Results: from around the World 2006

for  2007 

Pisa Italy, friday, December 23, 2006


 Loly "Sugar" Munoz
and Sonja Mirabelli fought to a draw
in a 5x2 Muay Thai bout.


December 8, 2006
Shindo Kumate

Tampa, Fla usa

(W)Julia Budd


xChrisanne Roseleip

by decision

(w) Jeri Sitzes (usa)

split decision

xKeri Taylor (usa

11.11. 2006 Milja Heino
defeated Ying Tip in Bangkok for the S1-World

Milja Heino defeated
 Claudia Fontebesso, from Belgium by points in Finland for
European title belt.

December 7, 2006

New Zealand

Michelle Preston defeated Akane Oshima by UD.

Weights  were Preston 52.8kg, Oshima 54.4kg

December 4, 2006

Thailand: S-1

Kala Levas-Sweden wins on points over Nongbeem Singlueng , Thailand 

Pet-U Sit Koon, Thailand lost on points to Joey Lee, Hong Kong

Melissa Ray, England,  lost on points to  Ying Tuip PRT Ubon, Thailand

Angelika Kamen, Holland lost on points to  Carmen Thomson, Australia

Krista Fleming, Holland lost to Deeday Sitpajuk, Thailand

 December 2nd, 2006, New Zealand's Akane
Oshima defeated Natasha Bevin, also of New Zealand,
by 5th rd TKO to  take the WMC Jr featherweight New Zealand North Island title.
This makes the second win by stoppage for Oshima in the last 30 days

December 2nd,  2006

 Neumünster / Germany.
4x3 minutes / 62.5kg / Full Muay Thai rules


 Meryem Uslu  of Germany
defeated  Fabienne Lauer for the IPTA German Championship.

Sydney Australia

December 1, 2006

Womens Cage fight

Bouquet defeated
Parr on a points decision

Calgary Canada, December 2, 2006

Canada's Sandra Bastian extended her long winning streak with

a hard fought unanimous decision over fellow Canadian, Natalie Yip also of Canada.

Las Vegas, NV USA
December 2, 2006

Christine Toledo won a UD
over Rima Sidhu of NYC, USA

contract weight: 118 lbs
full  thai rules

other results on the same card:

Dawn Boyd defeated Milda Shibonas

Amy Davis defeated Vanessa Aliling

Ariana Ramirez defeated Yiola Cleovoulou

Ardra Hernandez defeated Melissa Mason

December 2, Neumünster, Germany

4x3 minutes / 62.5kg / Full Muay Thai rules


 Meryem Uslu  of Germany
defeated  Fabienne Lauer for the IPTA German Championship.

November 25, The Netherlands:

Jorina Baars won a points decision over Loly Munoz of Spain

Saturday, November 25th at the Carrington House Hotel, Bournemouth UK:

  Sally McCarthy defeated  Parrie Webb to take the
 first ever  Junior British WIKBA Belt  (53kg)

November 24, 2006,

Stockholm, Sweden

WMC World  Title:

Full Thai rules:

Sweden's Pernilla Johansson
won the WMC 66.6kg world Title
over Australia's Sindy Maricic
by decision


November 19, 2006

Dutch star, Soumia Abalhajaa, took the ladies League 8 woman tournament
on Sunday defeating England's Mary Hart, and Kalliope Yeitsidou of Greece along the way
to a convincing triumph.  Congratulations to Soumia and all 8 fighters.

other fight results in the tournament are as follows:

Bout 1. Fontebasso v Yeitsidou points win to Yeitsidou
Bout 2. Preston v Delaroche points win to Preston
Bout 3. Soumia v Hart points win to Soumia
Bout 4. Ooms v Naranjo 1st round Ko win for Naranjo

Semi finals:

Bout 5. Preston v Yeitsidou points win Yeitsidou
Bout 6. Soumia v Naranjo points win Soumia


Final Bout.. 5 x 3 minutes (earlier fights were over 3 rounds)

Soumia v Yeitsidou

Soumia wins on points

 Weigh ins:

Michelle Preston 53.5 KG
Kalliopi Yeitsidou 53.1KG
Soumia 52.8KG
Mary Hart 52.5KG
Eva Naranjo 53.3KG
Florence Delaroche 53.4KG
Linda Ooms 51Kg
Note: Claudia Fontebasso weighs in tomorro

November 19th, York Hall, Bethnal Green,  London, UK

64kg  world title fight 5x3 min rds

  Champion, Julie Kitchen
continued her long winning streak  sunday by

defeating  highly regarded
Sonja Mirabelli  of Italy
on a points decision.


November 19, 2006
  Kalamunda fight night Perth WA, Australia

Theresa Carter
(Cannington Kickboxing)

 Tiana Caverley
(WA Sting GYM )

Theresa was 56.6 Tiana was 56.10 kg


Wellington, NZ

November 18, 2006

Wendy Miranda


Akane Oshima
(NZ) on points decision

(Wendy weighed in at 54.0KG  and Akane at 53.9)

November 17, 2006

Shores Function Centre
West Beach


Australia's Tenille May continued her winning streak by defeated Leighanne Banham  of NZ on points

Nov 12th

 Plymouth, UK

(w)Ruth Davies


xHilary Mack 


MT 5x2

November 12, 2006


(W) Germaine de Randamie

TKO Rd 1

xJoanna Generowicz

(Joanna  down several times)

Contract wt: 63.5 kg

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Macau Stadium Pavilion, Taipa

for WMC South Pacific title (57kg).

Joey Lee won the WMC South Pacific title against an unspecified opponent by first round KO.

November 11, 2006
w) Milja Heino


x Yingthip Ubon

 5x2min rounds

for  54kg  Womens S1 World Championship.

November 9, 2006

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

Highland, California

Women's Super Lightweight Championship Bout (5x2min)


Christina Martin defeated Roxy Richardson
by a unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)


Nov 7th at the Tabletop Mountain Casino.

Fresno California,

Jade Hayes from Team USA defeated Claudia Vidauri by KO in the first round.

November 5th 2006

Arnhem, The Netherlands


Krista Fleming defeated

Chajmaa Bellakhal on a points decision.

November 9, 2006

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

777 San Manuel Blvd.

Highland, California

Women's Super Lightweight Championship Bout (5x2min)


Christina Martin defeated Roxy Richardson
by a unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)


October 29, 2006

Italy's Sonja Mirabelli, defeated Mimma Mandolini
also of  Itraly by Ko in the 5th rd of a 5x2 MT fight
Mirabelli weighed 61 kg, Mandolini weighed 63 kg.

28th Oct on Flames and Glory Show.

(w) Mary Hart (uk)


x Kat Steele (uk)

Oct 28,

Flames and Glory

Lisa Beeley


(opponent not known)

October 22, 2006:

Stefke de Maeyer  defeated  Noortje de Zwart  to win
 the  Beneluxtitel fight  at 54kg

Nathalie Visschers also won her fight on the same card.

October 21, 2006
 Adelaide Australia.

Tenille May defeated Karen Lynch
by unanimous decision

Full MT  5x2rounds  at 60kg


October 15th, 2006

 English Riviera Centre, Torquay, England

by fightsport promotions



Julie Kitchen
defeated Loly Munoz-Garcia
on points to take the
63.5kg wikba world K-1 rules title

October, 2006

Shindo Kumate
Aby Rulloda
in her debut fight defeated Joy Hayashi of Five Points Fitness
 in the World Shin Do Kumate show in Jacksonville, Florida. Both girls came out strong and dealt good strikes.
Aby's dominance quickly escalated however, ending the fight with a TKO in the second round





RESULTS: 15-10-06


Claudia Fontebasso ‘Muaythaigenk belgië’
defeated marina zueva ‘superpro Portugal ’ on points.


Double Dragon fight card in Winnipeg canada.

Kickboxing 3x2mins
Ivanna Chu 111lbs (Double Dragon WPG) took a decision over Jody Wadsworth 122.5lbs (Steve Bergeron Edmonton)

Kickboxing 3x2mins
Cara Chell 144lbs (Double Dragon WPG) took the decision over Michelle Easton 142.5lbs (Mike Miles Calgary)

Kickboxing 5x2mins
Trisha Sammons 128lbs (Double Dragon WPG) took the decision over Anna Mraveck 132 lbs (Brain Parks Regina)

and Angel Anerson and Lacey Kehler both of Double Dragon WPG put on a good exhibition (kickboxing 3x2mins)



October 13, 2006

Strike force results:

Keri Taylor defeated Jennifer Nguyen
by Ud.

Jade Hayes tkod  Sofia Bagherdal
in rd 3.


October 9, 2006

Hong Hong:

Sunny Coelst defeated  Wong Chi Shan
by 2rd TKO with a kick to the face.


contract wt 115 lbs

Sunday, October 8, 2006


Rijnhal Arnhem

MT 5x3


 Maria Verheijden won a close points decision over Chajmaa Bellakhal.


October 7, 2006

Emmen , Holland


Linda Ooms

4rd tko

 x Agnese Boza

October 6, 2006

   Middleton Civic Center, Manchester, UK
Women's Muay Thai

Patti Teran defeats Denise Mellor for ITBF intercontinental title

Mari Curriki tko'd Michelle Grizzel in the 4th
rd to take the WIKBA European Title

Jackie Borgart defeated Patricia Goggin  on points 
3x2 at 57 kg 

October 1, 2006

Korakuen Hall,

Gracyer Aki of Japan defeated Wendy
Miranda of Australia by decision for the WMC
Intercontinental title
 at 52,1 kgs

Sydney Australia

September 28, 2006

(W) Angela Parr (au)


xKaren Lynch (NZ

October 1st, 2006

October 1st, 2006

Caledonian Center, Glasgow,Scotland

56 kg 5x2


 (W) Laura Craig
Unanimous decision
 xCatherine Carter 56kg 5 x 2.

Catherine received 2 standing 8 counts.


On September 24th, 2006
at the
George Carnall Centre, Urmston, UK   

Rachael Jones defeated  Ilonka Elmont
on points in a 5x3 full Thai rules bout..

Details and a full report tomorrow

(5*3 minutes full MT-Rules (53 Kg)

On September 23, 2006

Calgary Canada Results:

Misty Sutherland of Canada defeated Melanie Edwards
of the usa  by 3rd rd TKO

Sandra Bastian of Calgary Canada,
tkod Junko Koyanagi
Rd 2.

132 lbs contract wt

Athens, Greece, September 22, 2006


Carole Flury of Switzerland
tonite in Athens,
Greece by  a very close decision.
Contract wt 53.5 kg.


September 15, 2006

Korakuen Hall,

Tokyo, Japan


 Smack Girl results:




September 7, 2006

Tampa, Florida, USA

Shindo Kumate 4x3

(W) Emily Bearden-usa


xKate Meehan-usa

(w) Chrisanne Roseliep -usa

unanimous decision

xJoanna Airall-usa

Australia Vs Thailand


August 26, 2006

Theresa Carter, (au)

Ponsannan  Peunsriburapha (burium -Saengmorakot Camp, Bangkok) (58kg)

by decision

(muay thai 5x2
58 kg contract wt

Sanan Prommanat from Burirum VS Theresa Carter

Stephynee Bouquet (au)


Khanijtha Deekayun, (Th) Udornthani

First rd TKO.

Khanijtha Deekayun (aka "Look Than") from Udornthani VS Stephynee Bouquet,

Khanijtha Deekayun from Udornthani VS Stephynee Bouquet,


 Switzerland, August 26, 2006

  carol flury defeated  stefke de maeyer 

in a  3x3 m k1 rules bout


Sunday 20th August in St Johns Hall, Penzance,Cornwall,
Julie Kitchen (touchgloves) defeated Sam Mitchell (phoenix gym) on points.

   5x2min rounds 

  this was Kitchen's 13th fight in 13 months.

Saturday 19th August - Doors 4pm Show starts 4:30pm
Fairfield Halls, Croydon, London

57 kg contract wt.

   Krista Fleming of Holland defeated England's Rebecca Donnelley to win the  European Title.
With the win Fleming improves her record to a perfect 12-0.
With the  loss, Donnelly falls  to 28-4.


K-1 Results:
August 12, 2006

Bellagio Hotel,
Las Vegas Nevada, USA

Christine Toledo


Jennifer Nguyen
USA Silver medalist

by UD.


August 5, 2006

Sabato 5 Agosto a Iglesias (CA)

 la Kom
bat League ha

organizzato The NIGHT OF SUPER FIGHT. Nel corso 

della manifestazione si sono svolti due incontri femminili:

Kickboxing 65kg: 

Gabriella Carmelita vince ai punti su Sabrina Manera


Thaiboxing 45kg: 

Silvia Floris vince ai punti su Erika Monforte

Questo incontro ha visto sul quadrato due giovanissime:

Silvia (15 anni) ed Erika (17 anni)

August 5, 2006

 Hamilton, NZ

 (W)Amy Gross

split decision

 xRenei Beven


Sunday, August 5, 2006

Kickboxing 65kg:

Gabriella Carmelina vs Sabrina Manera

Thaiboxing 45kg: Silvia Floris vs Erika Monforte

Quest'uiltimo incontro vedrà sul quadrato due giovanissime:

Silvia (15 anni) ed Erika (17 anni)

results unknown.
If anyone knows please email:

July 29, 2006
Bournemouth, England
at the Carrington Hotel

 Julie Kitchen  defeated Natalie Bee on points

for the WKA Welterweight Title For the WKA Welterweight FC rules title.

Results from Battle IN Bournemouth III on 29th July 2006 -


WKA JUNIOR AREA TITLE - 54kg MAX - Sally McCarthy Vs Jade Eva

Sally McCarthy won with 2rd KO - Sally was in control from the start dropping
Jade in Rd 1 with a left hook and then stopping her in Rd 2 with a Straight Right -
Sally is looking for ANY junior Match   following this - She is only 14yrs old and 52-54kg


Julie Kitchen - WINNER Points -
A great fight with excellent staminar shown
 by both girls keeping
 the pace fast in all rounds.  Julie was clearly
in control form Round 1. 
 Even though Julie is a Thai Fighter she dominated this
fight with great accurate boxing
skills also landing a couple of high roundhouse kicks throughout the fight. 

Thanks to Nate Kitchen for the  report

July 23, 2006

K-1 Style (5x2’).

(W) Sonia Mirabelli (Italy)


xCharlotte Von Baumgarten (Germany)

22.Juli .2006 Fulda / Germany SUPERFIGHT B - CLASS 5 x 2 min


Sema Yerlice


  Nika Nobosk

on points. 

July 15, 2006

Results: Australia:

Michelle Featherstone defeated Neshia Moustafa by points decision
Jackie Melksham Draw with Brittany Lauriston
Narelle Leahy defeated Tracy Polglass by points decision
Michelle Preston defeated Julie Gaston by points decision.

July 8, 2006, Plymouth, England:

5 rds full thai rules

Rachel Jones


Linda Ooms

 Julie Kitchen  
  Lucy Hunking  
on points

Tina Zakarian


La Tonya Long

July 8, 2006, Hollywood park Casino
Inglewood, California:

Geobana Garebay defeats

Keri Taylor by decision


June 24, 2006

  Stephanie Essansa defeated
Kim Nicholson in a kickboxing match.
  Essansa beat Nicholoson to the punch almost every time and outscored
her for a  win by unanimous decision.

Cei-Anna Pleasants fought Michelle Easton 
 This was a very close match.
 Cei-Anna came out swinging and landed a few shots,
 however, Easton managed to counter successfully 
and throw a few good shots also . Easton won by split decision.

Teri Treiber fought Jacquline Monpetite.
Teri looked good in the first round,
 but got rocked in the second one,
and couldn't seem to regain her composure.
From this point everything that Jacquline threw landed.
As this was Teri's first kickboxing fight, her Karate background showed through.
 Jacquline won by unanimous decision.

Angela Merzib fought Angel Anderson. 
 Anderson's boxing skills shone through and she was very aggressive,
however Merzib threw some very clean shots and countered constantly.
  Anderson won by unanimous decision.

Combat Sports Challenge

 June 17, 2006
Amateur Muay Thai and MMA Show,
Fredericksberg, Va

Nicole Hess
wins MMA Toruney

Nicole's Hess's opponent backed out of the fight the
day before, so she competed for the first time
in the East Coast  submission grappling tournament in the Open Division.

, She had four fights and won 1st place.
 Since, The weight division was Open so she
fought some heavyweights,
one of whom weighed in at 250 pounds.

On Saturday, the 17 of June,
 Krista Fleming (kickboxing Arnhem)
 won by knee KO to the body
 in the 4th round over  Jannie Smidt (Body Line).
 for the Dutch title at 57.15 kg

 With  the win, Krista Fleming's record improves
 to  11 wins, 0 losses, with 4 KOs 

June 9, 2006, New York, USA
Christine Toledo, of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Won the WKA US Title last night in NYC with a unanimous
 decision over Rima Sidhu
of NYC

Liz Linstrom over Sarena Syma by maj. dec.

 Hope Tzillianos over Candice Gongora by maj. dec.

Thailand  IFMA tournament-60kg


(W) Sandra Bastian


xJulia Semenova

3 june 2006, Tilburg, Netherlands

5rds K-1 rules

Ilonka Elmont


Linda Ooms

3 june 2006, Tilburg, Netherlands

 WIKBA World Champion,
Germaine de Randamie, of the Netherlands,
 knocked out Italy's
Sonja Mirabelli  in the first round in an
international prestige bout.

June 3, 2006,

 for the WAKO European Tittle at 61kg,

 Loly Munoz-Garcia 

defeated Sara Serafino  by unanimous decision for
the WAKO European Kickboxing Title


June 3, 2006
The Netherlands:

Jorina Baars
Tko'd Hatice Ozyurt  today

 in rd 4 to win the Dutch title

May 26, Toronto Canada,

(W) Roxy Richardson

TKO 3rd rd 1:52

xNatalie Yip

May 21, 2006:

Soumia defeated Mary Hart for the WPKL World Title in a video replay
of the original fight which was held in the Netherlands on
April, 15th, 2006.


 3 “new officials” who were not present at the actual fight
on April 15th, including
  2 board members/promoters, and the WPKL chairman and Soumia’s team 
 were  present at the videotaped replay.
Mary Hart’s camp was invited, but didn’t attend. After watching the video of the fight,
 the new judges scored the fight as follows:


Judge 1: 46-49  Soumia
Judge  2: 46-49  Soumia
Judge  3: 49-50  Soumia


-The World Title was awarded to Soumia as of April 15th. (Day of the fight).
Soumia is now officially  WPKL-World champion -54Kg

 The board further ruled that:

 1.  Mary Hart must  give back  the belt

               2. At the first upcoming WPKL event, Soumia
 will receive  the WPKL  belt.

                            3. The first challenger, if interested, will be Mary Hart.



May 22, 2006

Results from Phuket, Thailand

Bouquet wins by KO 


     Stephynee Bouquet   (Australia)
defeated Nong Ane (Thailand)

by  fourth round KO at  Phuket Stadium 


Result from  Thessaloniki
 Thessaloniki, Greece.

(w)Kaliope Yeitsidou

Unanimous decision

xIlonka Elmont

 For  the WPKC World Title at 52.16  kg


Kaliiope nows holds two world titles: the WPKl and the WKA World titles




Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rachel Jones, of England, Knocked out  Hilary Mack of
Scotland, in  the 3rd round to capture the IMKO British Title.

IMKO British Champion,
Rachel Jones

May 13, 2006, California USA

Suki Goldman of San Luis Obispo, California,
defeated Traci Foote of Oceanside, Ca. The event was
Promoted by Kru Rex for the California Muay Thai
Association. All 3 judges scored it 30 to 27 Suki Goldman.


Australia,   May 6, 2006

Angela Parr 


 xShari Ranger  


April 29, 2006

Nicky Carter defeated
 Julie Kitchen on points for the 63.5kg
 WPKL European Title today.
The contract weight was 62kg
according  to witnesses It was a good fight . Carter reportedly 
scored well in the clinch with 5-6 throws
 and used heavy low kicks to score as well. Kitchen was reportedly
 very good with her boxing using her long reach.

28th April 2006, Beenleigh Arena Queensland Australia

Sindy Maricic defeated Carly Gelmulli unanimous points 5 x 2 min rounds Muaythai for the Australian WMC Title

Sunday, 23rd April 2006, in San Vito dei Normanni, 

Sonja Mirabelli won on points the Italian Pro Championship of K-1 Style 

against Pasqualina Guarini in a 5x3’ fight


Trail, BC, Canada:

Saturday April 22 2006  

 Frances "Hurricane" Pettitt 
of Trail BC retained her North American Title
feather weight Muay Thai title 
with a points win over 
 Melanie Kohler of  Salt Lake City Utah

7 April, 2006

 Zutphen Holland

  B-class fight

  Krista Feming (kickboxing Arnhem) Holland


TKO'd (Towel throw)

Anna Mandic (Pitbull) Kroatie


1e round Anna (58 kilo)  got 8 counts after a flurry  of punches 
and lowkicks Mandic threw in the towel. 

 ( Krista Fleming's record is now  10 Fights  10 wins (1 KO, 2 TKO)


April 7, 2006




 Natalie Fuz defeated Melissa Misiuda
by unanimous decision

 Lynda Loyce Vs Rima Sidhu was cancelled

  Candace Gongora  defeated Naomi Wolfe  by decision

Saturday, April 8th, 2006
International Muay Thai Event

by majority decision

 WIRUN FONGNOM (Thailand) in the third round


 Tandi Ogden (usa) defeated Angela Merzib by unanimous decision

Results just in from Milan Italy:


Sonja Mirabelli (Italy)
Loly Munoz (Spain)
by majority decision

K-1 rules 4x2

 April 9, 2006, Bellaria, Italy:

  second edition of Girl Fight Tournament (a tournament for Italian girls 52kg)

with K-1 rules 4x2:

the winner, from Milan, Italy

 Silvia La Notte!

 complete results:

Amal Elabdaoui defeated on points Silvia Valicelli
Silvia La Notte defeated on points Maria Tzorzi

Silvia La Notte defeated on points Amal Elabdaoui

Pictures are  posted 


April 15, 2006

Jorina Baars  defeated Chajmaa  by decision

 for more info see:



All-Japan Kickboxing's women show
16th April, 2006\

Cub (female) Kick's- I

IKMF Asia title- bantam 5x3

Windy Tomomi 
Shinn Min Hee
by unanimous decision

7 April Zutphen,  Holland


   Krista Feming
(kickboxing Arnhem) Holland 


Anna Mandic
(Pitbull) Kroatie

  B-class fight

1e round Anna (58 kilo)  got 8 counts after a flurry  of punches 
and lowkicks Mandic threw in the towel. 


9th April 2006



Rebecca Donnelly (UK) defeated Rosalie Berghuis (Holland) for the WPKL World Title at 57kg.


Rebecca Donnelly used a combination of Low kicks and boxing to stamp her authority
on the fight from round 1 and then took control of the fight. Rosalie was given 4 standing
counts throughout the bout. 


April 1st   Upland, California, usa

Upland sports arena. 

(w) Roxy Richardson


TKO 1min 34 1st rd

  xTrish Collard 

Utah .)


Results from Denver, USA

March 26, 2006:

Melanie Kohler Edwards
(Wicked Ways) defeated Carla Lopez ( 3D Martial Arts)

Tandi Ogden (Wicked Ways) defeated
undefeated fighter Cindy Bress (3d Martial Arts)

March 18th, Wyong Leagues Club,

Serin Murray

TKO Wiiner over

 Jess Peacock
Heng Kuai Fighting Arts Phoenix


18th March 2006

"VAS Xplosion"


Tracey Polglase defeated Amy "Diamond" Dutton on points.

56kg  3 x 2


 Slam Events

 19 March, 2006

Almere  Holland


 Reyhan Aydin 
(Budo- Blok)


   Kim van der Stam 
(team Germaine)


61 kg 5 rounds of 3 minutes.


 Germaine de Randamie


Maria Verheijen On points.

(61 kg contact wt)

April 7, 2006



 Natalie Fuz defeated Melissa Misiuda
by unanimous decision

 Lynda Loyce Vs Rima Sidhu was cancelled

  Candace Gongora  defeated Naomi Wolfe  by decision

DATE: Saturday, April 8th, 2006
LOCATION: The Space (formerly the Sun Centre) Hangar #3, Currie Barracks

International Muay Thai Event

by majority decision

 WIRUN FONGNOM (Thailand) in the third round



 Tandi Ogden (usa) defeated Angela Merzib by unanimous decision


Italy April 9, 2006

Sonja Mirabelli (Italy)


Loly Munoz (spain)
by decision

K-1 rules

18th March 2006

"VAS Xplosion"


Tracey Polglase defeated Amy "Diamond" Dutton on points.
More info to follow

56kg  3 x 2

 Slam Events

 19 March, 2006

Almere  Holland


 Reyhan Aydin 
(Budo- Blok)


   Kim van der Stam 
(team Germaine)


61 kg 5 rounds of 3 minutes.

 Germaine de Randamie 


 Maria Verheijen On points.

61 kg contact wt)

Results from Tampa

On Saturday night March 5, at the Shindo Kumate 9
WKA Canadian Feather weight Muay Thai Champion,
Vivian Leung  Ko'd fellow Canadian, Jenypher Lantheir of Canada
in the first round with a vicious knee to the solar plexus.
With the win, Leung improved her record to 13 wins against
only 3 losses. Lantheir's record  fell to 5 wins against four losses with 1 KO
Lanthier praised her opponent after the fight, and asked for a rematch.

In the other women's bout, 2 time IKF amateur
USA Champion,
Kate Meehan  stopped Mercedes Medina
in the first rd with a middle roundhouse kick.
Medina, who was fighting only her second fight after a lay-off
 of several years dropped to 11 wins against only three losses.

weights were:

Vivian Leung- 123lbs
Jenypher Lantheir- 120lbs
Kate Meehan- 116lbs
Mercedes Medina- 114lbs


Groningen (Holland) March 5th "RINGS" result:

At the Martini Plaza "RINGS" event Ilonka "Killer Queen" Elmont
took the Dutch  NKBB Title with a win over Linda Ooms.

 Sunday, March 12,2006

 Wembley Stadium, London, England

WBC World Title Eliminator:
Full Thai Rules


Julie Kitchen, who replaced Nicky Carter at the last minute, 
defeated British 63 kg champion, Karla Hood, on points.  




Australia, March 11th, 2006

"Day of Action XVII"


Pepita "Peacemaker" Howell
 launched a  successful comeback
Sunday, defeating Julie "K-6" Gaston
(7 wins 3 losses) on  a points decision.

"In the fight of the year, Not just female fight of the year.
With money being thrown into the ring in appreciation, and the crowd
going totally nuts, Pepita Howell wins by points decision over Julie Gaston.
With all three judges scoring the win to pep. Both ladies looking
like they just came from a war zone."
(Ian Bronson)



Warriors At War 6"


11 March 2005


Australia's Shahan Beaver and Shari Ranger fought to a draw today
In Australia. No more details available at this time.


12th March, 2006,
Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland  

Louise McLaughlin of Scotland, defeated
 Najat Housnouni, of Holland  on points.

Women's  Muay Thai in Calgary, Canada
(w)Misty  Sutherland  (canada)

Knee KO in Rd 

xRita Rocha  (Portugal)

February 18 in Pueblo, Colorado, USA
"Rumble in the Rockies"

(w) Kate Martinez

 Unanimous 3 round Decision (30 - 26) 

 xJulie Lueking

Rules 118lbs. Amateur

note: In the 3rd Kate scored a knockdown with a great head kick that sent Julie on
her back with her legs up and over her head!

for more info:

February 13, 2006

(w) Claudia


Caroline Horbrechts




Claudia starts off with a good combo. After about a minute
Claudia attacks with a knee strike and Caroline gets an 8 count, but doesn't resume the fight. 


   Halle, Belgium

12th February, 2006

Kickboxing 5x2’.

(w) Sonja Mirabelli


xKate Mintiens

 WPKC European Amateur Kickboxing Title.

February 5, 2005

Oostzaan, Holland

(w)Jorina Baars (Nll


xMarloes Merza (Nl)
On Points

February 4, 2006

(w)Chajmaa Bellakhal (Nl)


x Janny Smit  (Nl)

Amsterdam, Holland

February 4, 2006

"Battle of Brooklyn)



Split Decision (SD) 

XMargaret Katser

January 27, 2006
NYC, usa

 Florina Betcu decisions Naomi Wolff
113 contract weight

Christina Rosa  decisions Liz Linstrom  
117 contract weight

  Katlyn Chookagain decisions Andrea De Angelo 29-28,  
123 lbs contract weight

Stacey Chung vs Kristene from Extrem
e cancelled
contract weight was 132 lbs

Sofia  Gegovic defeated   Rima Sidhu 
by unanimous decision 
contact weight 123 lbs

January 7, 2006
Denver Colorado, USA
Double Tree Hotel


Angie Hayes

defeated Kate Meehan by split decision

MT Rules, 3x3 minute rounds.

 In the other women's bout,
Heather Fairchild defeated
Chantel Wilson by Unanimous decision.




Great  Ko's 


Ram  Muay   





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