees, and it looked as though she may have hurt Sally.  It looked like Sally couldn’t catch her breath for a few seconds. Christy finished the fight off with a barrage of knee strikes. 

Both women did an exceptional job. They fought to a draw.


Julie Elliot (Saints) vs. Rebecka Donnely  57kg  5x2 rounds


The fight began with Rebecka anxious to get in, bringing the fight to Julie.  She came forward fiercely throwing a barrage of punches while Julie backed up to the ropes. However, Julie immediately saw the opportunity to close the gap by tying up Rebecka in the clinch, and the knee strikes followed.  Both ladies delivered and exchanged knees for most of the first round.


In the second round, Julie sees Rebecka coming forward to throw punches, and capitalizes on it by perfectly timing her front kick, which then gets Rebecka to hit the canvas.  Rebecka gets back in the fight right away and stays on the inside while Julie stays outside close to the ropes only to plan for Rebecka’s next attack. Julie uses her arms by putting them out in a long range guard to measure the distance between her and Rebecka and to keep her from getting hit.  Rebecka gets more aggressive and begins to use more technique and combinations, throwing continuous punches to then follow up with kicks to Julie’s legs.  Julie stays composed and waits for the opportunity to counter and throw front kicks to keep Rebecka at bay so that she can’t connect her punches.  This round goes into the clinch once again and both ladies exchange knees.  Rebecka is more aggressive with her knees as she throws them to Julie’s midsection and to her thighs. But Julie’s kneeing and clinching abilities seem to be more effective and sharp.


From the third to the fifth round,  both Julie and Rebecka find their game and seem to have a plan for themselves as they now know what the other is capable of, having gone the first two rounds.  Both looked to have better distance, timing, and ring movement. As in the earlier rounds, Julie was the outside fighter, while Rebecka was the stalker who stayed inside and in front of Julie.  But Julie switches up her game plan and moves forward to put pressure on Rebecka towards the end of the fight. Both ladies step it up in these later rounds, Rebecka is the aggressor who likes to come in with punch combinations, and leg kicks.  On occasion she manages to throw in a few stiff jabs, connecting to Julie’s face.  Julie is the more relaxed fighter who looks for the opening and picks her shots carefully as she waits for Rebecka to make any mistakes, so that she wastes less energy from throwing any shots that don’t land. Rebecka gets caught a few times walking straight into Julie’s reactionary strikes. Julie seemed to the better fighter in the clinch and with using her knees, as it appears she has more control and strength being in it. She also uses her knees effectively from the outside when Rebecka steps in to throw punches.


In the last seconds of the fight, they again get into the clinch, and by this point, Julie’s fatigue has caught up with her, and it looks as though Rebecka pushes herself more to try and win the round convincingly, showing dominance in finishing off the fight.  The last bell rings as they are in the clinch with Julie against the ropes.

The victory goes to Rebecka Donnely. Julie nods her head in disappoint as they announce Rebecka as the new champion. 


Lucy Hunking (Keddles) vs. Julie Kitchen (Touch Gloves) 57kg  5x2


What a beautifully executed fight this was for Julie Kitchen as she went in with a strategy to win over Lucy Hunking (who fought southpaw). All five rounds went much the same, as Julie took each round leaving Lucy in frustration, not able to win the rounds with her own game plan. Lucy was tough and looked to be strong, but was not able to strike effectively and dominate with her physical strength. She looked to be a stalker at the beginning of the fight, but Julie was able to time her every move and she reacted brilliantly when Lucy walked in to throw punches or kicks by either countering, beating her to the strike, or moving out and coming back in immediately to hit Lucy.


Julie fought smart using her reach to gauge her distance, and to keep Lucy from coming in.  After the earlier rounds, Lucy was hesitant to throw any strikes and it seemed she would try and counter Julie’s techniques. Julie stuck to a hit and move strategy, but also knew when to press the attack when the opportunity was available. Julie threw front kicks and knees from long range or measured with her jabs to set up and get inside following up with punch combinations, and always ended with a body kick or a leg kick, or if the time was right to finish off applying pressure to Lucy, she did so.


When the fight went into the clinch both ladies exchanged knees, but again Julie being the taller fighter, had an advantage with her knees as long as she threw them correctly. Indeed she did throw them correctly.  Her knees were more effective as she pushed her hips out to gain more momentum when bringing in the knees to Lucy’s midsection.  Lucy was able to connect minimally with a few punches throughout the fight, which Julie was obviously conditioned well enough to take and not be phased from.  Julie knew when to move or block Lucy’s kicks.  Julie surprised Lucy occasionally throughout the fight with a high kick to the head or a flying punch.


Much credit should go to Lucy for going the distance, but she just did not have enough in her game plan to level out with Julie.  Julie had an appropriate strategy for Lucy’s fighting style and won the fight convincingly. 


Linda Ooms (Holland) vs. Rachael Jones (Bradford)  52kg  5x3


Each round went much the same in this prestigious bout as both ladies seemed to know what the other was capable of.  Both Rachael and Linda are quick fighters, but are very careful in picking their shots.  Rachael, being the significantly taller fighter than Linda, had the height advantage, but Linda was the quick and tricky counter fighter that used her footwork to her advantage.  Both Linda and Rachael made use of their punches more than anything else in their arsenal. Kicks, knees, and front kicks were also thrown, but not nearly as much as their punching techniques. Linda was effective in throwing right over hand punches, and Rachael was successful in connecting her jabs followed up with a straight right hand.


Rachael did most of the initiating and moved forward aggressively to get in with Linda.  Linda had excellent head movement that worked well with her footwork to keep her from being an easy target for Rachael.  Linda’s movement was much like      that of a boxer as she bobbed and weaved her head to dodge Rachael’s punches.


Neither of them performed effective use of the knees when they tied up in the clinch.  Linda’s height seemed to be a disadvantage to her and she couldn’t get her knees in high enough.  Rachael managed to twist Linda to get her off balance and put her glove in her face to distract her and disrupt her breathing.  It looked as though Rachael didn’t like staying in the clinch or was not most comfortable in it, as she would throw very few knees, and get out of it, or wait until the referee broke them up, or she would tie Linda’s legs up by wrapping her right leg over to keep Linda from taking any control of the situation.


Throughout most of the fight, Rachael stayed on the inside, and Linda with her back near the ropes, as she circled the ring to move around anticipating Rachael’s strikes, ready to counter them. Rachael pressed the attack several times to move Linda backward to the ropes, but Linda was very good at defending herself, and reacting to keep herself out of trouble.


This was a close match that went the distance. Both Linda and Rachael were well conditioned to go the distance and take each other’s hits. Both fighters had a style of their own which seemed to work great for each of them in this fight.  These ladies proved to be very tough and showed they had skills. Rachael wins this fight but not by much, as it could have gone either way depending on what the judges scored this fight on.  Rachel pressed and moved forward more, but Linda’s style of fighting was not to fight Rachael’s fight and clash with her in a toe to toe war.  This was an awesome fight between two top female fighters. 


Rachael proved to the judges she was the better fighter that night. Rachael takes the victory.

Lauran Colonval (Sukothai) vs. Ann Larson (SMTC)  54kg   3x2 rounds


All three rounds were full with action as both ladies exchanged strikes in a toe-to-toe war. Lauran showed dominance in each round being the aggressor. She moved forward and pressed the attack on Ann who moved backward against the ropes or into the corner.  Ann fought back with punches, front kicks, roundhouses, and knees, and stood all the rounds with Lauran.  She managed to get in some good shots on Lauran, but Lauran was more effective in landing stronger and more effective punches, snapping Ann’s head back.  Lauran used more of her hands and it seemed to be her stronger technique over the knees and roundhouse kicks she also used in the fight.


Both ladies fought their hearts out and did very well.  Lauran Colonval takes the victory in this bout after 3 rounds in a unanimous decision.



Becky Masters (Saints) vs. Angela (Sheran MT- Belfast) 55kg  3x2 round


In the first round, Angela (who is southpaw) comes out strong and aggressive, pressing the attack on Becky, moving her backwards to the ropes.  Angela overwhelms Becky with punches and by getting her in the clinch to throw continuous knee strikes.  Angela looks to have the advantage being the taller fighter, as she uses her reach effectively.  Becky is no push over and doesn’t allow Angela to intimidate her- she’s tough, keeps herself focused and well composed, and also manages to counter attack Angela after she strikes. In the second round, more of the same action occurs from both the fighters. But in the third round, Becky comes out confident and seems to have found her comfort in the ring, and this time puts a little pressure on Angela and manages to move her back early in the round, Becky moves around a little more in this round, doing her best not to let Angela get her to the ropes or in the clinch.  They exchange punches, and kicks, and stay away from the clinch and knees this time, giving all that they have until the last bell.


Angela wins.  Both ladies put up a great fight.


Zoe Mason (Touch Gloves) vs. Francis Stringer (London Thai Fighters)  67kg  3x2 rounds


A very exciting fight!  Both ladies were focused and kept their composure, and looked to throw only effective shots. Both ladies knew how to use the ring to move around not letting themselves to be an easy target, using jabs and front kicks to keep each other away and to measure their distances between each other.  Zoe was a little more aggressive and used more technique, using punch combinations (hooks, uppercuts, jabs and straight punches),  roundhouses, and front kicks. But Francis connected with heavier punches, and in round 2, her punches caused Zoe’s nose to bleed.  Francis was successful in keeping her distance, keeping a good guard, moving around, countering and setting up her punches.  In the last round, both ladies picked up the pace.  Zoe was very aggressive, moved forward and tried to put the pressure on Francis, but Francis stayed focused, and picked her shots to land more effectively on Zoe.  Zoe used a lot of front kicks to move Francis back so that she could follow up with punches and kicks. But Francis landed very strong, well timed straight and overhand punches.


Zoe and Francis were both very skillful and technical. They fought to a draw.



Tracy Richards (WAKT) vs. Ann Niven (London Thai Fighters) 49kg  3x2 rounds


Tracy comes out in the first round with a lot of energy and doesn’t seem to waste any time.  She mixed up her kicks, using left and right roundhouse kicks to the body, to the legs, and high to Ann’s head.  Tracy was the aggressor in round 1, moving forward with punch and kick combinations, sometimes setting Ann to the ropes, but Ann stayed in the fight with her, and didn’t let Tracy overwhelm her. Ann found her range later in the first round, and used her front kicks every time Tracy came forward and to keep her at bay.  When Ann was able to get a punch or kick in, Tracy countered right back.  Also Ann knew to use the clinch to tie up Tracy’s hands, and was effective in redirecting Tracy to then follow up with her knee strikes.  In the second round, Tracy was still aggressive in the earlier part of the round, but Ann got her in the clinch and threw knee after knee, as Tracy tried to fight out of the clinch but did not manage to escape from it. Tracy began to show fatigue from fighting so aggressively and trying so hard to wrestle her way out of Ann’s clinch and knees.  From that point on, Ann took control of the fight, moving forward, with roundhouses and punches and capitalized on Tracy’s weakness in the clinch to throw her knees both to Tracy’s thighs and midsection. Throughout the last round, Tracy threw wild, non calculated shots that were ineffective.  Ann was able to see what was coming she fought smart.


Both of these ladies were quick and technical. Ann fought a smart fight and was the more technical fighter.  Tracy came out strong and aggressive in the beginning, but her fatigue caught up with her which gave Ann more of an advantage in addition to how well she fought throughout all three rounds. Ann Niven wins.

Tenille May vs Karen Lynch

In the first seconds of the first round Karen unleashed some good powerful punched which forced Tenille into defensive mode. After absorbing the initial barrage of punches Tenille begin to settle down and attempted to gain control of the situation. Karen followed in with some strong leg kicks which Tenille neglected to block. It probably hurt her a little. Karen was much the aggressor but Tenille also fired back some good shots. Tenille's jab was starting to work and she was beating to the punch most times. Then suddenly Tenille exploded after countering one of Karen's attacks with an elbow which hit Karen. Tenille followed in with some punches and caught Karen flush on the chin which dropped her for an 8 count. Tenille went for the kill and Karen was still very unstable on her feet. However the bell saved the day for Karen. 
In the second round, Karen was still wobbly but she still came out firing but Tenille took her time and exploded with barrages of punches and kicks when the opportunity was there. Tenille's jabs was working nicely which enabled her to set up her kicks. Karen was hit with a few more elbows but she fired some off herself but Tenille managed to evade all of them. When locked in the clinch, both girls fired off their knees but Tenille's knee attacks and clinching skills were more effective. Tenille finished stronger in this round.
The third round started the same and the fight and we soon realise that Karen will come out strong at the beginning of each round. This round went the same way as the second but Tenille did floor Karen a couple of times in this round. She landed a well timed teep which caused Karen to fall back from centre ring to the ropes. Tenille also scored some strong punches which wobbled Karen again. After forcing Karen to her corner Tenille dropped Karen again but the was saved by the bell.
The forth and fifth round was all Tenille's. Karen was on the back foot but still managed to fire back some of her own shots. Tenille was just too strong and dominated the fight till the end.
Tenille won by UD. It was a good win as Karen was someone she looked up to when Tenille started out. She still can't believe that she had beaten someone that she never thought she will ever get to fight.
Credit must go to Karen. She came to Adelaide without her trainer. She was cornered by Michelle Preston, her training partner but I am sure she would have been happier if Roger Earp or Jason Suttie was in her corner. She came to fight and it showed.

Tenille May vs Karen Lynch: Another view of the fight
by Michelle Preston:

Karen come out for the first round very aggressive throwing Tenille off somewhat, working her strong punch combinations and hammering Tenilles leg and was in my opinion winning the round until she walked straight into a elbow quickly followed by a straight right - and dropped for an 8 count. Karen then did what anyone of us would do and covered up the get through to the bell.

2nd round and Karen was still obviously still shaken from the 8 count but rallied and tried to work her hands, and also landed some strong low kicks, which did actually seem to having an effect on Tenilles thigh (it was very red). Tenille was pushing forward the whole time and putting together some very strong combinations, elbows where exchanged and I actually think both girls landed some, although Tenille did take this round comfortably.

3rd round and Karen started to recover with both girls landing some excellent knees and elbows but karen kept finding herself against the ropes or cornered, which Tenille took full advantage of, with Tenille looking very strong in the grapple, Tenille landed some very strong front kicks throughout the fight, which were perfectly timed unbalancing karen and causing her to greet the canvas a number of times. Karen never gave up continually working the hands and trying to make up lost ground, I didnt see any shots which wobbled karen again, she just seemed unbalanced and unable to find her distance (rather than wobbled).

4th round saw Karen pick it up even further and she became very aware for her movements in the ring using the ring effectively and using her jab to good effect - Tenille the whole time looking strong and pushing forward working her combinations. Both girls went tit for tat in this round and in my opinion it was pretty even points wise, but Tenille possibly looked the better considering Karens nose had gone and tenille looked the aggressor, with karen scoring off the back foot.

5th round and Karen continued to rally and and started to use her combinations effectively and apart from the first round this was definately karens strongest round and i think she may even have snatched this round.

However nobody can take anything away from Tenille she was strong, aggressive and very effective, I was really impressed - congratulations to Tenille and of course to Karen who I have to say I respect even more, the way she never once gave up and went at it until the death. I would love to see a rematch, when Karen's nose has healed completely and possibly for a Title - this fight was war and a trubute to the high level of Female Fighting in Oceania.


September 9, 2006

Shindo Kumate Tampa, Florida, USA

By Shindo Kumate fight commentator, and 2006 K-1 Champion, Christine Toledo


Fortunately, I had the luxury of sitting at ringside as a spectator present at the Shin Do Kumate event this past Saturday. And what a pleasure it was to be able to watch some of the best women athletes we have out there representing women in muay thai.

Chrisanne Roseliep and Joanna Airall - both such strong characters and personalities inside and outside of the ring. Both ladies have a full-time career aside from committing themselves to a rough training schedule. Airall working a fulltime sales position, and to my surprise, Roseliep a 7th grade school teacher. That night, they came to fight and a fight it certainly was.

With an amateur record of 2-0 and only 1 year of training, Airall accepted this fight to appear in her professional debut against the more experienced and named champion "Brick House" Chrisanne Roseliep. The audience predicted an easy win for Roseliep as they based their opinions on her intimidating record against Joanna's lack of experience. But little did most expect, Joanna came in prepared to fight no matter who her opponent was. Even Chrisanne was able to credit Joanna for stepping in with her and giving her a fight that made her earn her (Roseliep) victory in the end. The bout went the distance through 4 rounds of action. The difference in each of these ladies fighting styles and the heart they put into the fight, is what made this fight so exciting to watch. Chrisanne was indeed the aggressor and dominated all the rounds. Chrisanne came in like a bulldog moving forward fiercely, making it hard for Joanna to move her back. Chrisanne threw beautiful punch combinations, occasionally moving Joanna backwards to the ropes where each time she found the opportunity to keep the pressure on Joanna. Joanna was very impressive in that she stayed composed and was able to counter and slow Chrisanne down by getting in the clinch to knee her and to get her off balance which also gave Joanna the opportunity to reset herself and put her in the position to land strong roundhouse kicks to Chrisanne's body. Joanna didn't let Chrisanne overwhelm her, and kept the fight going. Towards the 3rd round, Joanna seemed to have been losing her energy, which Chrisanne was able to take advantage of til the end of the bout. But nonetheless, the fight went the distance, and both ladies gave their all. Congratulations to Chrisanne for taking the victory. Great job to both ladies for an awesome fight. Joanna will go a long way and has the potential to gain champion status perhaps in little time and just a few more fights.

Emily Bearden and Kate Meehan - This was Kate's 5th professional bout and Emily's professional debut. Just like the first 2 ladies, aside from training both Katie and Emily are full-time career women - Kate with a fulltime position in sales, and amazingly she has time to squeeze in as an instructor for spinning classes as well as train for marathons, and Emily a full-time fitness trainer and muay thai instructor. These two ladies are true athletes always in excellent shape and well conditioned.

What made this bout so interesting and highly anticipated was that the two share a common history, whether it was fighting each other or the same opponents gaining the same results. Emily and Kate met in the ring for the first time in February of 2004 in an amateur bout, with Emily taking the win unanimously the first time. This kept fans wondering after almost 3 years, how much each of these two ladies had changed since then, and who would win this time, now both being professional fighters. As they stepped into the ring that evening, everyone could see that both of them were ready to go. The bout went the distance after 4 rounds of intensity and a showing to the crowd that "women CAN fight" with just as much skill and athleticism as men. Emily came with a strategy to counter Kate's attacks with punch and kick combinations and to keep Kate at bay with her front kicks to then follow up with her own attack. Kate was able to get in and land some heavy punches to Emily's face which caused her to bleed in the earlier rounds. But Emily also managed to stay ahead of the game by scoring a knock down. Kate made Emily work as she used the ring to move around. Kate seemed to have the heavier and stronger straight punches as Emily moved backward and her head snapped back occasionally. Kate had a powerful stiff jab and landed some beautiful roundhouse kicks to Emily's midsection during the rounds, but Emily always came right back with a counter attack surprising Kate with combinations. At some point, it was obvious that each of these ladies were doing damage to one another - Kate's left thigh was red and some bruising started to appear, and Emily's nose never stopped bleeding. An exciting fight this turned out to be just as expected. Emily Bearden took the win in the end. If it hadn't been for the knock down in the earlier rounds, the fight could have gone either way, as both of these ladies fought giving everything they had, exchanging strikes, and putting up quite a fight for each other. Congratulations to Emily Bearden for a well earned victory. Much respect to both women for being who they are as individuals, true athletes, and champion fighters.

For all 4 women who fought that evening - What you do for yourselves and to represent women in the sport is very admirable, Great job! Thanks to Master Merhdad and MKM Promotions for hosting a successful and exciting

Calgary Canada,
April 9, 2006 


- FULL MUAY THAI /Sandra 'Heart' Bastian (Calgary - Mike Miles) stepped into the ring against 2 time IFMA World Champion Wirun 'Rung' Fongnom (Thailand - Sor Fongnom). The Thai girl sported a record of 55 wins with only 2 losses sitting at approximately 3 times the fight wealth of the Canadian. The bout opened with Sandra forcing Wirun backwards with kicks and punches. During the first clinch, Wirun found out how strong Sandra was, as the Thai girl could not get into a strong clinch position. Sandra was to force distance between them and then deliver some strong punches and kicks which were to connect. In round 3, a strong kick hit Wirun in the body and the effect was immediate. The Thai girl looked hurt and she tried to avoid going down hoping for an 8 count. Sandra knew immediately her girl was hurt and delivered a left roundhouse kick to the head followed by two punches to the head and finished with a right roundhouse to the head, all of which scored, and dropped Wirun for the count. Sandra was to win this international prestige bout by knock out. The audience had come to see some knockouts and the ending of this bout left them ecstatic. "Congratulations Sandra", said coach Mike Miles. "Now it is time to focus on the IFMA World Championships in May/June 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand. Canada would love to see you bring back a Gold Medal this year!"
- FULL MUAY THAI / Misty Sutherland (Calgary - Mike Miles) squared off against the highly respected Borpit 'Lek' Kinrun (Thailand - Lamai Gym). As was the case for fellow team mate Sandra Bastian, Sutherland was sitting at approximately 1/3 the fight experience of her opponent. Borpit was shorter but proved she was a fire ball. Spunky, and determined she tried to deliver some excellent techniques on the outside. Here is where Sutherland was to shine. She was to outscore her foe on the outside with punches, kicks and elbows. However in the clinch, Borpit shone. Though the Thai girl took some good elbows and knees getting into clinch position, she was very experienced in the clinch and threw Sutherland to the ground a multitude of times during the bout. When the decision was announced it was a majority decision for Sutherland. Borpit looked quite stunned. "I felt Misty did a good job but she should have been more aggressive and a little more active in the clinch. I felt Borpit won the match. I hope these two get a chance at a rematch allowing Borpit another shot at Sutherland and victory", said coach Mike Miles.
- FULL MUAY THAI / Sylvie Charbonneau (Calgary - Trevor Smandych) was ready to war with Kim Duran (USA - Strotmeyer). As the bout opened both athletes met in the middle of the ring exchanging some hard punches and kicks. But Sylvie was to showcase her determination and started pressing Kim backwards. Kim delivered some counter shots but it did not affect Sylvie's determination to move forward. Half way through the first round, Sylvie delivered a heavy left roundhouse kick to the body of Kim who was to crumple to the canvas for the count and beyond. Sylvie won the bout by first round KO and now prepares for her next bout in the USA at the end of the month.
- MODIFIED MUAY THAI / Angela Merzib (Calgary) opened the evenings event against Tandi Ogden (USA- Stephens). Tandi took this bout on a few days notice. She proved to be a fireball moving forward aggressively with Angela counter punching but not with the same leverage an athlete has moving forward with a strike. The bout see sawed back and forth with Tandi winning the unanimous decision.

Shindo Kumate 9

Tampa , FL - On March 4, 2006 , MKM Knockout Promotions, Inc brought their 9th event of the Shin Do Kumaté to an energetic and frenzied sold out crowd at the Bob Martinez Sports Complex in the University of Tampa .  Shin Do Kumaté IX, Battle of the Warriors. Sponsored By Tiger beer, Women Kickboxing, Man-Magazine, Real Fight Gear, Bright House Networks,  dazzled spectators with a great light and sound show and the most exciting fights to come to Florida in a long time.  With such great fighters as Dan Rawlings , Stefan ButinBik , Kate Meehan, Rick Roufus and Master Mehrdad, this event was nothing short of spectacular.


Pro Fight #2 - Vivian "Machine Gun" Leung vs. Jenypher Lanthier


In the 2nd pro fight of the night and making her professional debut, Vivian Leung of Scheer's Martial Arts in Saskatoon , Canada , made short work of Jenypher Lanthier , representing Siam #1 in Toronto , Canada .  At 1 minute into the first round, Leung fired off a rapid 1-2 combination followed by a crushing knee to the stomach of Lanthier, dropping her to the canvas and earning her first pro win by KO.


Pro Fight #4 - Kate "The Killer" Meehan vs Mercedes Medina

In the second female pro fight of the night, MKM Elite Fight Team Member Kate Meehan showed why she is one of the top female fighters in North America as she knocked out Mercedes Medina of Valdez Kickboxing in East LA with a blistering shin kick to the body at 1:54 into the 1st round.  Kate Meehan is scheduled to fight on April 15th in Holland against Dutch Dynamo Soumia for the 54 kgs WPKL World Title and will be represented by Master Mehrdad and MKM Knockout Promotions, Inc.

November 27, 2005

Bournemouth, England


WKA British Flyweight Title

Denise Mellor (Sukhothai) Vs Emma Armour (Rage)

Denise Mellor entered the ring in amazing fight condition and was clearly more
toned than the shorter but stockier Emma.  Wieghing in at only 46.1kg Denise
 was giving away 2.5kg in weight against Emma but from the first bell that couldn't
be noticed.  Denise was hitting the harder and crisper of the 2 in the 1st round coming
in to confidently take the round.  The 2nd round continued in the same manner
 with Denise throwing hard shots - knocking Armour to the floor with a Knee
 to the ribs for an 8 count.

In the 3rd, Armour again was floored by a knee but sparred the count as it may
 have caught her jaw - after continuing Denise simply got stronger and stronger
starting to pick Armour with kicks as well.

In the 4th round Armour countered everything that Denise threw at her with snapping
low kicks or sharp overhand right punches - however they did not have enough power
 to trouble Denise who at this point was clearly in charge.

In the 5th round Emma Armour knew only a KO would give her the belt - however
 Denise smartly moved around the ring well to avoid Armours KO efforts and picked
 her off with great counters.

Judges Decision was that the WKA British Flyweight Title goes to DENISE MELLOR.

This was a great year for Denise Mellor  and Female Thaiboxing in Bournemouth
Sukhothai - this year, Denise  was also First Lady in the Bournemouth Half Marathon,
She came 3rd in Miss Fitness UK at the London Olympia show and was Dorset
Amateur Sports person of the year 2005, and he is now the WKA British Champion

Sally McCarthy (Sukhothai) Vs Charlotte Wright (Assassins)

Both 14yrs old - a real cracking fight - both gorls hit like adults with Sally
edging the judges decision on points

Anne-Marie Ellement (Sukhothai) Vs Viki Rogers (King Tiger)

Adult girls - again a real clean fight with Anne-Marie connecting with many clean
head shots.  However Viki's stamina proved greater as she upped the pace in the
 second and third round to take the judges decision.

Calgary, Canada

November 19, 2005

INTERNATIONAL BOUTS - Canada vs. Korea (Full Muay Thai Rules)
In the final female bout if the event, according to the program, Calgary's Misty Sutherland (Mike Miles Muay Thai) squared off with Korea's Ko Min Jung (IMEG - Korea). There was a height difference between these two athletes with Ko having several inches in height. As the bout opened, Ko was to move around dancing while Sutherland remained calm and pressed forward. Ko was to deliver a lot of techniques but she was lacking in the power department. Sutherland was to hit Ko with a lot of authority in her crosses and this was to slowly tire the Korean athlete out who started moving backwards. In the 4th and final round, Sutherland exploded forward with strong punches and kicks and forced Ko backwards for the remainder of the bout. Sutherland was to win the bout by unanimous decision. Further congratulations go out to Sutherland who fought twice the week before at the WKA World's in Niagara Falls, USA winning the gold medal in the Women's Superfeatherweight Muay Thai division .

In the first international bout between the females, Sylvie Charbonneau (trained by Trevor Smandych in Calgary) squared off against Korea's Kim Tae Kyung (IMEG - Korea). Kim had looked very strong and fast in a training session leading into the fight. As the bout opened Kim was to use her 5 inch height advantage and score quite well on the outside while the shorter Charbonneau provided pressure moving forward. It was not until the second round that the two athletes were to fall into the clinch and both athletes aggressively delivered kneeing techniques. Kim's knees looked to score a little stronger, but undaunted, Charbonneau was to come back and deliver her knees also. In the third round Kim was starting to look tired and Charbonneau appeared to turn it up a notch and provide pressure chasing Kim backwards. Charbonneau was to win this round. In the final round, the two fell into a clinch and Kim seemed reinvigorated. She aggressively kneed at Charbonneau who in turn answered with her own knees. After this exchange, Kim seemed spent and Charbonneau aggressively chased Kim around the ring. In the clinch Charbonneau was to land knees to Kim's head but they did not have the power required to KO Kim. The decision was called upon completion of the final round with Charbonneau winning by unanimous decision.

In a long awaited match between two of Canada's best female Lightweight Muay Thai athletes, Calgary's Sandra 'Heart' Bastian (Mike Miles Muay Thai) jumped into the ring against Trisha 'Thrasher' Sammons (Double Dragon Muay Thai & Kickboxing - Winnipeg). The bout was under modified Muay Thai rules. This was to start off with each athlete attempting punch combinations and kick combinations and scoring. Bastian sat back relaxed in her stance while Sammons provided a lot of movement around Bastian while faking that she was going to move in. As the bout progressed both athletes were to start breathing heavily while Sammons seemed to be slowing down a little sooner than Bastian. Bastian (who has not been in the ring for a full year) showed some ring rust allowing Sammons to make some mistakes (when Sammons would miss and recovered slowly, Bastian would let her recover rather than countering immediately). In the fourth round, Sammons came forward and was intercepted by Bastian's straight right to the body. Sammons went down to the canvas for the count. Bastian was to win the bout by KO (body) at 1:37 of the fourth round. "Nice strong right hand",


Shindo Kumate 7

Tampa Fla Usa

Spetember 17, 2005

Casey Borhman vs Natalie Keene was the first women bout of the evening. Great match. I was so impressed with Casey's performance, as it was her first fight. This was Keene's second fight. Borhman showed great technique and poise and was able to use her reach to her advantage. Natalie was a warrior and did great the first round, but seemed to have come out too aggressive without pacing herself, not having the same energy in the later rounds, giving Borhman the advantage to execute her strikes effectively and dominate the fight. Borhman wins by unanimous decision.

Emily Beardon vs Vivian Leung was the second women bout. Leung completely dominated the fight from the very first round of a 4 round bout. Leung fought strategically against Beardon's strengths and was able to avoid Beardon from effectively using her front kicks, for the most part. Leung knew how to guage her distance, and close the gap to fight inside with punch combinations, also she was very effective in the clinch and was explosive with her knees. Each time Leung got inside, she managed to keep the pressure on Beardon, sometimes leaving Beardon unable to find an opening. The fight went the distance. Beardon gave what she had and was able to deliver strong strikes when she had the opportunity to. Leung managed to bloody up Beardon’s face in the middle of the fight, which continued to bleed until the last bell. The crowd loved this fight. Both ladies fought hard with skill and heart. Leung wins by unanimous decision.

Kate Meehan vs. Jennypher Lanthier was the main event, the last bout of the evening. It was Lanthier's professional debut. Meehan dominated the fight entirely. First round, both ladies paced themselves to feel eachother's fight game out. Lanthier seemed to be very relaxed, had a great guard, and was good in countering Meehan's strikes, but Meehan initiated more and didn't hesitate to throw anything. Second round both ladies were more aggressive, but it was obvious at this point that Meehan had total control of the fight. Meehan was precise with her high and mid roundhouses, she also was very effective landing inside leg kicks to Lanthier's thighs, which began to show some bruising in the later rounds. Meehan had excellent footwork that appeared to throw Lanthier’s game plan off. She also landed some strong front kicks to Lanthier's body and to her face. Meehan threw great combinations, had excellent timing, and was very good at following up to finish an attack. Lanthier hung in there and held her own for as long as she could, but was unable to answer to the 4th round. Meehan takes the victory by TKO at the end of the 3rd round.

Master Toddy's

Results of July 23, 2005

Patti Teran VS Amy Davis

The first bout was a great opening, boxing, kicking and boxing
combination against Amy who brought
her knee from Idaho to fight with Patti. The prediction from the
professionals was, it would be a
very tough fight to judge, and it was extremely. The audience wanted
Patti to win but Amy with her
strong knee took the decision. Patti right away asked for a rematch on
Oct. 22 nd.

Lisa King VS Yiola

The 2 nd bout was another great women’s fight. A lion Canadian Yiola
walked in very confident
looking for Lisa, Lisa was very relaxed with her guarding, excepting
her to come in. Yiola came in
with all her weapons. Yiola came in with punches and front kick and was
looking for battle. Lisa
Defended and counter punched her very well and kept the audience
excited the whole 3 rounds and in
the end Lisa took the decision.

Alisanne Casey VS Ayumi Saito

Ali came back to our show with great improvement, and came only to
knock the Japanese girl Azumi
out. Punch for Punch, Kick to Kick, Knee for Knee a complete non-stop
action packed bout. The
strong Japanese would not back up like a real warrior, but the referee
Steve Marjagotti worried
more than Azumi and her corner men including Mr. Hada. Steve stepped in
and stopped the fight
before the real action started. Allisanne Casey won in the 4 th round.

Lynda Loyce VS Seri Saito

The Japanese did have enough Muay Thai skill with Linda Loyce. They
were chasing each for a while,
but Linda landed more weapons, her sharp body kick, knee and punches.
The referee worried about the
Japanese the Japanese again had to step in and give her an 8 count when
she decided enough was

Ardra Hernandez VS Ruth Wilson

The Canadian girl, Ruth has an excellent trainer that knew Ardra would
come forward with a hand
combination. So Ruth kept a beautiful Thai style guard. Ardra still
managed to get threw with
combinations. Both fighters showed great skill and a good show for the
art of Muay Thai. Both sides
of the crowd kept each other excited, one side cheering for the
Canadian and one side cheering for
the Mexican.

Gina Carano VS Christina Martin

Christina came from a very good school in California and had improved.
In the 1 st round they were
chasing each other exchanging punches and kicks. Gina finds it hard to
get in as Christina had the
height advantage. Christina used punches and then followed with front
kicks and Gina threw some
great right hand shot. The decision came to a draw with everyone
especially the audience requesting
for a rematch.


Trail BC April 8, 2004

Pettit vs Kohler

The Pridegym,Am ford and BK Radio hosted its 7th annual North American Muaythai Kickboxing Championships on Saturday April 9th 2005 at The Trail Memorial Centre in Trail B.C. Canada.
  The Sold Out show of 900 witness a action packed fight card !
The Main Event was Canadian Featherweight muaythai and WKA Golden Gloves muaythai Champion Frances"Hurricane"Pettitt(Pridegym Trail B.C.) vs Melanie Kohler (Salt Lake City Utah) fighting for CMTA North American Featherweight MuayThai Title.
  Round one was a dominating round for Kohler with her rapid fire jabs that held Pettitt at bay.Pettitt could not by pass Kohler's punches witch bloodied the nose of Pettitt.
  Round two started out the same untill Pettitt landed a head high roundhouse kick that took
the steam out Kohler.This turn the fight to Pettitt's way when she started landing punches and hard legkicks on Kohler in turn blooding her nose too .
 Round Three was all Pettitt's from bell to bell,Pettitt had Kohler back paddling from her aggressive attack of hard punches and numerous round house kicks to Kohlers legs and head.The last big head high round house kick that hit Kohler hard and dazed her.Then it was Pettitt's onslaught of hard punches that trapped kohler in her own corner having Kohlar take repetitive punches till the bell rang.
 Kohler didn't answer the bell for round four giving Frances"Hurricane" Pettitt the Title by TKO !
  The only other womens fight of the night was 16 yearold Brittany Leeworthy(Pridegym) vs  Tarn Hughson (Kelowna) in a Grudge match.With Leeworthy winning the the first match and winning the second fight by unanimous decision !

Lynda Loyce vs Nicole Hess

FIGHT REPORT – Fresno , California Saturday , March 12, 2005

As far as the fight went it was a very exciting fight between the top female  fighters. Both camps came well prepared for it and they put on a good show! The fights were sanctioned by the California Athletic Commission that was very professional and the promoter Paul Metayo did a very good job. This was our first time fighting in California and we have to admit that we were a little worried about us coming from Virginia to California to fight Lynda, so we knew we had to fight our hearts out.


Nicole trains hard for all her fights putting about 2-3 hours a day 6 days per week, Coach Hess was assisted in the training by Kickboxing Coach Joe Morton and Boxing Coach Willie Taylor.


The contract weight was 125 lbs., the weigh-in took place at about  10:30  am on Saturday. Nicole with her clothes on weighed in at 123 lbs. , Lynda in her undergarments came in at 126.5 lbs . Lynda offered to go run and  lose the weight we said that it's OK that we will fight like that.

Fight Night 

The ladies were the Main Event of a nine bout card. The crowd was very lively with a lot of Fairtex fans. Coach Hess was assisted in the corner by Brent Hess also an undefeated MiKiDo Champion  with a 14-0 record. As far as the fight itself it was a well fought bout, Nicole was the aggressor and  was successful at making Lynda miss her low kicks  as she moved side to side and in and out. As far as the punches they both threw good combinations, however Nicole's were stronger . She was also able to block most of  Lynda's high kicks. Lynda seemed a little frustrated and didn't want to come in as much,  Nicole hung in with Lynda in the clinch and traded knees with Lynda which is her specialty. In the first round in the clinch Nicole threw an uppercut that landed clean but the referee told her that she cannot punch in the clinch so she figured that was a California rule so that took away her punching ability in the clinch. She was successful in connecting straight kicks to Linda's body and landed a couple of head kicks. It seemed Lynda was surprised about Nicole's ringmanship at only 17 years old. Nicole didn't back out and she chased Lynda all over the ring especially in the last round . The crowd in Fresno was friendly and seem to enjoy the fights. 

Fight Report

Illonka Elmont (Holland) vs. Sachiyo Shibata (Japan)


Weight Division: 51kg

Weigh in:

Shibata 110 lbs

Elmont 110.5 lbs

February 5, 2005

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Plaza Hotel/ Casino

Promoter: Dennis Warner

Sachiyo Shibata defeats Illonka Elmont in a 5 round full muay thai rules professional bout by split decision in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 5, 2005. Shibata wins her 6th world title – that night she took home the WIKBA World Muay Thai Title for the  Female Flyweight division.


Although Shibata appeared to have the advantage as she was the physically stonger fighter that evening and also had unbelievable stamina throughout each round, Elmont was clearly the more technical fighter.  Elmont delivered technical strikes, including elbows and knees, and did very well in the clinch. She moved around well and switched footwork from right to left stance. She used her hands well and had some nice hooks, uppercuts, overhands, and body shots.


Shibata’s style did not exactly showcase muay thai technique.  She came straight forward with powerful hands and threw in hard roundhouses, spinning back kicks and side kicks. She took a few of Elmont’s hits, but always came back stronger and with more and was very good at keeping the pressure on Elmont.


1st Round: Elmont dominates

Shibata comes forward and begins to stalk Elmont as she tries to keep her on the outside against the ropes.  Elmont looks for the opportunity to counter and clinch and times her knees as Shibata throws straight punches. Elmont is strong in this round and uses her knees both in the clinch and from distance.


2nd Round: Draw

Shibata stays inside, as Elmont uses the ring to move around on the outside. Again, Elmont gets Shibata in the clinch and throws more knees. Both find themselves going toe to toe in the middle of the round exchanging punch combos. Elmont begins to lose her wind towards the end of the round.


3rd Round: Shibata dominates

Shibata sees that Elmont is losing her stamina and takes advantage by pressing her in the corner.  Elmont looks to be in trouble as she takes a lot of punishment from Shibata’s strong hands. Elmont tries to defend herself using her knees as she did in the 2 previous rounds, but can’t seem to get them in as Shibata overpowers Elmont. Shibata is all forward at this point and she pushes and holds Elmont against the ropes and continuously throws powerful punches to the body and to the head, leaving Elmont with no way to get out of the corner. Elmont gets a few good hits to Shibata, but Shibata takes the hits to stay in and comes right back with more.  Elmont’s strikes don’t seem to be strong enough to hurt Shibata. 


4th Round: Shibata dominates

Shibata sticks with her strategy to press Elmont in the same corner. Elmont tries to keep Shibata in the clinch, but Shibata is too strong and is able to shake Elmont off. In this round, both fighters exchange hands – overhands, body shots, and hooks.  Elmont still can’t seem to gain her wind.


5th Round: Shibata dominates

By the last round, Elmont needs a knockout to win this fight. She gains her composure a bit and starts throwing knee and elbow combinations. Both fighters answer back with punch combos until the round ends.  This was a good last round as there was a little bit more action from Elmont and both fighters were exchanging blows to the head and to the body, giving every last bit of energy they have left to the final bell.


Shibata is announced the winner by split decision. Both fighters displayed positive sportsmanship. Apparently there is some anticipation of a rematch between these two top notch female fighters.


Report by Dhalia Buenaflor


October 9, 2004 Las Vegas, USA

Brenda Lopez vs Christine Toledo

The main event of the evening was full of what a Muay Thai match should have from two of the most aggressive and undefeated female fighters, Christine Toledo of Master Toddy’s and Brenda Lopez of Mexico’s Reyes Gym. This was among the most anticipated fights with almost 2 years in the making. Knees, elbows, and pretty much everything that could be thrown were indeed hurled at the head, legs, and body of each fighter from two undefeated champions, Toledo held Lopez at bay with her long reaching front kicks into the body. The full force of Toledo’s front kick was felt in the crowd as Lopez was knocked back from the impact. Toledo’s high and front kicks were the best defense for Lopez’s deadly hands, a weapon that has brought down a few unlucky opponents. Lopez also answered with her own power-packed round kicks, determined to break Toledo’s legs. Overhead shots, brutal punch combos, and sharp knees complimented this vast array of one of the evening’s finest match-ups. Toledo was victorious in her pursuit for a win over Lopez.

Results "Night of Thunder" Oct,23/04
P.A Sask,Canada- Promoter W.Manike

COMAA Western Canadian Muay Thai Superfeather weight title bout:

Vivian Leung 10-3-0   Vs  Trisha Sammons 7-4-2
(Scheer's/Saskatoon)      (Double Dragon/Winnipeg)

This bout has been long awaited, both of these talented fighters have
separated by one or more weight classes for quite some time. Both
have had difficulty finding solid opposition, so it was time for them
meet!! Sammons was able to cut down to the 127lbs to make the class and
Leung came back up, just tipping the scales at 123lbs fully clothed.
athlete's looked in excellent condition and due to there long layoffs,
hungry for a fight!!

The bout started out with Sammons establishing her dominant reach and
advantage over Leung. Leung adjusted to Sammons strengths and then
unloading her own attacks at a machine like pace that would prove to
Sammons conditioning. The remainder of the bout would see Sammons
trying to
re-establish the reach and size advantage she had coming into the bout.
Sammons would try to keep Leung on the outside and when this failed she
would try to force the clinch. Leungs explosive attacks and counter
kept Sammons on the defensive and unable answer with an effective

After 5 rounds Leung was awarded the unanimous decision
Trisha "TNT Hill vs Tricia McKeary

ISKA World  Lightweight Title

The Light Wt. Muay Thai Title fight went as follows

Rd.1 - Both ladies come out feeling each other out. With TNT looking to get her hands going and McKeary wanting to kick her way in to clinch. It was an even round with both girls getting off some great shots

Rd.2 - Was pretty much the same. I feel that it was also an even round.

Rd.3 - TNT started getting her hands going with great combo's and Mckeary was staying to her game plan trying to clinch and knee. McKeary threw some nice kicks as she continued to clinch. Both TNT and McKeary were throwing each other to the canvas which continued throughout the fight.

Rd.4 - TNT started connecting with very good hooks and short uppercuts. She started to really rock McKeary. The throwing continued from both women. TNT was just getting off first.

Rd.5 - TNT was still getting her punches off first. McKeary tried to throw a few punches, but she went right back into the clinch. McKeary was trying to keep TNT from punching by doing the clinch and bending TNT over, but by the time she clinched TNT had already done her damage.

All the judges scored the fight in TNT's favor giving Trisha "TNT" Hill The Unanimous Decision.


Report by Kelly Leo


This bout has been long awaited, both of these talented fighters have
been separated by one or more weight classes for quite some time. Both
athletes have had difficulty finding solid opposition, so it was time for them
to meet!! Sammons was able to cut down to the 127lbs to make the class and
Leung came back up, just tipping the scales at 123lbs fully clothed.
Both athlete's looked in excellent condition and due to there long layoffs,
were hungry for a fight!!

The bout started out with Sammons establishing her dominant reach and
weight advantage over Leung. Leung adjusted to Sammons strengths and then
started unloading her own attacks at a machine like pace that would prove to
test Sammons conditioning. The remainder of the bout would see Sammons
trying to re-establish the reach and size advantage she had coming into the bout.
Sammons would try to keep Leung on the outside and when this failed she
would try to force the clinch. Leung's explosive attacks and counter
attacks,kept Sammons on the defensive and unable answer with an effective

After 5 rounds Leung was awarded the unanimous decision and the title.

Thanks to Troy Scheer for this report.

July 24, 2004 Master Mehrdad's Shindo Kumate:

BOUT # 2
This evening's second amateur fight pitted Shin Do Kumaté veteran Andrea Ortiz against newcomer Melanie Kohler. The fight started with both fighters rushing each other and landing many strong kicks, punches and knee strikes during the first minute. Both fighters were very strong in the clinch, jockeying for position, and more often then not it resulted in the fighters throwing each other to the canvas. The referee definitely had a busy night in this fight! All in all, it was a very exciting fight with Kohler edging out Ortiz to win by decision.

The Third bout of the night featured Gina Carrano vs. Suzie Montero. Gina fights out of Master Toddy's Muay Thai School in Las Vegas, NV, while Suzie trains with Christian Toleque in Sunrise, FL.

This fight was also another action packed fight that went the distance. Both fighters are very strong fighters who are also very aggressive. Gina showed very good strength with her front kick and her punches, while Suzie was snapping off very good low shin kicks. After 4 rounds of intense action, Gina Carrano was declared the winner by Judge's decision.

The fourth bout of the night featured Claudia Vidaurri. Kate is fighting out of Denver, while Claudia is out of John McPhail's Muay Thai in California.

The fight started out with both fighters very cautious and feeling each other out. Early in the first round, Meehan took charge of the fight and set the tempo, continuously charging Claudia and putting pressure on her with a lot of low and high shin kicks.

The second round started off where the first round left off with Meehan continuing her relentless attack of Claudia. This was another fight that was full of exciting action and went all four rounds, with Kate Meehan winning by Unanimous decision.

Results from the  WKA Women’s National Kickboxing tournament-Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach, Virginia held on June 20, 2004

The WKA U.S. National Kickboxing Championships was held June 19th, 2004, at Virginia Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  with competitors from 16 different states represented. There were 138 athletes pre-registered online and 19 athletes who registered in person the day prior to the event. Between the no shows and those not passing their physicals, the end result was 109 competitors (adult ring sports) vying for the WKA US Amateur Title and a position of the WKA US National Team.

The event was well organized, although, there seemed to be a small shortage of officials. This seems to be consistent with large tournaments, relying on mostly volunteers. The set up was three rings with most of the work being in the larger two. Once things got started the action was non-stop in at least two rings until 5:00pm. Then, with about a one-hour break, the doors opened for   the evening finals. There were too many great matches to recount them all. The event seemed to be heavily weighted to the Muay Thai divisions, with one even having 10 competitors in it (Men’s MT- Welterweight –67kg/-147.4lbs).

Perhaps the increased activity and attention to women’s kickboxing has been a blessing as well as a curse as many of the top women from around the country have been opting out of the national tournaments. Hats off to the tough women willing to step it up and fight in the tournament style fighting. Erin Cantrell (Georgia) and Heather Kettelhorn (Michigan) battled back and forth for the Women’s Muay Thai Welterweight Title, which ultimately went to Kettelhorn. The battle forced Cantrell to forfeit to Nicole Hess (Virginia) in the Kickboxing Welterweight Title match. It just wasn’t up and coming Nicole Hess’s day as she was victim of another forfeit to Rima Sidhu (New York) in a Women’s Muay Thai Title match. Newcomer Sidhu had suffered an injury in an earlier match, while defeating veteran Huong Nguyen (Virginia). Alisanne Casey (Utah) and Hope Tzilianos (New York) rematched from last year’s nationals for the Women’s Muay Thai Bantamweight Ttile. Possibly the best match of the night, both ladies traded kicks, punch combinations and good work in the clinch. Decision went to Casey, but lookout you other Bantamweights; there is another contender in town. Rhonda Leland (South Carolina) and Tobi Carraway (Virginia) faced off for the Women’s Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Title. Both fighters mixed it up before the decision went to Leland. Stacy Galloway (Virginia) showed great poise on her way to the Women’s Muay Thai Middleweight Title by getting the nod over Christina Puglisi (Maryland). Pretty good for her first time in the ring. Jenny Foster (New York) defeated Lynne Chann (New York) on her way to a rematch (3rd time) with Bertina Lee (Virginia) for the Women’s Muay Thai Featherweight Title. Third time is the “charm,” as in this rematch Foster’s change in fight strategy paid off. Both ladies gave 100% from start to finish, but this time it was Foster capturing the win.


Thanks to Bertina Lee for this superb report!

Saturday April 3rd 2004 at

Trail Memorial centre. 

Pridegym and BK Radio hosted its 6 annual North

American Muaythai Kickboxing Championships on The 500 in attendance at the event witness agreat night of muaythai kickboxing action. Some of Canada and westernUnited States top trainers brought there athletes to compete at the event.

    The Results

  Nichole Redvers PFA Lethbridge AB vs. Nikki Evans Avitar Kelowna B.C.

(unanimous decision Redvers)

  Brittany Leeworthy Pridegym Trail B.C. vs. Natalie Yip Siam #1

Toronto. The fight started off with Brittany taking the fight to

Natalie, Brittany threw hard punches and kicks and Natalie grabbed on to

hold off the aggressive attack .Round two was again a forward attack by

the Pridegym fighter. Natalie did a great job of holding Brittany in the

Thai clinch to slow the fight down. Round three was once again forward

pressure by Brittany like a train just plowing a head with punches and

kicks. The Decision after three rounds was unanimous for Brittany!


 Frances Pettitt Pridegym Trail B.C. vs. Ruth Wilson Siam #1 Toronto

for the CMTA Canadian Featherweight muaythai title. This was a great

battle with Frances pushing the fight for the entire contest. Frances

would throw fast hard punches and Ruth would counter back with push

kicks and head high round houses. The third and forth round was very

much a one sided with Frances throwing hard punch and kick combos and

Ruth's counter attack was getting less and less. The Referee Master John

stopped the contest in the forth round. Frances 4th round TKO and the

Canadian title!

March 14th, Spain
 at the Penidorm Palace

Eva Naranjo of Spain defeated Linda Ooms of Holland by decision for the WFCA European
women's kickboxing title

Here are Linda Ooms' post fight comments:

On Sunday 14th March I had to fight the Spanisch Eva Naranjo for the European title kickboxing 53.3 kg of the WFCA. On the weighing I was 49.8 kg and Eva was 52.8 kg. The fight took place in Benidorm, Spain, the hometown of Eva Naranjo. It was a bout of 5 rounds of 2 minutes. Every round we fought hard en we both scored our points. The end result was a victory for Eva Naranjo. She had only six points more so it was a close call. Eva Naranjo is a very good technical fighter and  I congratulate her with her victory! 

There will be however a rematch in Holland and I'm looking forward to that. I will do everything to get that title back! Although I didn't win the title, I enjoyed my stay in Spain. I've learned again a lot and it will only make me stronger next time. I also want to thank Faldir, Cas and my sister kristy for coming to spain and for supporting me there!

Pepita "Peacemaker" Howell


Jodi ‘108" Solway

56.4kgs, 5 x 2 minute rounds

13 March at Acacia South’s Leagues Club, Acacia Ridge

Pepita "Peacemaker" Howell wins by unanimous decision



Pepita "Peacemaker" Howell the Australian Champion from Queensland trained by Ian Bronson came up against Jodi ‘108’ Solway from New South Wales trained by Kerry Feros for the WKBF Australian Bantomweight Title at the Acacia South’s Leagues Club at Acacia Ridge. The crowd went wild as each fight was announced and made their way to the ring. This was definitely one of the most exciting fights on the card for the night.

The bell sounded and the fight was underway. To start the round both ladies got into a grapple, Jodi tried to throw Pepita to the ground but had no luck. Pepita gave Jodi a few nice head punches then the ladies got into another grapple with both getting in equal amount of knees. Pepita had some good techniques with low kicks then punches.

Round two was a little slower then the first round. Pepita gave Jodi a low kick then a punch to her head. Both ladies then got into a grapple with both of them getting in knees. The ref broke up the grapple only for the ladies to get into another grapple with both ladies getting in knees.

In round three Pepita starts off firing and gets in a few good head punches. The ladies then got into a grapple with Pepita delivering knees Jodi tried to throw Pepita to the ground once again but since the ladies were near the ropes she did not have enough room and wasn’t able to throw her to the canvas.

Round four started off quite like round two with Pepita giving Jodi a low kick then a punch to her head. The ladies got into another grapple and Jodi delivered what looked to be some powerful knees. With Jodi stepping around the ring Pepita looks to be in total concentration as she keeps approaching Jodi so she can use her techniques and skills in order to defeat the challenger Jodi.

With the crowd cheering the ladies on for the fifth and final round the fighters start off strong and giving the crowd an action packed fight. Pepita punches Jodi in the head, the ladies then got into a grapple with both getting in knees. The ref broke them up then Jodi grabbed Pepita’s leg as she was about to kick Jodi but Pepita easily manages to get her leg back without falling to the canvas.

The bell sounds for the end of the fight, both ladies congratulate each other and go to the other corner men to congratulate them. The ref grabs the trophy and the WKBF Australian Bantomweight Title and places them into the centre of the ring. The ladies make their way to the centre of the ring with the crowd they await eagerly for the result. With the ring announcer trying to make everyone wait as he slowly reads the winner he then announced Pepita "Peacemaker" Howell wins by unanimous decision.

Congratulations to both Pepita for taking the win and not to forget Jodi well done to her. It was a great fight and the crowd was with them every step of the way cheering them on from start to finish. Pepita had some good techniques and she appeared to be quite strong, well done.

Written by

Janelle Nicol

Laura “The Storm” Skinner


Karen “Bullet” Williams

52kgs, 5 x 2 minute rounds

21 February at Beenleigh Arena

Laura “The Storm” Skinner wins by KO

The long and awaited rematch between Laura the champion from the previous fight and Bullet the challenger. This fight was for the Australian WMC Title and was definitely the main event fight of the night with the crowd going wild ever minute of the fight. In the last meet Bullet was suffered an asthma attack during round three and was not able to continue.

The heat is unbearable and has easily reached 40 degrees inside the Arena but the ladies are ready and raring to go. The bell sounds for round one and the fight is underway. The ladies get into a grapple to start with and both fall to the ground. Laura kicks Bullet in the chest but Bullet grabs Laura’s leg and Laura falls to the ground. In another grapple bullet tries to throw Laura to the ground once again but is unsuccessful. Laura starts delivering her powerful knees and attempts a punch to Bullet’s head but Bullet easily dodges the attempt.

The bell sounds for round number 2 and both ladies come out strong. Laura gets Bullet in the neutral corner but Bullet gets out with no trouble and gives Laura a few punches to the head. In another grapple Laura gives Bullet more of her powerful knees. Laura continues to give Bullet more of those powerful knees. Bullet gets in a few good punches to Laura’s head. The bell sounds for the end of the round and the fighters are looking quite exhausted from the extent of the heat.

Round 3 the same round that Bullet got her dreaded asthma attacked. Laura starts off by giving Bullet a leg kick and a head punch but Bullet gets in a leg kick as well. Laura gets Bullet on the ropes and proceeds to give her a few punches to her head but Bullet blocks all the attempts. The ladies get into a grapple, Bullet pushes Laura away but Laura manages to throw Bullet to the ground. Bullet kicks Laura’s midsection while Laura tries to grab Bullet’s foot but Bullet doesn’t allow her. After another grapple and more of the knees that Laura delivers, Laura manages to throw Bullet to the ground and Bullet is unable to continue.

Congratulations to both Laura and Bullet. It was a fantastic fight but Bullet was unfortunate and Laura had strong powerful knees. Laura gets to keep the Australian WMC Title. Laura stated she was happy that the fight didn’t get stopped from an asthma attack. Bullet came out strong to begin with but Laura slowed her down with her knees. It was an amazing effort especially in the extreme heat, it was a good show and the fans certainly enjoyed the fight.


Janelle Nicol

Australia, 21 February at Beenleigh Arena

Alicia Werner


Kloe Nautrass

54kgs, 3 x 2 minute rounds

Alicia Werner wins on points decision

Alicia Werner who is originally from Sydney and after starting to get herself a name moves up to sunny Queensland. Now training with Laura “The Storm” Skinner and at Knights Gym Alicia starts with off with a fresh start and gets into the ring with Kloe Nautrass who is trained by Joe Hilton from Sunshine Coast Muay Thai.

Alicia Werner originally from Sydney Alicia made starting to get a name for herself moves up to Queensland and starts fresh by getting into the ring with Kloe Nautrass trained by Joe Hilton from Sunshine Coast Muay Thai.

The bell sounds for round one and Alicia starts off with a few kicks that just misses Kloe. Kloe tries to deliver a roundhouse kick but just barely misses Alicia’s head. Both ladies get into a grapple with both fighters giving each other knees into the side, Alicia manages to throw Kloe to the ground. Kloe gets up and has no trouble continuing to fight. At the sound of the bell Alicia manages once again to get Kloe on the ground. Alicia is proving to be strong.

Round two is underway, Alicia is off to a good start and kicks Kloe in the midsection and then punches her in the head. Alicia chases Kloe around the ring, punches Kloe in the head once again and gets her in the neutral corner and continues with punches. The bell sounds for the end of the round and both ladies are starting to look quite exhausted from the extreme heat inside the Arena.

In the third and final round the ladies start with a grapple but Kloe easily pushes Alicia away from her. Alicia is quick and throws Kloe to the ground once again, Kloe stays strong and gets up to continue the fight. Alicia continues with a punch to the midsection and then the head. Alicia push kicks Kloe and she ends up in the red corner but she quickly escapes and gets Alicia in the blue corner, and delivers a couple of punches to the head. Alicia gives Kloe a few knees, Kloe is manages to get out of the corner once again and throws a few last punches at Alicia before the bell sounds for the end of the round and end of the fight.

The ladies get to the centre of the ring to await the judges decision. Alicia wins on points decision and seems happy with the win. Congratulations to both Alicia and Kloe. Alicia has proved to be a good fighter and will be one to keep an eye on. Kloe put up and great fight but was unfortunate, Alicia was just that little bit stronger.


Janelle Nicol

Amy Dutton


Justine Keen

the rematch


55kgs, 3 x 2 minute rounds

29 February at Ettamogah Pub


Amy Dutton wins on points decision

Amy Dutton trained by Laura Skinner was to fight a rematch against Justine Keen who is trained by Joe Hilton from Sunshine Coast Muay Thai on Joe Hilton’s Show at the Ettamogah Pub. In the last match Amy took the win from Justine winning by points decision, this was to be an exciting fight with Justine wanting to get that second win and Amy trying to stop Justine and take the win from her once again.

Both ladies started by getting into a grapple early in round one, not only Justine but Amy gets in some punches. Justine looked to have strong knees in the grapple. When the ref breaks them up Justine goes for a kick to Amy’s mid section but Amy grabs her leg. Justine is quick and manages to get her leg back without falling to the ground and in return punches Amy in her mid section.

In round two Amy got in a punch to Justine’s head, then both ladies got into another grapple with both getting equal amount of knees. Justine punches Amy to the head and then throws her to the canvas. After Amy gets up and the fight continues once again the ladies get into another grapple. After the ref breaks them up Justine punches Amy in the head and in return Amy gives her a leg kicks. Another grapple follows with both ladies exchanging head punches. The ref broke them up once again only to follow with another grapple, Justine gives Amy more strong knees. Justine appears to be quite strong and is still fighting well.

Round three started with Amy giving Justine a leg kick then the ladies got into a grapple with Justine giving Amy more powerful knees. Amy gives Justine more leg kicks and Justine punches Amy in the head. The ladies got into another grapple both getting in an equal amount of knees which bring them close to the ropes. The ref broke them up only to get into another grapple and both ladies delivering knees to the other opponent. After the grapple Justine punches Amy to the mid section and then kicks to the mid section as well, just a few sections before the bell Amy manages to punch Justine in the head.

Both fighters congratulate one another then head to the centre of the ring to await the judge’s decision. Justine wins the rematch on points decision. Ladies did their very best, Amy started off strong but Justine came back in the end. Well done to both ladies it was an amazing rematch.

Written by

Janelle Nicol

21 February at Beenleigh Arena< Australia

55kgs, 3 x 2 minute rounds

Amy Dutton


Justine Keen


Amy Dutton wins on points decision


Amy Dutton trained by Laura Skinner came up against Justine Keen trained by Joe Hilton from Sunshine Coast Muay Thai. Amy has had a few amateur fights but unfortunately had not taken a win. Could she prove herself and the hard work she has put in and take the win against Justine.

Both ladies start off with a slow round one, Justine starts off by giving Amy a couple of punches to the head. The ladies get into a grapple and both are giving knees to the other opponent. Amy is quick and manages to get in a punch to Justine’s head. After a second grapple with both ladies delivering more knees. Justine proves to be quite strong and gives Amy more punches to the head and kicks her in the chest. Amy keeps up with everything that Justine is giving her and gets in some nice kicks to Justine’s leg. The bell sounds for the end of round one and already the ladies seem exhausted by the overpowering heat within the arena.

Round two starts with a lot more action. With another grapple and more knees Justine gets Amy in the corner and gives her a few punches to the head. Amy fights back and Justine gets her turn in the corner with Amy giving some powerful knees. Amy proves to be stronger then the first round. But Justine is keeping up with the pace quite good.

Third and final round, both ladies are very strong to start with. Amy starts with punches to Justine’s upper body but Justine dodges them well. Amy manages to get in a kick to Justine’s head, but Justine works quick and returns a kick to Amy’s head. Amy gives a nice punch to Justine’s head just as the bell sounds for the end of the round and end of the fight.

The fighters go to centre ring to await the judges decision. Amy wins the match on points decision. After a starting off slow Amy certainly did make up for it in round 3. Congratulations to Amy has certainly improved quite a lot. Not forgetting Justine, she put in an amazing effort and she proved how well she is in round two and the beginning of round three.

By Janelle Nicol

January 31, 2004 at The Show Place in Richmond, VA was the debut event for
Combat Sports 2000, L.C. management and promotion company. 

Bertina Lee put her WKA US Title on the line against Emily Bearden in this
highly anticipated match up. Their previously scheduled match was canceled due
to Lee suffering a broken thumb just prior to that match. Lee came out strong
in the first round, landing some great combinations and catching Beardon a bit
off guard. Much to her credit, Beardon came out in the second round with some
adjustments that allowed her to outscore Lee. The rest of the fight had the
classic "power blows" verses "number of touches" judging controversy. Lee
clearly established herself with power shots, landing powerful punches and backing
Beardon up or stopping her in her tracks. To Bearden's credit, her adjustments
paid off in the later rounds allowing her to score with both jabs and foot
jabs. In the clinch, it was Lee controlling most of the action. It appeared to
most in the crowd that the fight went 3 rounds to 2 for Lee, but the judges had
it 48/47, 47/48, 48/47 for Bearden. Hats off to both of these fighters - they
put on one heck of a fight. Not just a good ladies match, a GREAT FIGHT.
Bearden will fight  Kate Meehan in New York on February 20,

The night started with a great undercard. Please see Results page attached.
For more information and pictures, checkout the following websites as they
are updated over the next few days.

Congratulations to all fighters, coaches, WKA USA staff, and Combat Sports
on a great event!

December 14, 2003

Sarah Ponce (USA) vs Carla Lopez (USA)
Modifed Muay Thai rules,  three rounds.

Lopez came in at 5'6" ,127lbs, Ponce 5'7", 125lbs. The bout was scheduled to be 3x2 modified MT (K1 rules). Both ladies entered the ring, Ponce in head gear, Lopez wearing shin pads. First round Ponce comes out as the more aggressive fighter throwing in punch and kick combinations backing Lopez up. Ponce then resorted to constant knee attacks landing effectively to the body. Lopez did take a shot to the groin forcing a short time out for recovery. When the action resumed, Lopez took a standing 8, Ponce takes the round.

Second round, more of the same. Aggressive knees backing Lopez up. Lopez is a southpaw and was throwing some effective shots with her hands. Ponce backed Carla into her own corner, threw a head kick (with a very loud "crack" when it landed) to Lopez's face breaking her nose and ending the fight approximately  26 seconds into the round.
This was an exciting fight to watch, expect great things from both of these ladies in the future. This was Lopez's second kickboxing bout, she's only been kicking for about 8 months. 
Thanks to Kate Meehan for this great fight report!

Rangsit Outdoor stadium Bangkok, Thailand,
December 26, 2003

For WMC Stadium Championships:

55kg- Daoprasuk Petchopas  Beat  Windy Tomomi 3-0 (50-45,50-45,50-46) ... Windy is now    8(1ko)- 7-3

52kg- NORIKO beat Teashan Chor Ensuan 3-0 (47-50,48-50,47-50) ...noriko is now    16(7ko)-6-2

49kg- Hisae Watanabe beat Namwannoi Sakpunmar 2-1 48-49,49-48,48-49...Hisae is now  11-4

 GoldCoast Australia
WIKBA World Muay Thai Title fight

Laura "The Storm" Skinner 


 Sachiyo "Princess of Pain" Shibata

52kgs, 5 x 3 minute rounds

14 December at the South Port Sharks AFL

Sachiyo won by TKO Round 4

Laura Skinner the W.M.C Australian came up against Sachiyo the ISKA World Champion and IKA World Champion. The Female fights are always a big hit in the Queensland Muay Thai Industry, but this was a fight with the best of the best. Both Girls weighing in at around the 52kg mark this was going to be one of the biggest women's fights. After a big entrance from Sachiyo, Laura need not any entrance she was the favourite with the crowd.

The bell sounds for round one and the fight is underway. Sachiyo came out strong but Laura had no trouble keeping up with her. Sachiyo got in with some strong leg kicks but Laura kept blocking each of her attacks and getting in some kicks of her own. Sachiyo had some nice punches in the middle of the round, Laura had no trouble blocking them and may have even slowed Sachiyo down with a few good punches and kicks.

Round two was proving to be tougher then the first. Laura came out strong, getting in some knees in Sachiyo’s side. Getting Laura in the corner Sachiyo had strong leg kicks into Laura’s chest which looked to cause a bit of damage but Laura was strong enough and kept fighting.

In round three Sachiyo chased Laura around the ring and started with a few punches, she had Laura in the corner a couple of times, but still Laura broke free and went on to get a few good low kicks in. The pace of this round was fast, half way though the round Sachiyo once again went to push kick Laura in the chest but Laura spun right around and came out with a flying punch but was only missed by just a matter of centimetres of Sachiyo‘s head. Although it seemed she got slowed down from the Leg kicks to her chest in round two Laura still kept at it. When the bell was sounded at the end of round three Laura looked to be in a bit of pain.

Making a disappointing decision to throw in the towel, Laura's team after the bell sounded for seconds out the towel was thrown in and Sachiyo won. Laura was unable to continue fighting due to injuries. Sachiyo injured Laura's chest from her kicks in rounds two and three.

Even though she had to make that disappointing decision she still showed great sportsmanship and congratulated her opponent. Laura put in a fantastic effort and is certainly a top fighter. Well done to both fighters this was without a doubt one of the best female fights of the year.

By Janelle Nicol



Elaina Maxwell
,  just got back from the 7th World Wushu Championships in Macau, China, where she  defeated Poland's Joanna Skamla,  and India's  Meghan Bisht to receive the first gold medal for America in this event.  No American man or woman has ever received a gold medal from this event until now.
Congratulations to Elaina Maxwell!!

McKeary TKOS Donelly  

by Jaimie Ricketts
Tricia Mckeary- Beastmasters, vs Stacey Butler (Scotland) 5x2 min 58-60kgs.  
Tricia won by TKO at about 40 seconds into round 1.

Both girls came to the ring looking confident and ready to fight.  Standing
at the centre of the ring with the referee, they looked equal in size, Tricia
being slightly taller.
The first round started with Stacey looking to feel Tricia out and find her
distance with inside leg kicks. Tricia looked calm, not allowing Stacey to
dictate the pace by just moving out of the way Stacey's roundhouse kicks towards
the mid section.  Tricia began to counter attack with one shot punches to find
her range and then threw a right high kick which was defended by Stacey's high
guard but powerful enough to show through.  The fight began to pick up pace
and Tricia put Stacey to the floor for the first time with an excellent timed
front kick.  Stacey was now on the back foot trying to find answers to Tricia's
attack before Tricia put Stacey to the floor for the second time, sweeping her
leg out from under a kick to the mid section.  Not long after Stacey was back
on her feet Tricia had her backed into her own corner and began to unleash
with some powerful punch combinations.  Stacey kept a high guard but couldn't
reply with anything of her own before Tricia delivered a well timed, powerful knee
to Stacey's body putting her down for the third time.  Stacey was unable to
continue the fight.  
Overall the fight started out really well and was looking to be an exciting 5
round fight.  Stacey was clearly no beginner to the game but was
unfortunately out skilled by Tricia who is proving herself once again a force to be
reckoned with.

Well done to both ladies and to Tricia on another  impressive TKO.

by Jaimie Ricketts

The New Lonsdale British Lightweight Champion - Tricia Mckeary, Beastmasters
Gym. UK

In the other women's fight on this card, Rebecca Maxwell and Nicky Carters fight was scored a no contest after just 46
The action started straight away at a strong fast pace, with both girls
refusing to take a step back.  Maxwell was applying most of the pressure and looked
the stronger of the two.  Most of the 46 seconds was spent in the clinch as
Maxwell would move forward with punch and kick combinations ending in both
girls clinching each time.  There was and aggressive exchange of knees in the
clinch.  Carter seemed to be distressed and the ref took her back to the corner
while Maxwell look on confused.  About 30 seconds later the ref declared this
bout a no contest due to a low blow and Carter being unable to continue.  
Maxwell was very disappointed with this decision as she felt there was no illegal
blow and was clearly ready to restart the action.  
I think a few people are going to need to see the video on this one to see
what actually happened, as it was hard to see at the time. Was it an illegal
blow? or a knee to the thigh?
A rematch is clearly the way to go for these two girls.


The Beverage  Nov 22, 2003 
 Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada:

Congrats to Norbert and Shayne Morgan for promoting a very good card. About 450 people watching. Good fights!
The Main Event featured Jessica Gladstone defending her Canadian Kickboxing (low kick) Title against the number 1 contender Anna Mravcak from Regina. Mravcak won the nod in their first fight earlier this year. The rematch bout was a barn burner! It was an extremely close fight. Anna kept the pressure on for the whole fight whereas Jessica was content to move and hit. The decision went 3 rounds to 2 for Gladstone and she retained her title. It was an unanimous decision for Jessica, but many felt that Anna outworked Jessica for the middle three rounds. Obviously with the bout as close as it was, there has to be a rematch. Hopefully I can promote it in Calgary in early 2004. Great fight and congrats to Jessica on her win and keeping her title.
The Semi-Main Event featured a rematch between Calgary's Meghan Aebig and Winnipeg's Trisha Sammons. These two athletes warred once before and Meghan was the winner by outworking Trisha in the clinch. Today was to be different. Trisha outworked Meghan in the clinch. Meghan looked tired for this fight (over training?) while Trisha looked in good shape. Trisha did a great job moving from one weapon to the next. Trisha walked away with a Canadian Muay Thai Title out of this one. Do not mean to sound like a broken record... but this one deserves the 'rubber' match as well. Both athletes sit at 1 and 1. New Year?
In the opening fight of the evening Edmonton's Kim McFarlane defeated Medicine Hat's Michelle Martin in a Kickboxing (low kick) bout.
Thanks to  Acharn Mike Miles for great fight report!

November 21, Utah USA
Melanie Kohler won a hard fought unanimous decision over Amy Davis in a three-twos Muay Thai match, modified rules.  the score was 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28. The girls fought toe to toe the entire fight and both girls took and delivered hard shots.

Kohler, out of Salt Lake City, came in at 117.6lbs looking tough as nails. Davis, out of Idaho, came in at 108lbs (contract weight 118lbs) looking like a brick house. Turns out Davis knew she would come in underweight, but she didn't care -- she wanted a fight. She's been trying to get fights for months, but with no success. She waited a long time to fight and was ready to unleash. Strong hands, mostly, and good right kicks were her strong points in my opinion. Big props to Davis. Kohler in her usual style came forward like a bull and stood her ground. Her punishing right hand, punch combos, right leg and body kicks, peppered with knees and teeps, lead her to victory.

Establishing herself in the first round, Kohler clearly landed more shots successfully, mixing it up with hands and kicks; although Davis was all game coming back with her own leg kicks and punches upstairs. Next, Davis had Kohler in a corner, whereupon Kohler dug her heals and landed a huge flurry of hard straight punches, and later a very effective knee punch combination that punctuated the second round. The girls came out gritty, determined and working hard in the last round -- Kohler coming out on top. Both girls left it ALL in the ring in a very exciting fight.
(Thanks to Alisanne Casey for the great fight report)\
And below is another account of the same fight, by Darren Davis
The scorecards don't tell the fight story as seen by fans ringside. In the first round Melanie was able to keep Amy at a distance with her long reach throwing one/two punch combinations while backing up. Amy came straight forward walking right through Melanie's punches, landing her own punches that were much harder thrown and seemed to have more effect than Kohler's shots. In the second round Amy once again pushed the action causing Melanie to be on the defensive. The two traded punches with Amy's shots clearly having more impact. Amy backed Melanie up into the corner and fired a series of punches that had Melanie holding on to the ropes to keep from going down.The two stood toe to toe exchanging punches. Amy landed a right hand that sent Melanie falling into the ropes.Melanie fought back throwing one/two combinations while on the ropes.Amy drove forward chasing Melanie from corner to corner landing hard punches to Melanie's head. Melanie appeared very tired and grabbed the roped to stay on her feet. She showed a lot of heart and continued to defend herself with good leg kicks and straight punches. Amy finished the round very strong, clearly landing the much harder shots while backing Melanie up the entire round.The third round started with both fighters meeting in the center of the ring. Melanie threw a round kick and a jab kick followed by a couple of straight one/two punches.The heavier handed Amy fired off a series of punches to Melanie's head that drove her back to the corner, Melanie fought back but Amy drove forward landing the harder shots.The two traded shots in the center of the ring. Amy kept setting the pace for the fight driving forward landing hard shots to the head of the defensive Kohler. The round came to an end with Amy backing Melanie into her own corner and landing several hard shots snapping Melanie's head back. Melanie spun off of the ropes and continued to fight Amy off as Amy pushed forward, both girls landing shots. The fight ended with Melanie on the ropes and Amy still pressing the action. Both girls left nothing in the ring. It's to bad that the score cards didn't reflect what a great fight it was.

November 11, 2003
 Kitazawa Town Hall
Tokyo Japan

All Japan Kick Federation

Windy Tomomi (Japan) defeated 
Silvia  "Lady Cobra" Valicelli (Italy)
unanimous decision

Both fighters were down in this match.
Valicelli went down from a kick in round two,
and Windy went down from a punch in round three.

Linley Defeats Ramnarine for WIKBA World Title

Saturday evening November 8, 2003, at the Sun Center in Calgary Canada
was the scene for a historic confrontation between two world class women kickboxers, WMC World Champion, Erin "Nitro" Linley, and Trinidads' Ria Ramnarine a world ranked kickboxer and boxer who owns the WAKO Pan American Championship.

 At stake was the vacant WIKBA Professional World Flyweight
Muay Thai Title. "The lead up to this fight was crazy", said Mike Miles. "I
was averaging 500 e-mails a night. These e-mails were broken down into 2
partisan groups, Pro Boxing vs. Pro Muay Thai. The interest this fight
garnered was incredible. Shame that many felt this fight was a style versus
style thing (Boxing vs. Muay Thai). To me it was a good fight for both. Ria
is a world rated boxer as well as world rated kickboxer. Erin is a world
rated kickboxer and Thai boxer. The head of the WIKBA organization
(President Dan Cucich) suggested the bout and felt this was a great match
up. We (Erin and I) treated the fight with Ria as a big threat and with the
greatest of respect for Ria!"
    Linley followed her game plan. She was very patient, intercepting,
countering and going from range to range at will. Surprisingly, Ramnarine
did not avoid the clinch but seemed to want to get close to try and let
Linley wear herself down while at the same time trying to punch to Linley's
midsection. This strategy was not work as Linley never slowed down on her
blistering work rate with the knee while in the clinch from the opening
bell starting the fight to the final bell finishing the fight. Ramnarine
tried using her arms to block all the incoming knees but this was to
backfire (After the bout, she was to have her arms packed in ice to bring
the swelling down). Linley was merciless were her knees, pounding
Ramnarine's legs, body and arms in the clinch. Many athletes would have
went down from the hammering of the knee attacks.
    By round four Linley changed her game plan. To show she could box and kick
as well, Linley started forcing Ramnarine backwards to the ropes. The knee
attacks to her arms made it difficult for Ramnarine to punch in the later
rounds. But even during the final rounds of this event, Ramnarine would be
moved back into a corner from pressure and she would still rebound to try
and back Linley up. Ramnarine and Linley remained expressionless and
focused for the five rounds. True professionals through the whole fight. In
rounds four and five, Linley picked it up and was determined to knock
Ramnarine out. Her opponent proved extremely resilient. At the end of the
five rounds, Linley was declared the new WIKBA Professional World Flyweight
Muay Thai Champion by unanimous decision. "Ria is one tough athlete and she
took a lot of punishment and I do not say that negatively", said Mike
Miles. "I say it with respect. Many of the shots Ria took would have made
most athletes at the very least, wince. Ria showed nothing. Ria thank you
for the fight. Erin, congratulations on your second professional world
title. But, remember there is still so much to learn!"
    What is up next for Linley? Prospective fights in Japan and a rematch with
Ramnarine in her own country under low kick rules. She is also going to be
a Superfight at the 2004 C-MAX 2 tournament in February 2004. More to be
announced on this soon.

Hill Vs Ousey World Title Fight from Torquay England
October 19, 2003

The fight from my perspective - Howard Hughes 
(trainer of Karen "9mm"Ousey)

The official weigh-in was held at 6.00pm on the evening before the
Trisha Hill weighed in at exactly - 59kgs
Karen Ousey weighed in at - 58.8kgs
Both girls smiled and greeted one another - this was the first time both
ladies had seen each other in the flesh, both were pleasant and in high

The Fight
Trisha was to enter the ring first, draped in her black and gold jacket
wearing her customary black and yellow two tone shorts, with her intro
tune "TNT" by AC/DC - Karen was to follow wearing the full classic Thai
tradition of a fighters robe coloured in Sukhothai purple and gold,
flower garlands and ceremonial head band (Monkgon) her intro tune was
"20 seconds to comply" by Silver Bullet.
Both girls seemed calm and relaxed as Karen began her ritual Thai dance
(Ram Muay Thai) as Trisha looked on in her corner staying focused on the
job in hand.
Both national anthems were played in honour of the occasion as the crowd
stood in respect of both countries. A brief talk in the centre of the
ring by the referee and it was ready for action!
Round 1
A feeling out round for both girls - good lateral footwork from Hill
staying light on her feet while Karen kept a tight guard and held centre
ring. Trisha let loose with some single and double shot strong punches
to the body of Karen and hooks to the head, I could immediately see that
this was Hill's strongest weapon. Karen kept tight and counter attacked
Hill's bombs with moderate success - quite an even round - possibly
edging Hill.
Round 2
Trisha's game plan somewhat surprised me as I was sure she was going to
come gunning for Karen from the off staying close as not to give Karen
any advantage with her height and reach - yet she decided to stay out at
long range. Karen was beginning to settle in and had more success at
picking Trisha off starting to bring in push kicks and knees. Still a
good round for both girls, even or possibly Karen.
Rounds 3, 4 and 5
A pattern was beginning to emerge now - to cause any damage Trisha had
to quickly close the gap to fire her shots, yet kept walking onto the
counter shots of Karen as she off balanced Hill with strong front kicks
and fast jabs. Of course Hill was successful on numerous occasions and
managed to slip inside and load up with the heavy shots to Karen's mid
section and head, but in my opinion relied on her power and boxing
skills too much. Karen was the better alrounder on the day, and when
Hill was under pressure it came from knee strikes and kick techniques
from Ousey. A perfectly timed low sweeping kick by Karen took Trisha off
her feet and to the canvas, a rye smile from Hill acknowledged the
strike as if to say "good one". Both girls kept a good guard throughout
the bout, and even seemed to be talking to one another on numerous
encounters as they clinched up and fell to the floor!
The latter rounds Hill struggled to catch Ousey at long range, slightly
out of range and getting counter attacked. Hill attempted a couple of
spinning kicks but slightly missed each time as Karen saw them coming. A
good side kick did connect in round 4 though, Hill should have used more
of these throughout.
The last round Karen switched tactics and went on the offensive taking
it to Trisha, again off balancing Hill with strong kicks and stabbing
knee strikes. a strong round for the hometown girl.
The better "Alrounder" on this occasion was Karen - Super strong punch
power from Trisha, but relied on that too much. Karen was switched on
and kept her guard air tight, chin down and elbows in. Trisha needs more
European standard opponents to become truly great. I dont believe the
Americans are quite up with us yet, it was Boxer/Kickboxer verses
Thaiboxer - and the true Thai trained athlete will almost always come
out on top. In the UK we have been lucky to have Thai trainers since the
mid 1970's, the same for Holland and other European countries. The US is
catching up fast though, and is nearly there.

It was a privilage to have Both Trisha and Kelly Leo here in the UK. As
the promoter of the show I was disappointed that I could not spend more
free time with them, I know my team looked after them well.
Karen "9mm" Ousey
Where does she go from here? she now holds 3 versions of the World title
- WAKO-PRO, IPMTO, and WIKBA. does she need a 4th? She is still not, but
should be rated as the pound for pound best female fighter on this
Planet. Who does she fight next? Keri Crothers? Angela Parr? I don't
think these girls are as good as Trisha is now, so are not in Karen's
class yet. Karen may go months again without a fight and sadly may put
her into retirement for good - she needs to stay busy, but with so
little good opposition the future seems bleak.

Howard Hughes - 21 October 2003

WIKBA World Champion Karen 9mm Ousey

October, 18, 2003
Cumming, Georgia, USA

"Knockout Knights"

Erin Cantrell defeated Avigail Yahudah by TKO 2nd round to win the WKA USA Women's Eastern Regional Lt. Heavyweight (-65kg) Muay Thai Title

 "Knockout Knights" a Sukotai Production, produced by  Promoter Lane Collyer, 
was held in Cumming, GA on October 18th. The card  featured two of the southeast up and coming female fighters vying for the vacant WKA Eastern Regional Women's Lt. Heavyweight Muay Thai title. Avigail Yahudah fighting out of Pla Chalarm gym under trainer Scott Hicks matched up against Erin "The Brown Shuga" Cantrell fighting out of United Gym under trainer Kelly Leo for this four round title match. As the co-main event began, Avigail seemed to control the temp working various kick-punch combinations. Erin spent most of the first round circling and testing the water with her own combinations. First round ended with the advantage going to Avigail. 

Second round started out with Avigail back to work picking her shots and working her combinations until Erin launched a big right hand to drop Avigail to the floor for a standing eight-count. At the end of the eight-count, although the referee motioned the fighters to begin, Avigail still seemed a little fuzzy which Erin quickly took advantage of by entering in and landing multiple hand combinations until the referee stepped in and waved off the match. Erin "The Brown Shuga" Cantrell was awarded a TKO in the second round and the WKA USA Women's Eastern Regional Lt. Heavyweight Muay Thai Title.
A A special thanks to Bertina Lee for this excellent fight report.

October 4, 2003 North American Muay Thai   Kickboxing Championships...
The 2003 WKA North American Muay Thai / Kickboxing Championship was as many spectators put it, "absolutely awesome". Every fight was a nail biter in its own way, be it in style, desire, technique, or heart. The event took place in Calgary's newest sports and entertainment venue, The SUN CENTRE. 
         The event opened with both teams as well as the two principles of the Superfight stepping into the ring to have the national anthems sung. At the completion of the anthems, it was time for the fights to begin and the audience was wound up for action. They were not to be disappointed.
         The first two fights were women's bouts, and were fought under Kickboxing rules (low kick). They were outstanding to say the least and a great way to get the audience involved by supplying explosive action.

         First up was the North American Flyweight Kickboxing Title which was contested between Team Canada's Carla Hopkins and Team USA's Alisanne Casey. Casey displayed crisp technique and very good power, delivering some powerful body punches interspersed with some very heavy Thai influenced round kicks to the ribs of the Canadian. Many others would have folded under the power of these shots, but Hopkins proved she is a fighter to the bone. A few body shots made Hopkins wince in pain but she refused to take a step backwards. She kept in Casey's face for the majority of the bout and proved she has earned her nickname which is 'The Energizer'. Casey was to out kick Hopkins with a very high success rate in blows landed. The fight was very close as the two fought tooth and nail for the win and the title. At the end of the fight, the bout was awarded to Alisanne Casey who won the 2003 WKA North American Flyweight Kickboxing Title for her efforts. "Alisanne is a very strong fighter! Making it worse (for her opponents) she is a southpaw! I know she is hoping to fight Erin (Linley) and I feel that would be a very good fight," said Mike Miles. Ms. Casey was also to win the award for the 'Best American Fighter of the Tournament'. Congrats to Ms. Casey and Ms. Hopkins who did Canada proud!
         The second, and only other female bout of the evening featured Team USA's Janice Johnson battling against Team Canada's Sandra Bastian for the North American Lightwelterweight Kickboxing Title. Bastian was a replacement for Jessica Gladstone who had to pull out due to the event's one week delay. "After watching the skill and desire Janice displayed when she fought Rayelene (Kellock), I knew Sandra was in for the hardest fight she has yet had," said Mike Miles. When the bout started, Johnson seemed at home in the ring and it seemed she effortlessly initiated attacks that Bastian seemed a little hesitant to answer. Midway through the round, Bastian seemed to have gotten over some jitters and was starting to answer. She landed some good low kicks to answer Johnson's attempts and successes. Bastian delivered some right hands to the body of Johnson but they seemed to have no power. Johnson was to answer with a heavy right hand that immediately got Bastian's attention. Towards the end of the round, Johnson stepped in with a quick jab, and Bastian came over top with a very fast and heavy right hand. It landed squarely on Johnson who was out before she hit the floor. "What a right hand! Sandra will understand but all b----ing and complaining while training her really paid off. That has to be one of the hardest right hands I have seen delivered by a female athlete in person," said Mike Miles. Bastian became the North American Lightwelterweight Kickboxing Champion with a first round KO.

September, 17, 2003

Godfrey conquers Kazakhstan!


Australia's Melissa Godfrey recently traveled  to Kazakhstan/Russia where she put in a stunning performance, capturing the  IFMA World Championships and  the Gold Medal.

In the first round, the Australian ace defeated a highly regarded opponent  from Scotland by KO after the second round- as her opponent was unable to answer the bell for the third round. 

Godfrey's second round fight was equally impressive as she  defeated an opponent for Kazakhstan by a second round KO, breaking her opponent's nose in the process.

Her last fight in the finals, she defeated  last years Champion, from  Finland, on points in a four round thriller.

Godfrey  is now the IFMA Amateur World Champion at 61-63 Kilos.

Godfrey's  next fight will be at  an Amateur Tournament in Australia which is  billed as a super fight at the end of the tournament .

This tournament is scheduled for October 11, 2003 in Australia. More details on this tournament as they  become available.


September 7, 2003

From  Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo Japan:

AJ-Kick Federation

"Girls Shock 2"-results!

Noriko, (Tsunoda) the Oriental  womens'  Muay Thai
Champion, and Japan  women's shootboxing Champion,
won a clear unanimous decision over veteran  "Jet" Izumi
sunday at Kitawzawa Town Hall, in a comeback bid after taking off for more than a  year for maternity leave.

According to observers, Noriko  seemed to have lost none
 of her former skills, and looked very sharp.
Good news for fans of women's Muay Thai in Japan.

In the other co-main Event, Japan's Gracyer Aki
knocked out previously undefeated Lee Gap Soon of Korea
in 40 seconds of the first round.

The entire results of the card are as follows:

Women's Muay Thai


 (w) Gracyer Aki


xLee Gap Soon (Korea)

at 0:40 of round one

(w) Noriko  (Tsunoda)


 x"Jet" Izumi

unanimous decision 

(50:48/50:47/48:47 )

3 x2

(w) Kei Higuchi   


  xKiyo Narusawa

by unanimous decision



(w) Naoko Sakamoto   


  xShiho Yokota

unanimous decision


(w) Tsubaki Ohshima  


   x Chihiro

by unanimous decision

  * 30:26/30:26/30:26 


(w) Hiromi Kanai 


xYuko Okamoto 

0:23 in the 2nd  rd.

(contract weight was 65kg)

(w)Eri Ishiyama 


x Akinori

By majority decision:

* 30:30/30:28/30:29 





   xToshie Aiuchi 

 majority Decision
* 30:30/30:29/30:29 

(w) Kazumi Sakaguchi   

   xFuky Goto

at 1:57 of  rd 2


(42 kg contract weight)

   August 24th, 2003

.Patti Teran defeated Cami Escobar at B-John Promotion's Summer Slam 
   Teran overpowered her opponent within the first seconds
of the bout. In  Escobar's defense it should be noted that Teran was  the defending Champion and Escobar had 2 less bouts worth of experience coming into the fight. 
   Teran totally dominated the fight as Escobar was  only able to land 2
roundhouses over the course of the  fight. 
    According to an observer, Teran's aggressive onslaught and timing of some very well executed techniques, kept Escobar off balance, and unable to get started.
    Teran won the fight by a unanimous decision.


Janine Davis Vs Louise O'Donnell

The much anticipated re-match between England’s Janine Davis and Australian Louise O’Donnell finally took place in Bournemouth on the 31st Aug.

Their first encounter in 2002 ended early when a push kick sent Janine to the floor where she broke her wrist. This was the only blemish on her record and she was fired up to set the record straight.

Louise was equally keen to repeat her previous victory and this time the W.P.K.L World Welterweight title was on the line.

Both girls made spectacular entrances, Louise to some traditional aboriginal music and Janine to Carmina Burana.

The first round started sharply with quick fire punches from Louise. Janine looked to press the action and they fell into the clinch. The Australian’s excellent grip seemed to dominate the exchange but Janines defence was sound and the knees never really connected. Her knee was heavily strapped from an injury and her movement was obviously affected but regardless of that, Louise O’Donnell was very quick and dealt with her opponent’s aggression well.

The second round was more of the same as Janine pressed forward with flurries of punches while Louise scored with more spectacular high kicks and straight punches before they fell into the clinch again. It was a difficult contest to score but clearly the Davis corner felt that she was not doing enough and pushed for more variety. Back in the clinch, O’Donnell was controlling the movement but both girls seemed to be scoring equally