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The primary purpose of this site is to encourage, perpetuate and promote the
 growth of women's kickboxing and Muay Thai. We hope to accomplish all of this by raising the profile, prestige, public awareness, enjoyment and appreciation

 for these sports, and those fighters who participate and remain in  the sport. .As the sport inevitably increases in popularity more of our fighters will see the increased level of publicity, and fan appreciation, and decide to  make a real professional commitment to remain and excel in the sport. And this  hopefully will create a much larger  pool of fighters from which to make matches.

Women's boxing has two such sites, which have greatly benefited women's boxing. Hopefully, those who love women' s kickboxing and Muay Thai will help us achieve the same results here.

    We will have fighter profiles so that fans, other fighters and  potential opponents  can gain helpful information.  We also plan to create a forum where fighters, managers, promoters, fans, and all interested persons can discuss issues

 relevant to the sport, talk about past or

upcoming fights, make matches, etc.

   These forums on the women's boxing websites

have contributed enormously to the growth of that

sport/business. We can and will do the same. 


A word about our editorials:


We will from  time to time editorialize. And we also welcome opposing points of view, if written in a professional and dignified manner. Please submit any articles or editorials that you have written and would like to have  posted on this site. We deeply desire and appreciate your input.

 A word about the Message board: board


Message boards always have a few "contributors" who abuse the privilege, and post insulting, or even libelous statements. In the US, the site is  not legally responsible for such abuses. There are court decisions establishing that.

 If you are offended by something a "contributor" wrote, address the person who posted the  message.


Why we  have decided to have a message board:


The message boards for all their down sides, abuses, etc. have absolutely proven to be a most effective and powerful tool  to get fighters, promoters, managers, etc talking to each other about the sport and stirring  fan interest, and enthusiasm. And that  is critical for the future growth of the sport.

So, we  have decided to simply put up with the negative aspects.

There is an old saying an empty stall is clean, but a stall with a horse provides much good work. In other words, with any benefit comes some unpleasant by products. 



 The web master does not  have the time or the inclination to monitor or baby sit the message board. Consequently, there will be no censorship of ideas expressed, except where absolutely necessary to remove libelous or obscene content. If you don't like the message; post a rebuttal.  or simply don't visit the board..

 I do ask everyone however, to please be respectful of others and not  abuse the message board.  We do reserve the right to arbitrarily censor, or remove any message we in our sole discretion deem to be inappropriate, or inconsistent with the stated purpose of the board.


A word about intellectual property rights:


We are committed  to respecting copyrighted material and photographs.

Please understand that public records and data cannot be copyrighted.

Things such as fight results,  notices of upcoming events, 

fighter's records, or biographical information on fighters that has been made public. In other words, no person  can  copyright information about a fighter  such as her height, weight, date of birth etc. That is not anyone's intellectual property. It is news; and fighters are public figures.


A word about  photos and photo credits:


If you see a photo on this site, that you took personally, or have the copyright for, and it is here without your permission; it may be because either the fighters in the picture, their friends, managers, trainers, or promoters  have submitted it to us. We absolutely do NOT  grab photos from other sites, and use them without first asking the source for permission. We also would  appreciate it if you ask us before using material found on this site- other than public records such as  fight results, etc. Those are public domain. Use them if you like. We believe it is good for the sport to get information about the sport as widely circulated as possible. This site absolutely does  not have a desire  to "scoop" or out do another site. We wish them all well. After all, we are all trying to promote the sport-not ourselves.

So, if your photo appears on this site without your permission, please e-mail the webmaster, and we will remove it at your request-or simply give you a photo credit-whichever you prefer.

 As a photographer, I have  seen my work on a well known sanctioning body's web site, without my permission, So I understand how one could be quite annoyed. But, as pointed out earlier, it was the fighter herself, who gave a copy to the site, and that is fine. But, they promptly placed a copyright notice on it!!  Which of course we shall ignore. 


A word abut Video captures


Some of the low resolution photos on this site were video captured from a tape of the fight. So, it is entirely possible that a photographer may have also snapped a picture from  almost the same angle  of view at almost the identical moment. In fact I know that to be the case in several instances. So, it may not be copyrightable. For example,  when 20 photographers were all positioned close together and snapped a shot of Princess Dianna coming out of a door, and getting into a limo, it is inevitable that many of the photographers will have virtually identical shots. This also occasionally  happens at the fights with photographers, and videographers..  . So, we at womenkickboxing,com  do not get too exercised when one of "our" photographs appears on another site. Especially when several  different photographers were working  in close proximity to one another at the fight. 

Likewise, posed photos are often mailed by  fighter or her manager, to several different web sites also.

Just a few things we should all keep in mind.


Bottom line: We would really appreciate you asking us before using our material. But, we aren't going to sue you.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you find it informative, and enjoyable. We welcome suggestions, and constructive criticism. 



Dan Cucich, Webmaster, womenkickboxing.com






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